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    Wyman Manderly warships

    What about Braavos where they can build a ship a day? Could they be persuaded to build for the North in exchange for lumber the North has plenty and they have none? I'm not sure if it's possible because I'm not sure the Braavos would arm another country regardless the price.
  2. Renly he had the support to make a interesting war with Rob, and the Lannisters
  3. TPTWP Timett

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

    Ned didn't even know the crown was in debt. How is he responsible? Bobby B started the mess with Arryn watching but it took the Lannisters to really wreck things.
  4. Calling exaggerating strength treason is a rough judgement on Done.
  5. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Amongst flames with a ton of blood being spilt. As for the magic Winterfell is pretty magical
  6. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Yep a dragon hatched right along with Danys
  7. I can't see that Arya would be worse than worthless at the wall. Add that with the executions of his brother and father I'd say Aerys loses his head.
  8. Tywin followed by Bloodraven
  9. I think she's a excellent character unfortunately I don't think she will have a happy ending.
  10. I'd say they saw what was going to happen as necessary are not worth their time. ETA. Why do you find the current generation wimpy? Jon was at least a decent fighter, Robb was functional, and a pretty good battle commander, and Arya is a complete badass.
  11. TPTWP Timett

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    Good call and one I failed to include but definitely a bad ass
  12. TPTWP Timett

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    You forgot he got owned by rattleshirt/Mance in front of his men. Also I believe that the Halfhand could have killed him pretty easy Jon boy is good there's no doubt. He might have even eventually made a list, but alas he's dead. I go Dragonknight, Daemon Blackfyre, and Maekar.
  13. TPTWP Timett

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    I can't see Tywin walking to a brothel at all his companions would most likely be delivered to him.
  14. TPTWP Timett

    Harrenhal--Better Suited as Westerosi Parliament/Congress Building?

    Is there a Westeros historical society? it is a pretty interesting part of the continent's history but as far as practical uses it's worthless better off using it to rebuild more realistically. Antidragon designs? I kinda doubt it just seems like there'd be more said. And I know she wasn't the one in control of the castle but Arya is just as much Whent and her presence doesn't seem to have affected anything.
  15. TPTWP Timett

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    Sure it counts for something he was good at fighting and I never said he wasn't adequate I just don't think he's great. I remember one real fight that he was in and it ended with his chest caved in.
  16. TPTWP Timett

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    Rhaegar? What on earth did he do to get on the list? He won a few tournaments, and got his chest caved in.
  17. TPTWP Timett

    Which Frey would make the best King?

    I'm regretting we aren't going to get to see that.
  18. TPTWP Timett

    Which Frey would make the best King?

    Walder court would be epic
  19. TPTWP Timett

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Who wins if the Mountain fights Euron to the death?
  20. TPTWP Timett

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Why did the Stark bring a ladder to the bar?
  21. TPTWP Timett

    Stark Apprection thread

    I don't like the Starks but I know they most likely win in the end. Old Walder is scum but a hilarious read and there's a few others that aren't so bad overall though Freys are scum. As for my Stark appreciation I predict a overwhelming Stark victory in the end lead by Snowflake Stark to make it more disgusting.
  22. I don't think he intended blood magic I read it like the timing with Rhaegar's birth was tie a newborn Target to a newly hatched dragon. Rhaegar grows up with his dragon type of thing
  23. TPTWP Timett

    Bloodraven, the red priestess, and the black bastsrd

    Mel thinks Bloodraven is her enemy so I seriously doubt he's communicating with her. I don't believe he's her father mainly because it adds nothing I don't remember any evidence either way.
  24. TPTWP Timett

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    He was in no way, shape, form, or fashion a "good king". However he wouldn't have put up with the faith arresting his wife he would have pulled the Sept down probably causing the faith to execute his wife, but they wouldn't have held her or his mother.