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  1. Arya won't make it out of the Riverlands. She is not the threat to Bowen Marsh. The Wildings will have no reason to kill Bowen Marsh but there will be a big falling out between the watch and the wildlings. The wildlings will simply leave and Bowen Marsh will not be able to stop them. He won't try. But he can send a warning to the Boltons. They need to put Wundar down very quickly before he does any more harm. Jon could skinchange the giant and send him after the men.
  2. I don't believe she made big mistakes. She handled this situation like any other feudal/medieval warlord would. Which is to beat the enemy in battle and then rule over them as soon as they surrender. That is how things are done in Westeros. Her ancestors did the same thing. All those men you listed would have done the same thing. Beat the enemy on the battle field, they yield and agree to be led, and then they are basically left to carry on as before. There is no training for world-building. It will not go smoothly. There will be a lot of growing pains along the way. Much will have to be learned through trial and error. She needs to get rid of the slave masters once and for all. Do that so this trial, error, and success process can continue without interference from those who would bring slavery back.
  3. @butterweedstrover You are drawing conclusions from very little evidence. Let's begin with the main villain. Emotions. There are very bad people in these books, Ramsay, the Ghiscari slavers, the Faceless Men, Vargo, Jaime, Weeper. But they are not the ones who have and will continue to cause the damage. It is the grey characters and the "good" people who make poor decisions because of emotional attachments to loved ones. Varys is grey to me. I only picked up on the idea of love being the creator of grief and tragedy after visiting this forum. All through life, we hear love is powerful and good. Family is good and a person should support family no matter what. This novel shows us it's not. At least not all of the time. So if he is a Blackfyre, then Varys is also guilty of devotion to family leading him to justify doing bad things. Like murdering Uncle Kevan. We saw this early on with Jaime and the things he will do for love.
  4. The Starks do not get to choose to leave the kingdom. They gave up that right on the moment Torrhen knelt. It is not as if the Starks can come and go as they pleased. They do not have that right. And the fealty is a formality that every lord who wished to continue being a lord must follow. They don't get to choose to do this or not. It matters not whether Robb has done it or he hasn't. That does not give him the right to take the north away from the kingdom. The north is no longer his.
  5. Those are not admirable ambitions in people although one can argue for justice. Letting a wrong go unpunished almost makes it seem like the wronged person has no worth. Being too forgiving is not the right answer. Somewhere in between is where justice and fairness are. I do pity Janos Slynt and think he did not get any justice from his lord commander. Jon handled that badly because of his own feelings. Joffrey's murder was not about justice. The Tyrells did it to spare Margaery. It may still be wrong even if Joffrey deserved it. I cannot blame Joffrey for executing Ned Stark. Ned admitted to treason. He was guilty as far as Joffrey knew.
  6. It is a Michael Douglas flick. Compromised cop, you know. It is not directly related. I just thought you might enjoy it.
  7. Jaime is scum to Barristan. He knew nothing of the Wildfire plot. Jaime is still scum because this is not his only crimes. There is a middle ground. Things aren't always black and white. The Wildfire plot could have been stopped without murdering Aerys. Jaime did it because he disliked his king. A KG should not act out on those feelings, however strong they may be. Jaime is scum. Hey Lord Varys, please, when you get a chance, watch "Black Rain." It is an old movie from back in the day. Ser Barristan is not aware of the Wildfire plot. Maybe he might give Jaime a little break if he did. Then again, a great man like Ser Barristan would have found that middle ground. He could have stopped the Wildfire plot and saved Aerys at the same time. It's not all black and white. Jaime chose to serve the KG for the most self-serving of reasons. He was never a moral man. Bad seed right from the get go. Jaime is a total garbage of a human being. He was balling the queen behind his king's back. The same king who forgave him and kept him on. He let the whole realm believed his bastards are next in line to the throne. The WOTFKs started because of him.
  8. I don't want to get bogged down in good vs. bad gridlock. I want to talk about a possible future light at the end of the dark tunnel. Arya might be a child in years but she definitely is not a child in any other way. So how the heck is anybody getting a chance to rehab her? An adult man giving her a spanking for bad behavior will get murdered in his sleep. Joffrey will have been hard to reform. Arya is harder still. Remembering she's a Stark is not the correct answer. The Stark kids are not good role models. Her big brother Jon is not coming back in a right state of mind. He wasn't when he was killed. Coming back from death is not going to improve his morals nor his temper. Arya is not going to listen to a tree.
  9. Roswell


    I ran across a theory a long time ago which involved Bonifer somehow knowing Queen Rhaella. Oh well.
  10. You could get a lucky break but I doubt it. A Walder Frey point of view would be awesome.
  11. Daemon would know how to play dirty. Calling Jon Arryn to execute his wards was a dumb idea. Mr. Rock-n-Roll would have chosen a different way of dealing with Robert and Eddard.
  12. You can't do what Arya does and not suffer mental and emotional trauma. She is killing people but she murders a little bit of her own humanity as well as her sanity with each assassination. Getting even is expected from a woman in her station. The nobles are guilty of the sin of pride. Their devotion to family most often end up causing a lot of harm. Arya is not alone in this. It is just most people would hold the hate but never do anything about it. Arya is one of the few who do carry out her hate and puts into action. She is not a villain but don't believe for a minute that she's a hero. She is no hero.
  13. The commanders are elected. It is not an inherited office. I would think they can be removed with sufficient vote. They can step down too. Jon's case was unique. Those who disagreed with him no longer had the nerves to stand in his way after his public killing of Janos Slynt. He made it impossible for Bowen Marsh and the officers to remove him because he got the wildlings on his side. It was even worse because he would still attack the Boltons even if the officers of the watch had voted him out of office. Nothing was going to stop Jon from rescuing his sister except to assassinate him.
  14. We cannot know for certain but my guess is the presence of an albino-like gene. Although being pale is not the same as the complete lack of melanin. The Targaryens are very beautiful and thus will not have the freckles or imperfections of those who are sensitive to the light.
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