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    Why did the rebels reward Tywin Lannister ?

    Keep in mind that the Lannisters did the job that Robert didn't want to do himself. As Tywin once mused - Kings do not kill children.
  2. Still waiting for Prestons review. Gahhh.
  3. I gave it a 5. The Good - Each of these points were earned based on the technical details and little nuances found during the episode. - The battle of WF was crude but pretty glorious. I really liked how the camera followed Jon through out the whole thing. It felt like I was in the battle the entire time. - There were alot of neat nuances that I enjoyed in this episode - - Conversation between Jon and Ramsey before the battle. I really like how they zoomed on Lady Mormonts face and really see the disgust she has for Ramsey, someone she was meeting for the first time. - Davos scene at the pyre. A little stupid yes, (How did the doll survive the fire?) beautiful nonetheless. - Tyrions banter with Theon. Really good to see memories brought up back when the show was expertly crafted. - Grey Worm finally gets to do something. - Wun Wuns epic stand. I always liked him in both book/show. - Dany not acting like a total worthless idiot. Although her dialogue and delivery were atrocious again. - Each Davos scene during the battle. Very funny. - The Bad - The writing. Especially the Mereen scenes. The banter between Yara and Dany was awful. Who the hell writes this girl power crap? And why is it in almost every episode? Can we have some realism please? - Ramsey actions. Shooting arrows at Rickon and not Jon? Okay. Shooting arrows at Wun Wun and not Jon? Okay. Not realizing there's a Vale army at the Moat? Okay. I get that they can't cram every little plot detail, but come the fuck on. Have some consistency please and stop trying to write scenes because they sound "cool." - Battle of Mereen was diappointing and felt very disjointed. But, I blame that on the budget. - Sansa not giving one shit about Rickon....literally. It's pretty funny. - Pretty much Sansa as a whole has sucked this entire season. Screaming at Jon - "You need to listen to me!" Uhh no bitch, he doesn't. Now go sit in the corner and wait for your next Maybelline commercial. - The awful dialogue. It's getting worse and worse as the seasons go on. I think D and D are getting quite bored with the show and they are rushing to the end. - Deep conversations that never seem to make sense or go anywhere. The one between Jon and Melisandre was one of the worst. Then you have the High Septon prattling about the 7 where he says the same thing over and over with different flavor texts, Ian McShanes ramblings, Tyrions bad jokes and strategic abilities, etc. Listen D and D/writers - You are not better writers than Martin. If anything, you should be trying to shoehorn as much dialogue from the books as possible because you fools can't write. Over all, this season started off on a good note and I enjoyed it for the most part, but it just seems that the creators are trying to be done with the show as soon as possible with as little logic as possible.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    3/10 Ugh. I can't believe I gave the episode before this an 8. Definitely the worst episode of the season. There was so much potential in the previous episode only for it to be ruined in this one. Positive - Good to see Dondarrion again. He was one of my favorite characters/actor compared to the books. Negative - Ruined the Blackfish. Why the hell would the rebels listen to some schmuck outside the gates? Ruined Edmure. Family, Duty, Honor, Dur? More character assassination of Jaime. How many times is D & D going to cue a scene with just men sitting around in a circle talking about their sex lives? What is this? 4th time already? Cersei chooses violence? Hell yea! Oh, the Mountain only kills one person? Okay. What was the point of that scene? Arya has the worst storyline in the past 2 seasons. Has she learned anything from the FM? She knows how to use a bo staff, somewhat. I guess that's a skill. Tyrion has the 2nd worst storyline in the past 2 seasons. His scenes are absolutely pointless and the dialogue is atrocious. Missandei nor Grey Worm are interesting enough to carry a scene with Tyrion. Dany dropping out of the sky. Really funny and stupid at the same time. At least she looked pissed. Varys come back! Don't show us Dorne again!
  5. I rated it a 8/10. It was a very well made episode that moved the plot forward. As someone mentioned earlier in the topic, it felt like an older episode in quality and structure. I took 2 points off for ruining Ian Mcshanes cameo and the "broken man" speech. We get another D and D inspired speech (Or whoever wrote it) that couldn't even touch the one in the books. Or lack there of. (Speech just kind of rambled on) Good - Hound Jaime/Blackfish scene Jaime/Freys scene Bronn - "Don't you fucking say it." Lady Mormont actress Ian Mcshane Maybe LSH? Bad - Ian Mcshanes speech change Brotherhood Without Banners killing innocent people because of their religion? Juh? Aryas story went nowhere....again. Yara being a lesbian? Okay. Should have mentioned that earlier by season 2.