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  1. She's being practical. Do the Starks accept that they lost Winterfell and are they all willing to suck it up? I think not. Do they expect the Baratheons and the Boltons to quietly give up their gains? I think not. It's more practical to prepare for a confrontation and take it by force, because it was taken away by force. Asking won't get you anything. Begging will get you even less.
  2. The Transporter

    Predictions for Rickon?

    This is a rather meaty topic. So Rickon grows up with savages and cannibals. With all of the influences of his life coming from these, the most savage form of the wolf, a wildling girl. Yeah, the kid is gonna be a savage. Direwolves are brutal and that is what this kid is on his way to that. But this raises an important question. Who is worse? Someone who chose to be a brutal murderer, like Arya? Or someone who became that way because it's their childhood. Both are bad. But I have to give the benefit to Rickon because he hasn't killed anybody yet. My opinion, Arya and Jon are the dark Starks.
  3. The Transporter

    Let's congratulate GRRM on his 70th birthday, yay!

    Best wishes to George R.R. Martin.
  4. The Transporter

    Jon a Fusion of Fire Magic and Ice Magic

    Jon is all ice. I don't believe R+L=J, to be honest. We don't even know if there is such a thing as a Great Other. The Red God hasn't bothered to make an appearance either. You know what it sounds like to me? The Great Other, The Red God, and the R+L=J are dreamed up by its followers.
  5. The Transporter

    An evil girl's dark heart

    She's dead on the inside. This is not a tale of things becoming more civilized. The trajectory of the story has so far been heading towards people becoming more primal.
  6. The Transporter

    An evil girl's dark heart

    That doesn't mean good if we are talking about morality. It's a throwback to the very savage ways of the north. Like the time of the human sacrifices.
  7. The Transporter

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    The rogue prince. I would place him above Baelor because he's not above using dirty tricks to win a fight.
  8. The Transporter

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    This. Maybe Pycelle delivered the Targaryen children and Aegon had a mark.
  9. The Transporter

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    You can't speak for this reader. I want Arya to fail in her mission and die in the process of trying to cross people off her Hit List. She is a murderer who covers up what she does and call it justice. There was no justice in the killing of Dareon and the insurance underwriter. Those were murders. The insurance underwriter was murder for personal gain. She wanted to learn the trade of killing and murdered the old man to please her teacher. That is messed up.
  10. The Transporter

    Janos Slynt

    The king can dispossess anybody in a feudal system. Harrenhal was taken from the Slynts. Winterfell was taken from the Starks. Riverun was taken from the Tullys. Tyrion was the acting Hand of the King at the time. Perhaps Slynt could have sent an appeal to Tywin, if he had the time. But after he said the words and took his vows it was too late. Once you take the black you can never go back.
  11. The Transporter

    Send them to the wall

    Daario Theon Black Walder Hizdahr Sandor Belwas Brown Ben Gendry Sandor Marwyn Tyrion Varys Greyworm Pick 3 from these very different men who you think will give the most to the watch. But they have to avoid breaking their oath. So who can keep their vows and give the best service at the wall.
  12. The Transporter

    robert strong will kill Faegon)

    Robert Strong is the giant looming over the Starks in Bran's vision. There is your clue. The giant with thick, black blood. No Starks are within his reach at the present time, but I believe Arya's focus on her list will take her close to Robert Strong. I would put Arya Stark on that list of yours.
  13. The Transporter

    Minor characters you wanna see win and why?

    Missandei, Dany brings her home to the island of Naath. Gerold Darkstar Dayne, He brings down the Sand Snakes and becomes the sword of the morning. Bowen Marsh. He's a loyal man of the watch and did it for the watch. Hosteen Frey. One of the best fighters from that family. Penny. One of the innocents caught between Tyrion and Cersei.
  14. The Transporter

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    I want the following minor characters to lose because . . . . Stannis, because he supports Jon Snow and I don't like Jon. Podrick, snotty kid. Dolorous Edd, he's a dull dude. The Green Grace, because it's time for the Harpy to die and for slavery to end. Nymeria Hodor Mellisandre, because she's a fraud. Tormund, same reason as Stannis.