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  1. Just had a flash fiction horror piece published online by Harbinger Press! https://www.harbinger.press/2019/08/in-the-trunk-by-patrick-hurley/ Content warning: A criminal does use a homophobic slur.
  2. Another story, 500-word flash fiction, published in New Myths last month. Title is "If You See Her" https://sites.google.com/a/newmyths.com/nmwebsite/flash_fiction/if-you-see-her-1
  3. I had a fantasy story "The Memory Bank and Trust" come out on Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores this week! It's a SFWA-qualifying pro market! They do pretty cool artwork for the story as well! https://cosmicrootsandeldritchshores.com/fiction-all/fantasy/the-memory-bank-and-trust/
  4. I've been on a bit of a hot streak the last week and had three stories come out within a week of each other, which is a bit crazy. (usually I get stories published about three months apart.) The first was "The Avenging Tree" (a pseudo-sequel to The Giving Tree) and was published by Stupefying Stories here. The second was a podcast of my dark Japanese fairytale "The Farmgirl and the Kitsune" and was released by The Overcast here. (This story was originally published by Abyss & Apex, but Overcast pays $50 for reprints!) Finally, the third is my story "Pop Magic" and is included in the Mad Scientist Journal's anthology Battling In All Her Finery, which collects twenty-one stories of women who rule, whether that be in the houses of government, on the battlefield, in the boardroom, on stage, or in space. I got interviewed about the story here and you can order the book here.
  5. Count me in as someone who went from pleasantly surprised to blown away by Cobra Kai. So much fun--and surprisingly nuanced characters, given the source material. Never thought I'd be rooting for both Daniel AND Johnny. Really fun--and a few moments where I got legit chills. Loved that they kept the original score.
  6. So... uh, I applied, was accepted, and went to Taos Toolbox this June. Our teacher's were Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress. They're may have been a guest lecture by this fella named George RR Martin. I hear he's an up-and-comer. George's lecture (which he mentioned a bit in his blog) and dinner were awesome. Oh! And I had a story, "Exit Interview," come out in the May 2017 issue of Mike Reznick's Galaxy's Edge magazine! http://www.galaxysedge.com/linkx-archives.htm
  7. Hey board folks, It's been a pretty cool month for me. I had my story "The Two Out of Three Rule" included in Flame Tree Publishing's Murder Mayhem anthology. It was my second pro sale, and got me into Codex and a SFWA affiliate membership. The book is half up-and-coming writers and half classics (think Mark Twain, Lovecraft, Conan Doyle.) It's an absolutely beautiful book! And I get to say I'm in an anthology with Poe. And second, my story "The Farmgirl and the Kitsune" just got published in the Hugo-nominated Abyss & Apex magazine! It's my take on a Japanese folktale: pretty dark but a lot of fun. Also, the story is a subplot from my first novel Granters, which I'm just starting to shop with agents. Hoping that having a partial publishing credit will pique their curiosity!
  8. That was fun as hell! 9/10.
  9. Gave it an 8. Decent setup. Cheered when Brienne showed up. Curious about the Melisandre revelation. And also where Dany's plot goes. Biggest criticism for me was that I wanted more.
  10. RT @PSG_beckermayer: Congrats to @CNHolmberg on the potential movie deal for her fantastic #PaperMagician series! https://t.co/2NPt7NE6CO

  11. Marked as to-read: The City & the City by China Miéville https://t.co/HpoQFQtafN

  12. And the hits keep on coming! Excited to announce that I just had a story accepted in @Abyss_Apex magazine!!! https://t.co/EIqYPmMEqE

  13. RT @ADaniels3PO: No Bothans died to bring you this information: #StarWarsBattlefront #letsplaystarwars https://t.co/0FPWIV8uZ4 #ad https://…

  14. Now THIS is a commercial, ladies and gentlemen. Fun, simple, and easy to follow.

  15. @dwillscienceguy I've seen them try to drive in snow and it is terrifying!

  16. I'll be very curious to see what his relationship to Davos is like after this.
  17. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the Lannister scens and the duel between the Hound and the Lightning Lord. However, I found the preserved babies a bit weird. Don't know why this bugged me, perhaps it felt like they were going just for the shock value, rather than making a commentary on Selyse's character.
  18. Well, I enjoyed it! I was worried they'd skip Dany's Undying magic scenes altogether, so was happy with what we did see. I thought Drogo's inclusion was kind of cool and felt a nice thrill when Dany lit up the bastard's with dragon fire. Overall, I felt like episodes 5-8 sort of slumped compared to the first four, but man, did 9 and 10 rock! I loved, loved, LOVED how the Others looked. Way better than the first season. Such an awesome, creepy way to end it, for now...
  19. 3 of 5 stars to Hellblazer by Andy Diggle http://t.co/RBNtAo3A

  20. In NYC! Had an awesome St. Patrick's Day. Loved seeing all the family and friends!

  21. Dammit, why is it that every year just as St. Patrick's Day is approaching I start to get a cold?!?

  22. This made my morning! Game Of Thrones: Watch the Simpsons' amazing Game of Thrones intro - @io9 http://t.co/yfhlAsW2

  23. Listening to Trent Reznor getting interviewed by Terri Gross on NPR's Fresh Air--and holy crap that guy is articulate.

  24. I swear to god, if War Horse wins any of the big Oscars, I will... probably just bitch about it on the internet. #oscars

  25. The ultimate Saturday morning dilemma: do I watch 30 Rock or Daily Show while eating my bacon and eggs?

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