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    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Ok, I have to admit there are some scenes in the GoT season 5 finale which may annoy you, but not all is that bad. - First, the battle of Winterfell.. I always thought that Stanis was a reasonable military commander... sometimes you should stay in bed if the day starts that shitty - Mycella, after a touching scene with her daddy she collapsed.. I think there is a small possibility that Bron took the anti-dope from his "friend" when they said goodbye but I have to admit it is a very small chance. Especially as you see the anti-dope around Tyene's neck back at the docks.. however, we lived nearly 5 seasons without Mycella and I am sure we can live on without her - Sansa and Theon.. back in Season 3 or 4 Maester Luwin told Theon how to escape from Winterfell through a secret tunnel.. why the hell didn't he use this option... I mean, jumping from a wall into nothing seems a bit... unreasonable - Jon Snow, try your tears, he is not dead, I am sure he will return somehow. First, Melisandre returned right before he got stabbed (why did she return by the way). Second, in season 3 or was it 4 (I always mix them up) they showed some crazy abilities of red priests in the form of resurrecting people. Something that hasn't been used up to now but still made it into the show. Considering that the show producers reduced the story to its minimum and only information that turns out to be necessary for a storyline is given, I think it is time to use this ability now (Huray). Third, there are too many questions unanswered regarding JS.. especially about his parents and his uncle. When thinking about the scene of Lord Bailish and Sansa in the catacombs of Winterfell, it more and more turns out that this question will be answered soon. Fourth, all main characters who had been killed off already have had there "time".. Ned, Cathelyn, Robert Baratheon had there time during the rebellion.. Rob Stark tend to have a short time in the spotlights of Westeros to get the plot started. However, since start of season 4 the "good" main characters had been settled. There are too many visions and hints in the book that Jon's story hasn't been completed yet. Question is only how he will return (I mean in which form) However, what I am angry about is the weather... when is winter finally comming!!!?? I mean, there had been 8 years of summer when GoT started (a long summer) and a couple of years have passed since. I mean that must be a hell of a winter we have to face when winters are generally longer than summers.