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    So where would you live ?

    A family in the Vale, where I have a respectable job in the security of the Eyrie (kennelmaster for the Arryns preferably). However, what my wife doesn't know, is that my frequent travels in West- and Esteros do not actually serve the purpose of visiting dog shows. In my secret life, I'm a faceless man, and that's how I pay for extensive stays in Littlefinger's private clubs on the way to and from a job.
  2. To be fair, the absence of Bran can make sense. He's just overwhelmed by all the information (like that Russian chick in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull - no, stop, bad example, one of the worst films ever, although many would agree, Game of Thrones has been destroyed in a similar manner to that franchise). Seriously: Bran's situation is comparable to Sam's. The maesters don't act, they study, and so does Bran. Sam had the advantage of limited access (and a hot wildling waiting outside the library), thus he decided against pure wisdom. If he had been offered full access to the reading rooms, instead of being forced to steal two armfuls of books, he might have done the same as the maesters - and Bran: Getting lost in knowledge, too occupied to do anything, out of touch with other people who care about their pity day-to-day lives... There's always more information to be considered befor you take your decision. Maybe he needs to study to understand what really lies at the bottom of all this, who is the Night King, what does he want, and why, and in the last episode he'll finally look up, knock on weirwood and say: "Got it! Our world was created in the belly of a wise walrus that goes by the name of "Grrm the Unfinisher". Our only purpose is to make money for Grrm, his two high priests and an organization called HBO."
  3. Yes, and now I finally know, what this episode reminded me of: Has anybody seen "Dead Snow"? A (nazi-)zombie comedy! It's fun, really, but not what I expect from Game of Thrones...
  4. "NOW I GOT A DRAGON HO-HO-HO" Gave it a 5. Not simply because of the blatant violation of zombie rules (it has been an established fact at least since Land of the Dead that zombied DO can swim). But partly because of the indecisiveness in this show: first the frozen hang out around the pool, chillin', apparently they cannot cross water. Then, later, during the fight, two of them emerge from the water to order a cold dog/hound. Now what: can they swim or can't they? Choose one, ffs! Also, this whole people falling into water thing gets really annoying this season. Jon had even less chances to survice than Jamie. And: Even if ravens are magical beings who travel at the speed of (the lord of) light, ensuring the airforce's just in time delivery of heat, hotness, and warm beverages - as she just happened to be there, the dead army not that big, and Bran's Significant Other relaxing on the next hilltop - why did Dany not, you know, roast him, right now, right there? One dragon lost, two to go, fly by shooting, adjust flame throwers to the next target (i.e. Sissi, er: Cersei), end of story. In the end, she assures Jon of going to fight with him against the Night King. Well sweetie, in case you did not notice: you just did. He was right there, the pale guy with the Robert Redford eyes, standing about hundred metres (bee/dragon-line) away from you. No, did not see him? Well, ok, fine. Then, who were all those people in the suddenly not so small gang of kidnappers? In their first take, there were only a few, the fellowship, marching in line, singing "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho". Then, people kept dying, and I at least had no clue who it was. Somebody got eaten by a crossbreed between a polar bear and a hyena. Who's that? What's he doing there? Somebody saves Jon, and gets eaten by team NW. Who's that? How did he get there? &c. A professed Sansa hater, I however did very much like the scenes with Arya. I know, it will all end in their reconciliation, and Lord Baelish's destruction, but for how long it lasts, I'll lean back and enjoy. Plus "Now I got a Dragon Ho-Ho-Ho." That's why five points. Ice spiders would have been even cooler, but ok, dragon's good. Now, I'm thinking of Benjen to the rescue once more, one more idiotic scene... It might be about time, the series ends...
  5. 3≠4... But if she dies in childbirth, would that technically count for "unborn but valonqar"? But no, a faetus cannot strangle her... Guess she'll die during the next nine months (in the show) then.
  6. - As far as I remember, Tyrion touched a dragon once. - It says sth. about so. (Pa Stark?) being dead and the need to swear loyalty to Jeffrey, signed Sansa; a letter she wrote home back then. Lil Finger put it under the mattress because he wanted it found. Didn't you see him smile after Arya did as he expected her?
  7. Except she didn't. She brought not "dragons", but "a dragon". - Preparing Barbecue sauce and a salad. Seriously, would every dragon need a rider, or would those unmanned still follow their brother and their queen? The important thing would be for them to distinguish between "good guys" and "charcoal".
  8. I gave it a 7. Every episode where Sansa is still alive, automatically gets two points deducted. The episode overall felt good, there was that great moment of Davos "fewer-ing" Jon, there was Bronn, and the battle looked impressive. But, looking closer into it, too much did not make any sense. Why did the Lannisters choose to get roasted instead of preparing the FLAK immediately when the attack started? They knew there would be aircraft coming, but it took Jamie quite a while to realize, "aw f-, ole Q gave me something against those winged lizards with the bad breath! Let's see, what's in that trailer!" Even if all their guards and scouts were asleep from too much Highgarden wine, and nobody noticed the approaching apache army until it was right over the next hill - once Jamie did hear them, he should have gotten ready the only effective defence weapon. And about Winterfell, ok I accept that on TV, feminist magic makes females physically as strong as men, for propaganda tops facts, but how did Needle not brake by the impact with Brienne's broadsword? You may argue, Arya is quicker than her opponent, that she can dodge every attack &ct, that's all fine - but once she parries, she would either let go of Needle, or break her arm, or find herself with two half needles.
  9. Hi, I already wondered about Misandei's surprised face in that scene with Grey Worm last week. Also, they did not show the nothing he supposedly has where others carry their somethings. Could it be that he only pretends to be cut for some obscure reason (his first owner forgot, and he didn’t care to insist; now he likes "being unsullied fighter")? This week there was that scene, where he is walking around Casterly Rock - immediately after spearing that guy to end the fight -, and the camera focuses on his between-the-legs - there was definitely something dangling. (They could have given the actor tight underwear, or not use that camera angle at all.) Maybe Misandei suddenly turns our pregnant? There was also some hilarious dialogue in this episode, though I’m not convinced whether this is a good thing. Only a few examples: (Dany meets Jon) Dany: “I’m the last of the Targaryans” - audience is expected to shout out, “except you’re not”. Jon: “I’m not your enemy… The dead are the enemy." I remember Frankie Boyle telling elderly people, “I’m not your enemy - winter is.” Frankly, I believe the GoT screenwriters thought of this. Jon: “You’ve been talking to Tyrion” - Dany: “He’s my hand.” Whatever, talk to the hand?! Arch Maester: "Who told you to treat him?” Sam: “No one." (suddenly a wild Arya appears: "The f- I did!") My point is not that I like bad jokes, but that I felt encouraged to them by this episode more than by any other before. Finally, does the Romulan Queen dig Urine, or not? I’ve read on another website, she might have poisoned Jamie with that kiss...