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  1. I'm a big nerd/geek/whatever you want to call it, and I love making cool things to add to my big library/common teacher household. I decided to make a dragon egg lamp, using acrylic resin and LED lights. Given the current HBO-series circumstances, I'm sure Daenerys would be jealous. I made a little post about it. I'm not sure how to add an image to my post, so this is the link": this is the link.
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    Hi, I'm tvvt, 27, high school teacher and full-time nerd. Into light installation and wood working.
  3. @BillyAmen Looks awesome Bilal, keep up the good work!

  4. Olie & Azijn https://t.co/V33X7WKdpm https://t.co/hKjwV90Nof

  5. Vandaag een leerling verslagen met voetbal. Het was óf winnen, óf ontslag nemen. Gelukkig :)