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  1. Rickon and Sansa will get darker as well. Sansa will murder Robert Arryn and Rickon is a cannibal by now. He and Manderly share the same culinary preference.
  2. What Bowen already did. Kill Jon. Jon can no longer cause further harm to the watch and the kingdom. But the mess he left behind will be hard to sort out. I am expecting Jon to come back as a wight and do further harm but Bowen had no way of knowing that. A pale wight Jon haunting Castle Black and killing the men is not an unlikely scenario.
  3. That would have avoided further problems. But they did not have cause and proof at the time. Jon had just killed a fellow brother. They were not going to test his will at that moment. He was no longer in a mood to accept opposing opinions, let alone a request to step down. Jon was nuts. If an LC can be voted in, he should be removable by vote. Jon beat them to the punch and made it impossible to hold him accountable for starting a fight with Ramsay. He had the wildlings in the palm of his hands and the good men of the watch were outnumbered. They had to assassinate the jackass. Calling for him to stand trial or anything of the sort would have gotten them killed. Poor Marsh and the other men were forced to commit an assassination to stop Jon from making further blunders.
  4. The first book's first chapters were far from exciting. I started to pay attention when Dany rode her silver horse. The story got progressively more interesting after. Ned's execution was also a good chapter. I no longer had the will to stop reading after the dragons hatched. I knew then that I will read the next book.
  5. Elon Musk has Asperger and he's smart. However a simpler explanation is very possible. Like physical trauma causing brain injury.
  6. Daenerys Targaryen succeeded in hatching dragon eggs because it was her destiny to do so. She is Azor Ahai. The prophecy is explicit. She will wake dragons from stone. That is exactly what happened. This miracle confirmed her identity as Azor Ahai.
  7. Why couldn't the boy have fallen into deep sleep instead of dying and then coming back to life? It is simpler to survive the storm and wash up on the beach. Exhaustion led to sleep. And was he changed at all. We don't know. Everybody who knew what he was like before the storm are dead. What if he was always this weird? What Lord Baratheon thought for clever is actually the babblings of an intellectually disabled person.
  8. Quite possible. I have a different hypothesis but yours is also good.
  9. Bran, Jon, and Arya will usher in the age of ice and darkness. Revenge will be the motivation behind it. But leave it to George to put a plot together so that many of the Stark's fans will continue to defend them and take their side.
  10. That is one of the best parts of the story. Daenerys doesn't know who she is, yet. Soon she will learn about her family's past. They were the ruling dynasty during the great empire of the dawn. She is Azor Ahai.
  11. Barristan, Jaime, and Cersei would know the appearance of the real Prince Aegon. But even so, a child's looks can change over time. Young Griff will have trouble in tricking people who he wants them to believe he is. He will convince some and they will believe. And then Daenerys Targaryen, the real heir to Westeros and the last of the dragons, will expose his lie. Physical appearance is very, very important. It is the best they had before DNA testing. Any claimant who does not have those widely known physical traits referred to as the Blood of the Dragon will have a very hard time convincing anybody.
  12. @Alyn Oakenfist You have to look back at what Westeros was like before the Targaryens. It was a loose collection of regional leaders who thought of themselves as the kings of his territory. They lacked the power to project their will overseas. The Targaryens brought order and unification to Westeros. The Targaryens could have invaded the lands across the Narrow Sea if they had wanted to. But the Targaryens are the good guys in this series of novels. They honestly wanted to keep their eye on Westeros and improve the life for the common folks. The Targaryens, unlike the other families who simply wanted to expand their power and line their pockets, were not greedy. At least most of them were not. I will repeat this for you, though you may not like it, the Targaryens are the protagonists of the novels.
  13. Bran is steadily moving away from the light. He might just turn into the Great Other. Even if he doesn't, controlling Gregor doesn't require him to be that powerful. Present state Gregor isn't significantly different from a mountain of veggies.
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