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  1. Glad to see the eyebrows matching the hair on some Targaryens. They make Matt Smith look even weirder than just the hair tho.
  2. The only thing I want from this series is pretty clothes. That's all I can expect now.
  3. The problem with "anyone can die" shows is that not anyone can die, just people the show runners are willing to lose. They weren't willing to lose Cersei so they made everyone else into idiots instead. They were unwilling to commit to the story, even to the last season.
  4. Thank you! I'll try to keep an eye open for others.
  5. It is definitely possible there is dialogue to suggest House Branfield is from the Crownlands, but if it exists it's not sourced in the wiki's article. Not even the ttgot fan wiki is sure which region they come from, and it's been a year since the game's release. Until a quote or another source can be provided, I think it would be best to use the information given by the official website. Otherwise it's speculation and misinformation.
  6. Sorry if this is out of place, but this error has been bothering me for a while now! On the House Branfield wiki page someone has put that the house is originally from the Crownlands without giving a source. I don't remember any dialogue from ttgot that states this, and over on the official website both Lady Forrester and Malcolm's descriptions only state it was a Southern house. Seeing as Mira Forrester is written as a Tyrell handmaiden, I would hope the Branfields would be from The Reach (lest her occupation be completely nonsensical), but without a description they should just be "Southern".
  7. What Would Sansa Do?

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