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    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Excellent theory about Theon, his wee wee and gang rape (not mine): http://emiliosandoz.tumblr.com/post/91408667498/why-book-theon-still-has-his-dick-and-what-it Basically it argues that Theon wasn't surgically emasculated but gang raped, which in the eyes of a Westerosi would also be emasculating to a great extent. Its points are: 1. Theon doesn't fear being naked; he fears being naked in front of Ramsay/Roose and their guards, or highborn 2. Some scenes are not quite in line with him being castrated 3. Theon does not refer to himsel as 'not even a man' - he only seems to have this feeling in the presence of Ramsay, implying it's a psychical effect of Ramsay's torture, not a physical one