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  1. Glad to see the eyebrows matching the hair on some Targaryens. They make Matt Smith look even weirder than just the hair tho.
  2. I hope the next trailer or press release tells us what timeframe to expect for the season. It doesn't sound like they're planning on a season 2 which makes me worried about pacing.
  3. This could be solved by having time move more naturally during the series, so a time skip wouldn't be necessary. Just have the time from agot to twow be five years. I think this is really an artifact of when the series was supposed to be a trilogy.
  4. Ah, I think I was thrown off because I was thinking of Barret from Final Fantasy.
  5. Barret? What an odd name. Doesn't sound like it's from the series at all. Maybe as a first name it would be passable. Maybe he's a captain under the Sea Snake? It's sounds very pirate-y to my ears.
  6. The only thing I want from this series is pretty clothes. That's all I can expect now.
  7. The Red Wedding is a cop out that took away the most interesting conflict, politics, and POV characters. I understand the white walkers are the "true villains" because the iron throne doesn't matter in the end, but I also don't find them as interesting as the politics.
  8. Best case scenario, Viserys is put on trial for his father's crimes and sentenced to the Wall and Daenerys is kept alive and either sent to the motherhouse or forced to marry Joffrey. Keeping Daenerys alive and in the Red Keep would be struggle, but removing her would be a risk.
  9. House Tully ruled the Trident under King Robb Stark as part of the Kingdom of the North, but the Iron Throne stripped them of their title after they won the war. A Casa Tully governou o Tridente sob o Rei Robb Stark como parte do Reino do Norte, mas o Trono de Ferro os tirou de seu título depois que ganharam a guerra.
  10. I believe whether it's "canon" or not depends on what Peterson means by working for GRRM first. Does GRRM own the rights to the languages Peterson developed for the show or does HBO? Because even if GRRM owns the rights to his own work, he doesn't necessarily own what HBO developed unless otherwise stated in contracts.
  11. The problem with "anyone can die" shows is that not anyone can die, just people the show runners are willing to lose. They weren't willing to lose Cersei so they made everyone else into idiots instead. They were unwilling to commit to the story, even to the last season.
  12. Thank you! I'll try to keep an eye open for others.
  13. It is definitely possible there is dialogue to suggest House Branfield is from the Crownlands, but if it exists it's not sourced in the wiki's article. Not even the ttgot fan wiki is sure which region they come from, and it's been a year since the game's release. Until a quote or another source can be provided, I think it would be best to use the information given by the official website. Otherwise it's speculation and misinformation.
  14. Sorry if this is out of place, but this error has been bothering me for a while now! On the House Branfield wiki page someone has put that the house is originally from the Crownlands without giving a source. I don't remember any dialogue from ttgot that states this, and over on the official website both Lady Forrester and Malcolm's descriptions only state it was a Southern house. Seeing as Mira Forrester is written as a Tyrell handmaiden, I would hope the Branfields would be from The Reach (lest her occupation be completely nonsensical), but without a description they should just be "Southern".
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