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  1. This is the grammar police, everything you post can and will be used against you. Seriously, reading that user name, my first thought was: "spam bot" - but those are usually better programmed. "Whom was Rhaegar's father". Yes? Whom was he ...telling a story? ...or serving dinner, maybe? And did nobody ever tell you, the third person singular demands an "s"? As in "video.. lists/states", "he works", &ct. It's really hard to understand what you're trying to express. It would be a bit too much, if ultimately every Targaryen had other parents than claimed... Only interesting point about it: Rhaegar looks like his mother (i.e. Targaryen), and his son looks like his mother too (i.e. Stark), thus continuing the "tradition".
  2. Ice C

    Brienne and Jaime, an Opera

    This is all really thought out, and very clever. Yet, the only image I think of now, is Brienne holding Jaime's severed arm, and singing "Che gelida manina"...
  3. Ice C

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    OR: Melisandre realizes, he is not Azor Ahai reborn - and burns Stannis in order to ressurect Jon!
  4. Ice C

    Who killed Joffrey?

    The pie/wine discussion aside (I'm with the wine though), it seems pretty clear that Oleanna and Baelish plotted the murder. They both confess, and when Baelish takes Sansa on board the ship, he already knows what has happened. During the feast, Oleanna adjusts Sansa's hairnet that carried the poison (Sansa remembers it later, and I think the scene is even literally described), so it was probably she who put the poison into Joffrey's whatever. Now, the true question is, what was Baelish's motivation? How did he want to profit from the murder? Why should he care whether Joffrey or Tommen sits the Iron Throne? He prepared it all a long way, already when arranging the marriage, he ordered his servants to spread rumours/the truth about Joffrey in Highgarden (he says so himself). But why??? The second murder, Baelish is made responsible for in the same book - telling Lysa to poison her husband - makes only a little more sense: killing Jon, so Ned will go to King's Landing only to be murdered there, which frees Catherine for Petyr... (that at least seems to have been his motivation for this one).
  5. Basically, they are turning it into Star Trek. And with every new series, less people care... It doesn't really make sense, the reason given for shortening the last seasons was that the producers wished to do something else for a change - now they're investing money and manpower in spinoffs instead of the original series. It's even moronic from a marketing perspective: Continuing the original series over ten seasons with ten hour-long episodes each would have been cheaper than developing all those new projects from scratch. And they would have catered to the large existing fan(/customer) base, whereas, most probably, no spinoff will ever reach comparable success. ...Those sequel plans could be interesting, though... just imagine, the others win the game,... "soon on HBO: Game of Bones, starring Norman Reedus"!
  6. Ok, this is a bit of trolling, yet introducing a very powerful character easily leads to this kind of questions: Why did Stannis attack King's Landing, instead of just sending Melisandre into the castle? Her shadows could have taken care of every Lannister...
  7. Ice C


    Just a little thought, as I'm currently reading Clash for the first time: "Under the sea" is "under water". Snow is frozen water. Under the sea could simply mean "in winter" ("under snow" - not Jon, obviously). In his own words, Patchface is saying, "Winter is coming", and he knows what will happen. His very first song is about a shadow, a few pages before Stannis gets the idea of murdering Renly. Maybe he'll be holding a door for Bran at some point?
  8. Ice C

    So where would you live ?

    A family in the Vale, where I have a respectable job in the security of the Eyrie (kennelmaster for the Arryns preferably). However, what my wife doesn't know, is that my frequent travels in West- and Esteros do not actually serve the purpose of visiting dog shows. In my secret life, I'm a faceless man, and that's how I pay for extensive stays in Littlefinger's private clubs on the way to and from a job.
  9. Ice C

    did the targs breed with dragons?

    Hi, this is half off-topic, but by "sheep farmers" do you mean the sheep people of Miri the witch? So far, I've only watched the TV series, and recently read the first book (AGoT). That's when I realized, the whole dragon thing might actually have been the witch's plan - without her, Drogo would have lived, and the dragons never hatched. Is there such a theory, Miri/sheep people intentionally using Dany to make dragons great again?
  10. He's warging into his poop, and jumps out. It would be interesting to clarify this, especially as he gets older - will he eventually engage in reproductive activities (can't say, Martin shies away from describing those), or will he warg into someone else for the experience? For those saying, Martin would stay silent because Bran is supposed to be a child: none of the children in the story behave really childlike (yes, there were many boy kings in real history but much more guided than Robb and Joffrey. Also Rickon and Arya scenes are simply a joke.)
  11. Ice C

    Siding with the Night King

    Well, the Night King's army is indeed the leftist's wet dream: No difference whatsoever between races, sexes, cultures, ..., but only one uniform mass. He probably controls them by selling them "HuffRaven" and "Wightuardian".
  12. Ice C

    Siding with the Night King

    I already asked this in another thread, but: Turning giants, bears, and dragons being no problem for the NK, did he actually revive the children of the forest who died in "The Door"? And would they be extra powerful wights?
  13. 10. On a scale of 10-100. The worst season will probably get a "worthy" finish. btw: I like the typo in this thread's title, I'm trying to figure out what "ESI" stands for. The Elaborateness Sagaciousness Ingenuity dose will be rather low in this episode. The Equine Sh** Imbecility dose on the other hand much elevated.
  14. And the low number of WW on the show is indeed strange. There should be much more, even if the Night King only recruited Crester's babies (which would not make sense at all, why should he not also have turned little wildings?). I would have expected hundreds of White Walkers, which btw way would make the menace more believable - in the last, terrible, episode, I only thought, "that's the whole army of the dead? Really? Give me ten good men with dragon glass, no need to disturb Dany and Cersei." As we're talking about the dragon: In The Door, they've killed some children of the forest - did they turn, too?
  15. Taking a captured wight south of the wall opens a way, as he's connected to the WW who turned him. This defuses the magic, and the zombie dragon can tear down the wall.