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  1. [quote name='Andhaira' post='1539810' date='Oct 2 2008, 14.32']Also, why didn't the Hornwood men lauch some sort of offensive on the Dreadfort? Did the Hornwoods take their entire strength with them? If so why would one do that when your neighbours are Boltons?[/quote] Well Boltons are second most powerfull house in the North.Hornwoods probably lacked men,strategy and leader to do something.
  2. [quote name='shadowbinding shoe' post='1538302' date='Oct 1 2008, 12.39']But Theon eats a live rat?? That just doesn't make sense. The rat would have taken off half of Theon's face if this happened for real.[/quote] Well,you can't really tell,until you try that yourself :)
  3. Maybe he took him along because he wishes to continue flaying him.Seems he rather enjoys such sports :)
  4. vlada

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='Crimsonking' post='1302425' date='Apr 6 2008, 04.34']Even without the horn, there are hints that the Wall is crumbling. The magic keeping the Wall together is weakening. In ASOS, Jon witnesses a huge chunk of wall fall apart which resulted in a team of wildling climbers get killed. In the last sentence of the last Brans chapter, Bran notices a drop of water hit his face like "a tear." This means something...[/quote] That means you didn't read carefully.Bran passed through weirwood gate,not through Wall(literally).And face in weirwood dropped something that seemed like a tear to him. As for other thing,yes,part of wall colapsed,but it was warm day,ice melted and climbers vere ''disturbing'' entire construction by nailing those things in Wall.And I didn't catch anywhere that magic is weaking,it's actually getting stronger,thanks to dragons.So if you could provide a quote I'd appreciate :)