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  1. If Jon had only minded the business of the NW instead of sending Mace and the spearwives to get his sister away from her husband. None of the troubles that came later would have happened. We should and we do blame Jon Snow.
  2. This is not the case at all. Bowen Marsh killed the traitor, Jon Snow, to save the NW and Westeros. It was Jon Snow who was the traitor to the NW. Jon's decisions with regards to the mission to get his sister were acts of treason. Jon let emotions control his decisions and he was willing to compromise the NW for his sister. Bowen is a hero in many ways. Jon was the villain, the traitor, the disgrace in A Dance With Dragons.
  3. The Targaryens are the protagonists family in this story. All of the extra materials outside of the five novels are about the Targaryens. They conquered Westeros and saved the people from the barbaric boneheads who used to rule them. The Starks and the Hoares were boneheads. The Freys were snubbed by Hoster but they were generally a respected family. Hoster is dirt napping in the Bone Yard while the Freys are enjoying their victory over another bonehead young wolf.
  4. Arya should go to prison for her violent crimes. It will be an injustice if she gets away without receiving punishment.
  5. @Many-Faced Votary The black brothers won't have a problem with Jon's removal. The reason nobody tried to stop Bowen and his gang is because the brothers present in the Shield Hall heard Jon's admission of improper conduct. Jon really pushed their tolerance when he told them he was going to lead an attack on the Boltons.
  6. Lady Barbrey Dustin entertains Theon Greyjoy with a very fascinating story. Those pages introduced us to Rickard Stark's ambitions to build marriage and military alliances with House Tully and House Baratheon. This conspiracy is now known as "Southron Ambitions." If true, the goal of the conspiracy was to put Robert on the throne with Brandon as his Hand. A Game of Thrones gave us the following quote: "That brought a bitter twist to Ned's mouth. "Brandon. Yes. Brandon would know what to do. He always did. It was all meant for Brandon. You, Winterfell, everything. He was born to be a King's Hand and a father to queens. I never asked for this cup to pass to me." So it was all meant for Brandon. Maybe even the office of Hand of the King. It seems to me that the Baratheons and the Starks had been planning to join their houses to remove the Targaryens from power. It could be an innocent comment from Ned but I do not think so. Rickard, Brandon, Robert, Hoster, *Catelyn, and Lyanna were all guilty of treason. They are all dead and have paid for their crimes. George may give us a backstory and then we will know for sure. *Stoneheart is only a shadow of what Cat was.
  7. The Other failed to deflect the thrust.
  8. Jon abused the authority entrusted to him. His intent to start a war with Ramsay is a violation of all the Watch stood for and it is wrong. Bowen Marsh is not the villain here.
  9. 5. The Starks were bad at statecraft. They ruled through force back home. Brute force on its own was not enough when they had to deal with other powerful people.
  10. Jon has the same chances as any Targaryen of going insane.
  11. Varys does what he thinks is in the best interest of the people and keeping Aerys in power served the well-being of the people. It is that simple. Aerys is but a small cog in the great wheel that is the Targaryen Dynasty. Targaryen authority kept peace and order throughout Westeros. Belief in the monarchy give people comfort and stability. Westeros, if it had to, could afford to suffer Aerys even if he goes insane. Targaryen rule is reliable government. As reliable as the sun rises and sets. The Targaryens are an institution. Varys has been proven right. The success of Robert's Rebellion was the worst thing that ever happened to Westeros. The removal of the Targaryen Dynasty is a social and economic upheaval which Westeros has not fully recovered from. Rhaegar was an idealists whose plans may destabilize Westeros and driven the economy into the ground. Though I think the reason why Rhaegar would consider overthrowing his father only if he was removed from the line of succession. Think about what @James West is saying. It is beyond stupidity for Rhaegar to upset order if he was already the next in line to inherit. Aerys was not going to last long. It was just a matter of patience. Westeros was at peace. The people were fat and fed. There was no emergency. Rhaegar had the luxury of time. If time was on his side. But if Viserys was chosen to succeed then Rhaegar would have reason to consider a coup.
  12. I doubt there is a foolproof weapon against the White Walkers. A skilled one with a Valyrian Steel weapon against a White Walker with an Ice Sword is a fair fight. The VS won't crack and shatter. But the one has to still beat the White Walker. Lightbringer was the first Valyrian Steel weapon.
  13. The Great Empire of the Dawn absorbed many peoples during the early history of civilization. But there had to be peoples who were not a part of the empire. I believe the ancestor of the white walkers were such a people. They are the vampires of this fantasy world. They are night creatures who can only live in darkness.
  14. Of all of the swords, only the red comet has worldwide effects on the climate.
  15. It's better to seal the defenders inside and let the Rock be their tomb. That means giving up on taking the gold inside but that is a sacrifice to avoid the loss of soldiers in a long siege. The Rock is impregnable but penetration is not necessary if all that is needed is kill the Lannisters. Seal the Rock and let the Lannisters die slowly inside.
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