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  1. Trauma kicked Arya over the edge of sanity and into the pit of madness. Some are clearly her own choices but a lot are due to the damage caused by her experiences. She's mentally ill.
  2. It is not when they do something bad. It is specific to the sin of betrayal. When the Stark nits betray somebody their direwolf dies. Ghost dies next because Jon betrayed the NW. Summer will die soon after Bran betrays Bloodraven.
  3. He will have a big role in the North. He's the NK and Arya will be his corpse bride.
  4. The Dothraki is the best cavalry. The Unsullied the best infantry. They will make short work of any army that Westeros can bring to the field. Even Robert had to admit that the best Westeros can do is retreat inside their castles. Jorah commented on what he thought the army of Westeros would react when Dothraki arrows start coming down their heads.
  5. The matter of slavery is significant. It can make the job of conquest harder but it can also make it easier. The advantage for Team Targaryen is Drogo doesn't speak the Common Tongue. It will be Daenerys and Barristan who will be doing the negotiating. Dany will say the right things to win the people over to her side. She can give assurances that they will not be enslaved if they go back to their farms. The people will be willing to turn their backs on their lords to avoid any risks of ending up on the slave markets. Stannis has loyal supporters though. They will stick with him to the end. The Starks are one of those Baratheon supporters. I'm afraid it may be necessary to wipe out the Starks if Robb continues to support the Baratheons. I am fine with wiping out the Starks though. I like Lady Dustin. The Starks treated her with a lack of sensitivity.
  6. Robb would be wise to support the Targaryen rule. The Starks are in a very bad way. They lost Ned, the North, and Winterfell. The Karstarks are pissed because Robb murdered their father. Barbrey Dustin is just waiting for her time to pounce on the Starks to get her revenge. Robb will do as he pleases but a wiser man would support the Targaryen rule and make friends with the Dothraki. They are the only ones who can help him take back Winterfell. Sansa is expendable. Rhaego would not have to agree to the marriage to get a reasonable person to cooperate.
  7. He is a soldier of the Watch. The Wildlings are about to attack Lord of the North Roose. His crooked commanding officer, Jon Snow, ordered the Wildlings to attack. Arya, fake or not, is not worth the cost of destabilizing the wall and starting a war with the Warden of the north.
  8. We have seen from the Weirtree visions of what the Starks were like. They were murdering people to worship and fertilize their trees. The First Men were doing this. The Skagos never paused. The eating of the flesh is part of the sacrifice. As the saying goes "waste not want not." Rickon will be doing what his people did before.
  9. Marsh can avoid a wildling riot by simply not standing in their way when they leave for Winterfell. He is duty-bound to stop them but he lacks the men to fight them. Let them leave and he can do the next best thing. Warn Ramsay that a wildling army is about to attack him.
  10. We saw the last of Mya Stone. She was put in the story to show Robert making bastards wherever he went. Mya is one bastard among many. Jon Snow is a Stark bastard. He has no claim to the Iron Throne.
  11. Cersei was the best political choice but King Aerys was said to have been jealous of Tywin. I think it was more complicated than that. He did not want the Lannisters to have that much power. But he can't really say that as it would show weakness to worry over an underling. Stef Baratheon was a failure. He crosses the oceans to find a beautiful noblewoman for Prince Rhaegar to marry. He comes back with a Fool. Or was the trip really a failure? Could be he found a perfect bride at the last minute and that was why the ship was sabotaged. Evil people, using dark magic, caused the storm. Perhaps somebody who worshipped the Old Gods or the Drowned God called the storm.
  12. To quote George Martin, "Gods do not mate with beast." Such was the attitude of the Dragonlords. It is easy to see why. They could do things that other people could not: ride dragons. They were godlike. The Targaryens were godlike beings. King Aerys and his people simply could not settle for anybody. Rhaegar was normal at the time and he was projected to inherit the kingdom. A fit wife was needed. Yes, Lys had beautiful women with the Valyrian looks. But that was just one of the desirable qualities. The woman had to be noble and come from a rich family. Yes, they were probably attempting to birth the Promised One who would bring back the Dragons. For that, they needed a descendant of the Dragonlords. One of their own. Prophecies have a way of coming true. Daenerys became the Azor Ahai of the prophecies years later.
  13. Bowen and his brothers should not even attempt to stop the wildlings. Let them leave without much trouble and send a warning to Ramsay as soon as they are gone. The message should get to Ramsay before the wildlings show up at his gates. Send several letters because each bird can only carry so much. One should point the blame to Jon for causing trouble. The second letter should warn of the wildlings coming to attack.
  14. Selyse is high born. Or born high. Depending on how you want to look at her. She is little different from Cersei. They both think they're up there with the gods. It is how they were born and nurtured.
  15. He is on the legal now. Which is what counts. Obviously, if a regime that is a friend to the Starks gets in power, none of it will save Roose. Power trumps what's legal. But for now, I am saying Roose did nothing illegal because it was Robb who was a criminal.
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