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  1. The story will be more interesting if that becomes her permanent social status.
  2. Baby disposal was a part of it but belief in the old gods also drove them to sacrifice humans to the trees.
  3. The reason this was shown to Bran is to educate him on the history of the Starks. It was done to remove any illusions of of having moral superiority. They are no more or no less moral compared to everybody else. The Starks victimized and murdered countless lives during their thousands of years of existence. The religion of the First Men involved brutal human sacrifice. And the Starks probably killed more people than anybody to keep that awful tree alive. It was time for Bran to realize what his family is and bring him to reality. This revelation should remove the caul from his eyes and allow him to see the Starks in a whole new light. Perhaps this will teach him to forgive. His family has done horrible things too. And if the Starks can be forgiven, the other families can too. I am not claiming he would. But now he has the data to make an informed decision. Bran can choose to let hate guide him and follow in the footsteps of Jon and Arya, the way of hate and revenge. But now he at least has a chance to take a more constructive path in order to decide if he wants to break the circle of hate or become a part of it.
  4. @Rosetta Stone The languages are close enough so that an Astapori like Kraznys was able to understand High Valyrian. The Valyrian of the Free Cities would be closer to the original language because it is not mixed in with the old Ghis language.
  5. I don't think so. That is not really true. Sansa's selfish nature betrayed her dad. Cat's blind love for her son triggered a war which killed thousands of innocents. All for one boy to have his justice. Cat was either blind or selfish. Maybe both. Robb Stark gave his oath to an ally whose son died in his service and then shits on that man for something so minor as loving another girl. Jon Snow betrays the Night's Watch and commits an injustice against his own man. Arya is a bloodthirsty multiple murderer. Look deeply and the Starks are not all that likable.
  6. We can agree on that. Dw vs. Lion.
  7. And I will feel badly for you. May even send you a box of chocolates, minus the nougats. But not enough to not want to see that happen friend. Roswell is antiStark.
  8. Anybody whose mother died birthing can be said to be a "child of death." Somebody who was born from a sacrifice is a child of death. A person who was given life in exchange for the death of another is a child of death. Son of Death, if the baby comes out boy. Daughter of Death if a female. It's not complicated. Somebody who was conceived during war time where bloodshed is taking place is a child of death.
  9. Harsh is not necessarily the best way. There is the right level of punishment to fit the crime. Stannis went overboard when he burned his own soldiers. Walder Frey would not be hated by many of the fans if he had killed only Robb Stark for the disgrace the wolfboy inflicted on his family. I agree with everything else. I agree 100% with the highlighted items.
  10. @Nathan Stark Mance is the most insubordinate, most disrespectful man to ever wear the black. Jon gave him a pass after he killed Slynt for a lesser crime. Jon had a choice and he chose poorly. Jon was far from respectful towards his training officers and he was not executed for it. The execution of Janos Slynt was wrong. It happened because Jon was not a good commander. Jon's judgement was affected by his feelings for the men who he was supposed to judge fairly.
  11. You mean Vary is not doing this for his own family? It will make his motivations, if not the means with which he achieves them, moral. The reason why many of the bad things that happen in this story occur is because of people's devotion to their families. Love. It gets in the way of duty. It got in the way of duty in the case of Jon Snow. It caused Jaime to push Bran from the tower. And made Jorah sell people into slavery.
  12. Arya won't make it out of the Riverlands. She is not the threat to Bowen Marsh. The Wildings will have no reason to kill Bowen Marsh but there will be a big falling out between the watch and the wildlings. The wildlings will simply leave and Bowen Marsh will not be able to stop them. He won't try. But he can send a warning to the Boltons. They need to put Wundar down very quickly before he does any more harm. Jon could skinchange the giant and send him after the men.
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