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  1. He is on the legal now. Which is what counts. Obviously, if a regime that is a friend to the Starks gets in power, none of it will save Roose. Power trumps what's legal. But for now, I am saying Roose did nothing illegal because it was Robb who was a criminal.
  2. My question was not whether it was moral or not. I am saying Roose Bolton was within the boundaries of the law. He could not openly disagree with Robb, nor could he refuse to send soldiers. But he could undermine the rebellion.
  3. Roose Bolton is a cruel nobleman. However, all the things he did to undermine the Starks were legal. Robb Stark chose to rebel. Roose Bolton can say he was serving King Joffrey by undermining the Stark effort. He participated in the Red Wedding because his wife's family was commanded by the King's Hand to put an end to the Stark Rebellion. The Red Wedding was an efficient way to end the Stark Rebellion and reduce the casualty on their side.
  4. They are morally grey and not all superior. I am sympathetic towards the Targaryens. I would support a Targaryen restoration even if it meant the death of the Starks. It's not that I like every Targaryen. I like Daenerys and some other Targaryens. I do not like the Starks.
  5. I don't agree with Jon's decision and I feel that it was unjust.
  6. Jon is not getting resurrected. He will come back after the Others wightify him. I would not rule out JonArya. Arya will die and there is a good chance that she might also get turned to wight by the Others. Jon's love for Arya, and Arya's for him, will continue in wight format. Don't expect little wights from this joining but reproduction is not the only reason to do it.
  7. Was there a plan from Varys to hijack Ned's escort to the Wall and send him to Essos to serve King Viserys (the third of his name) and his sister, Princess Daenerys? Ned could be convinced to support the Targaryens, in my opinion. If a successful rebellion can change the rules and order of succession, so can a triumphant conquest.
  8. They didn't seem to mind when Robert chose a Northern man to be Hand. There is prejudice but it is not a big deal. People get over it. They got over Rhaegar marrying a Dornish. Joffrey was going to marry Sansa. Westeros is in many ways a melting pot of gods, culture, and customs. What prejudice there is can be overcome. Ther North were prejudiced against Allysanne at first and she won them over. Sansa won over little Robert. Walder was eager to marry Elmar to Arya. Gifts, bribery, and flattery is a grease which can help the relationships along.
  9. Absolute safer than little Monster. Dalla and Mance's son is indeed safer if they can get away before Euron attacks Oldtown. Shireen is a key to what happens to little Monster. Isn't it convenient how the boy doesn't yet have a name? Like he was being prepared for the Others who was to give him a name after they transform him. This little guy COULD become the new vessel for Jon Snow. Shireen's blood will power the magic to bring Snow's soul into little Monster. It's just a possibility. Yes so the Others want their boy back and they get a baby with Jon's soul instead. If the time frame is long enough, yes, we get to see Jon become an Other. Will his mind still fixate on Arya? Hmm.
  10. I disagree with the premise of your statement. The Riverland wants peace. They are not about to rebel just to get justice for Robb Stark. Most people know the Starks for traitors and rebels. Ned Stark is a traitor who tried to take the throne for himself. Robb rebelled against the king and attacked the south. He also betrayed two allies, Karstark and Frey. And why rebel against the Freys? Lord Baelish is their lord. Walder just happens to be his richest and most powerful bannerman.
  11. Arya. She gets killed after assassinating lord Walder but she lives long enough to free Ed and the others.
  12. Only if he marries Dany. Otherwise, he needs to find his own dragon eggs and make his own baby dragon.
  13. The leader of the sparrow wants to place the kingdom under the jurisdiction of the church. He is the Khomeini in Westeros. His objective has no place for a ruling monarch. Daenerys, Aegon, Stannis, Euron, Bran, Jon, none of those people will be welcomed in the system they want to create. But this is a time for gods and heroes, not churches. Winter is here and the sparrow will have to produce a miracle to feed the masses and stop the Others. He will fail. The people will first look to Littlefinger's grain but that too will run out. Whoever can bring food in and stop the Others will be the ruler in the end.
  14. Stannis would have wiped away the first family of the clan Lannister and appropriated some of their assets to his supporters. Tyrion, Jaime, and Cersei do not have the discipline to win the war. Though Kevan will come to the rescue and that might be enough.
  15. History doesn't change because they will also surrender to the dragons. Their extinction serves a very important lesson to the reader: no family is safe. Many families will die in Winds of Winter. People and families come and go but the land remains. The land is old, says Ned to Robert as they look on the hills. Families are temporary but the land is perpetual. The families are only stewards of the land.
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