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    Well, I actually just remembered I posted my name earlier in the thread, so if anybody bothered to google the band they'd find out I'm the lead singer, so I'll save everyone a step and just do that for them. :P
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    I actually spent multiple years in various choirs like Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra and also did some jazz ensemble stuff. I don't know how to play any brass or woodwind instruments, but I can play guitar, bass and piano. And as far as which member I am in the band...eh sure, let's leave it a mystery for now. ^_-
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    My favorite kind of music is rock, roughly circa 1950-1990, pretty much all genres. Favorite artists include The Beatles, Kiss, Jim Steinman, Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, Rush and way too many to list. I've played in a variety of different bands in a wide array of genres (hard rock, power pop, new wave, hardcore punk). My main project is a glam rock band called Lipstick. (We put out our first music video a few weeks ago, which you can check out here https://youtu.be/3A363UtiDWU ) My favorite house is probably House Stark, because the morality of the characters are most aligned with my own, but at this point that house has pretty much crumbled to pieces so I don't really have much hope for them making any serious moves. Arya may be destined to do some cool things, but she won't revive the house, and I don't think Bran and Rickon are going to be old enough by the time the series ends to revive the house, so I'm expecting them to die at some point. I'm not sure what my favorite quote is. Tyrion pretty much has all the best lines, so probably something from him. Also, in response to, King Tyrion I, what kind of music do you do?
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    Hey guys! My name's Greg. I'm a musician from Nashville, and I'm obviously here because I'm a big fan of the books and the show. I love the gritty realism and how it's closer to the chaos of real life than most works of fiction. Favorite characters are Tyrion, Eddard, Robb and Jon...so I'm pretty much just waiting for Tyrion to die. :/ I'm into music, classic literature, sitcoms, old videogames, comic books and shonen anime. Nice to meet all of ya!