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  1. There was a one-minute-tracking-shot at one point with horses crashing into each other and a whole lot of mayhem. I love that kind of stuff, because they didn't have to shoot it that way, it's just much more difficult, but they did it anyway and that's awesome and for that I would've given this episode a 10 regardless of what else had happened.
  2. This episode was a solid 8. There were a couple of great scenes, but the Sand Snakes are back, and therefor I can't give it a 10. The end of the season would've been a great moment for a montage, and they didn't go for it, so that takes another point away. Arguably though, the entire episode was kind of a montage. We didn't check in with Brienne, and that sucks. She once again didn't really have anything to do the entire season. We also didn't see what Euron is up to. That's why a montage would've been great, you could've shown a quick shot of every major character and where they are, starting with Cersei in the throne room and probably ending with the shot of Dany's fleet.
  3. This show has many problems. All of them are much bigger than people travelling at implausible speeds, which is why I'm able to ignore it compared to the stupid Sand Snakes or the Melisandre/Grey Worm bullshit. Suspension of disbelief went out of the window long ago for me, the dialogue isn't that strong anymore and there are so many scenes that are just completely pointless. So, all in all, I couldn't care less about whether so-and-so travelled a little too fast, that's just nitpicking to me, especially with an episode as awesome as this one on the table.
  4. I think I've read a theory somewhere, of how Planetos is much smaller on the show, making these long distances feasible. Either way, one shouldn't get hung up on this stuff or it drives you crazy. The battle was fun, I give this a 10 for the 1-minute tracking-shot alone. I thought the cinematography was much better than the shakiness of Hardhome.
  5. I have no complaints this week, was a solid episode. I'm glad the Hound is finally back, and the Brotherhood. Grey Worm and Missandei are probably the two worst people I can think of to have a conversation with.
  6. I gave it an 8 because the Hound is back and the scenes with him and that other guy were pretty good. Most of the rest I don't even really remember, it was kind of forgettable. Poor Arya, though:( Book spoilers
  7. This episode was kind of lack-luster, but the last part took it up to a 10 for me. I was completely stunned by the time it was over. Poor Walder.
  8. This is a 10 for the following reasons: 1. Wun Wun was wonderful. 2. A + J = T 3. Jaime's douchiness is back. I really missed him the last two seasons. 4. Ramsay reached a new level of evilness. 5. Bran is back. 6. Balon is finally dead. 7. And last but not least: We can finally lay the stupid "Is Jon dead?"-discussions to rest.
  9. I was a little annoyed with that as well on my last rewatch, especially since Braavos has only one scene the entire season, yet for the second half it's always in there.
  10. Gave it a 7, it was definitely better than anything we saw last year. The Sandsnake-stuff was awfull, as usual. They killed the wrong characters from that storyline.
  11. I'm trying to quote stuff after I've written other stuff. Did it work?
  12. I just found something on Ossifer Plumm's page:   http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ossifer_Plumm   In the info box it says that he married "An unknown Princess of House Targaryen", but we know it is Elaena Targaryen, as it is written in the article itself.
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