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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Great theory... This chapter always gives me goosebumps. In the last chapter of Bran (I think), Bloodraven tells Bran that you cannot communicate through trees and that he has tried himself many times..(When Bran sees Ned cleaning ICE)..If this is true, how did Theon hear his name when he was in the godswood. He is definitely not hallucinating...
  2. The sword of the twilight

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I am deeply troubled for Stannis after watching the last episode. Stannis in show, i find, is a very weak character in contrast with books. One of the best, if not the best, military commander beaten by Ramsay Bolton (Unbelievable)...What does this mean for Stannis in books? Does this hint that Northern Clans are going to abandon Stannis because they want Theon executed, which i believe stannis is hesitant to do so at the moment. P.S this is my first post on this forum. Be Nice! :bang: