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  1. Municipal Engines

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    Because Kit Harrington had criticized D&D's writing so he had to be punished. It's just like how they loved Lena Headey so they kept Cersei around for far longer than she should have been and then magically became the most competent ruler and schemer in the world.
  2. Do you all seriously think he's actually going to make Bran king? Let me guess, you also all think he's going to make Arya end the threat of the Others and Cersei become queen. These things happen because Dumb and Dumber are hacks who want to "subvert expectations". They forgot about the wider world outside the main characters. Nobody, absolutely nobody, would accept Bran as king. For one, he can't bloody well breed. For another, he's a nobody that no-one remembers or knows. He has no claim to the Iron Throne and the lords of Westeros would not want the Starks to have that much power. The smallfolk would not want a guy who seems to be basically a prophet of the Old Gods ruling over them. Frankly, it's far more likely that a unified kingdom of Westeros dissolves into the pre-Targaryen separate kingdoms. I'm incredulous at all the (seemingly chielfy show-only) fans who think this is how things will end. Daenerys is being developed to be more ruthless and merciless, and she won't just go fucking mad and drop all her previous concerns and quibbles because of "muh coin flip". GRRM said himself that he finds writing like this - to "subvert expectations" for the sake of it in the belief that it is good writing to do so - utterly retarded and banal.
  3. Municipal Engines

    Arya the Explorer

    She's going to die like every other person who sailed into the Sunset Sea. And that's a good thing, since this Ghost of Arya usurped everything that made Arya enjoyable before her half-finished training in Braavos.
  4. Frankly, most of everything in the show beyond Dany being in Vaes Dothrak and probably Jon's general trajectory are likely pure original ideas with a few loosely cribbed off of GRRM's notes and guesses as to what directions the characters will go into. Cersei will in no way be what she is in the show. She is genuinely incompetent and just a deluded harpy. She is all cool and competent in the show because the showrunners love Lena Headey to pieces.
  5. Municipal Engines

    Dothraki belief in how long ago Man was created

    "The Dothraki were wise where horses were concerned, but could be utter fools about much else." They're even stupider than the Ironborn, which is saying something. As a culture they're utterly worthless.
  6. Aside from the Super-Assassin that replaced Arya being the creators' pet and D&D being hacks who believe that subverting expectations is brilliant writing no matter what.