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  1. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  2. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Is it possible that Jaqen H'ghar appears and kills Arya?

    would think JHghar would be proud of arya as much as a man/being of his nature can be. he and the waif taught her everything she knows. JH would understand the night king takeover the world threat. the faceless kill in a deliberate thought out way many times--the person they designate for a "hit" somehow deserves it. some kind of cosmic scales of justice are tilting back and forth. don't think JH would approve of Night King's wanton approach. but it's a good pt that the red god religion may forbid using its power for personal revenge. again, arya has always killed those who cruelly killed others so is it still justice served, just it's her as judge jury executioner all in one. would be interesting if JH showed up and told her she has finished her revenge (if she finishes) and now must return to the temple and be faceless forever!! the price she paid for free lancing...all food for thought.
  3. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Going to Weddings

    Best wedding I went to at a hillside church in Northern California by the ocean, bright sunny day too. The church actually had some gardens, other areas with an ocean view. Might have even been a view from inside. Worst was not the wedding's fault, but flying in from California, a monsoon rainstorm in Chicago shut down flights at Ohare and I slept on the airport floor to get the 1st flight to the East in the morning. Got to wedding barely and wiped out, but it was enjoyable, meaningful and I survived.
  4. Oh let's throw in a little Tolkien and classic Planet of the Apes into the works. The Mirror of Galadriel shows what was, what is and what might be, but the Lady warns the future is the hardest to forsee. Some events will not come to pass unless a person actually strays from a path they are on. Imagine if Frodo seeing dark happenings ahead thinks he can avoid them by fleeing back to the Shire. Of course that would be a disaster as Sauron would send all his forces to crush the hobbits and take the Ring back. So staying the course to Mordor was the correct choice of action. Planet of the Apes, 70s, time is an infinite highway going forward and you can exit, re enter, change lanes whenever you like. Each time you do you get that future, the one you are on, until you change course, then you get that future. If you sat home all day, that timeline unfolds, if you leave to go shopping, that timeline unfolds. "It's a blind choice but you can change lanes." So Bran may have a hard time tracking the future because he's tracking people who are continually making choices, altering courses, knowing or not knowing what path they are on. He lives in the present, can certainly time travel backwards, but I find his handle on the future more tentative, how could he know whether Tyrion is going to open the door if Tyrion hasn't even made up his mind yet? But it's sure a long strange interesting trip into the time space continuum.....onto ep 3.
  5. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Arya Losin' It

    Showrunners/writers have slowly but surely tried to feminize our girl Arya. Longer hair, heavy metal girl leather attire, Hotpie tells her she's pretty, and even when she's mindgaming sansa or sword, spear fighting, she's become somewhat sensual in her movements. Bit more of a sexy strut since she left Faceless Men temple. And as preteen she had a little crush on Gendry, used to hang around him at the blacksmith shop. Arya seems to come from the If I give you a hard time, it means I like you underneath it all. Jr. high flirting. And Gendry seemed to get off on her tough girl prowess, sarcastic banter, ability to throw knives, etc. So he got his little warrior girl, the NinjaStark for the night. An odd couple that seems to make sense now that I think about it later.
  6. Tyrion's Double Axe

    The boy on the wall

    I like the way the little demon lord Umber played dead when he was dead, but was ready to stab anyone who got too close. Ned Umber was a nasty critter--somehow the whole sequence made me think of Children of the Corn, especially the weird spiral pattern. And fiery little fella kicking his legs around while burning was like Kurt Russell blasting The Thing with a flamethrower ln The Thing. Good stuff in an otherwise talky, dialogue heavy, personal dynamics dominated episode, onward...
  7. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Best line of E01

    asked by jon, where is arya? sansa: "she's lurking around somewhere..." reminds me of last season, when sansa expressed sisterly affection for arya after calling her "strange and annoying" - but shades of ned and cat stark, both girls grew up - survived - turned out to be leaders, women of action. the north remembers.....
  8. Tyrion's Double Axe

    Tolkien 2.0

    A tv series might cheapen the tolkien-LOTR legacy - there were 3 epic books, 3 epic films, a beginning,middle,end that gives you an uplift, might even make you a lifetime fan. the tolkien grandeur, high adventure, philosophy, morality may be lost or hopelessly watered down in a 8 to 10 pt mini series. there are enough talented actors,director,writers,producers to put out something of quality. but tv adventure can be repetitive, formula driven, cliched and i would hate to see that sully the great JRR's contributions. if i saw a producer name i trusted, michael hirst (hbo, the tudors) or game of thrones benioff and weiss, i would feel more confident. the GOT guys might be the most intriguing duo. imho GOT, LOTR seem to mirror each other and also contrast wildly like looking at your doppelganger, light side, dark side. we will see. TDAXE. MAE GOVANNEN