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  1. @Alyn Oakenfist You have to look back at what Westeros was like before the Targaryens. It was a loose collection of regional leaders who thought of themselves as the kings of his territory. They lacked the power to project their will overseas. The Targaryens brought order and unification to Westeros. The Targaryens could have invaded the lands across the Narrow Sea if they had wanted to. But the Targaryens are the good guys in this series of novels. They honestly wanted to keep their eye on Westeros and improve the life for the common folks. The Targaryens, unlike the other families who simply wanted to expand their power and line their pockets, were not greedy. At least most of them were not. I will repeat this for you, though you may not like it, the Targaryens are the protagonists of the novels.
  2. Bran is steadily moving away from the light. He might just turn into the Great Other. Even if he doesn't, controlling Gregor doesn't require him to be that powerful. Present state Gregor isn't significantly different from a mountain of veggies.
  3. Sigmund Freud? Any successful leader in business and government could help. They were both arrogant young men. They executed subordinates while they were themselves making the most damaging mistakes for their own people. They didn't take the time to understand where power comes from. Robb Stark insulted his most powerful source of resources and Jon betrayed his organization. The cobbler down the street could have told them to not do this.
  4. Robert Strong is too far away from Bran. In addition, he is being kept alive by weird science instead of magic. But it will be an interesting chapter if it happens.
  5. They can also try to pull this off by the old fashioned way. Conquest. Roose will lose most of his men during the battle with Stannis. There won't be enough Bolton men alive in the north to resist the Starks. The Starks are not gonna care what the other kingdoms think of them.
  6. Where the Undying and Quiathe tricking Dany when it comes to Aegon? I don't believe so. The Undying meant to keep Dany in that room. She was not leaving that place. Why would the warlocks and witches bother to lie to somebody who will never leave that room. They won't.
  7. Me too. The real conflict is between these two.
  8. Sansa will be somewhat sad but she will not lose much sleep over Jon's death. Margaery would be upset if her brother got killed. She may vow revenge through political means.
  9. Describing war is not GM's strong point. I can't do any better, tbh. Probably the war of the five idiots. It's still going on.
  10. One of Jaime's chapters from a Feast for Crows has them inside Castle Darry. They bribed a servant to show them the Darry's hidden tapestries. All were portraits of every Targaryen king to have ruled Westeros.
  11. Yes they both have most of the skills to be a good ruler. However, what makes Daenerys a compelling choice for me is her discipline and intelligence. She wants to win back her kingdom of Westeros very badly but she was not willing to abandon the slaves just to get what she wants. Which makes her an even better choice than Aegon. I like that and many things about her. Jon also has skills in leading but his emotional nature cripples him in many ways. A well-balanced leader would not abandon their posts as he did when he sneaked off in the middle of the night. A good ruler would not start a war with Ramsay Bolton over his sister.
  12. You don't give your Rolex to a comedian. You give them a medal or some token of honor to reward achievement. The Sealord might give them something akin to what a Queen of Love and Beauty would get. Roses made of precious stones. It has value but it is like a trophy. The receiver is not like to sell her trophy. The Sealord has humor. For that the jousters get weapons made of Valyrian steel.
  13. I am selecting Mance for the father. Mance and Jon are really alike. Mance having his time with Lyanna and producing Jon is a nice touch to the novel. Tywin married a cousin. IIRC, Rickard married a cousin. There is no crime for Jon to have intimate relations with Arya. The time span will allow for Arya to mature. What's a few years in a novel that covers time measured in thousands of years.
  14. Robert was responsible for bankrupting the kingdom. Jon Arryn is neither so dumb and nor so senile that he would have allowed Littlefinger to empty out Aerys Targaryen's treasury. That can only have been done with Robert's approval. Robert and Jon had to sign off on any massive expenditure. So no, you cannot blame this on Littlefinger. I mean Littlefinger may have embezzled a few coins here and there but the amount of the crown's debt can only mean it was done with Robert's and Jon's knowledge. Robert can only be excused if he spent his whole reign in a coma. He did not. So he has to take the blame for the financial condition of Westeros.
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