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  1. "for those who wanted to believe it" Neutral people will need more to buy the slander.
  2. The Transporter

    House Frey: Robb's Offer vs. Tywin's offer

    I would have pinned the Stark host down and sent ravens to Tywin to come finish them off.
  3. The Transporter

    lightbringer is not necessary

    Jon is not Azor Ahai. Dany is. My opinion, Dany should give Jon to the flames. Jon betrayed the N/W so he deserves to get a proper execution just in case Bowen Marsh botched the job. The hour of the wolf is the night at its darkest. Killing the wolves ends the darkness.
  4. Baratheon family record. Including the physical description of the family. The book Jon Arryn was interested in.
  5. The Transporter

    Defiance of Duskendale: Who else could have done it?

    What the Darklyns did is not a great feat. It was an act of madness. Blame it on the foreign wife but Darklyn should have known better.
  6. The Transporter

    Sam in basic training

    Thorne is the drill sergeant with a job to make him fit for duty. Basic competence with weapons is useful for all the men of fighting age. It's a disservice to Samwell to let him graduate without learning the most basic of fighting skills.
  7. The Transporter

    If Dunk was a member of Aerys' kingsguard?

    He would have walked away. A lot of good people will stand by and let bad things happen. Ned knew it was wrong to kill the direwolf and he still did it. He knew it was wrong to send the assassin after the khaleesi. He protested and he resigned but he was not going to do anything to stop it. Stannis let the maester who served his family for years die at the hands of Mellisandre.
  8. My point being you need more than one album to serve as the evidence. Testimony plus album is better. Testimony plus album plus admission is enough.
  9. The Transporter

    The Five Forts

    1) The Targaryen ancestors. They had advanced warning. I would say longer than the 12 years they got for the doom because the forts took long to build. 2) ? White Walkers ?
  10. Gosh, an admission from Jaime and Cersei would do very nicely. Many witnesses who saw J & C in the act. An album alone is not enough.
  11. The Transporter

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Depends on what Roose Bolton will offer these men. A patch of land in the north, which is his right to grant, will win many over to his side. He should divvy up some of the Stark lands to those willing to give up Stannis' family to him. I will even go so far as to say Northern support for the Boltons will improve after everybody learns of the brokered marriage between Lady Karstark and the wildling. The presence of the wildlings on their side of the wall will cause concern among the landowning nobles and their smallfolk and that will sway them towards Roose Bolton.
  12. To question the fidelity of the reigning queen is serious business. Eddard and Stan will need better proof than a Baratheon family album. The best that Stannis can do is cast doubt.
  13. Essos will do better than recover. Essos will thrive without slavery. Slavery provides the privileged few with forced free labor. Take away slavery and they will have to pay wages. The ones who resist and try to bring slavery will die. The ones who accept the right way and adapt the new moral way will make less profit but they can rest easy knowing they are doing the right thing and are no longer living in sin. What will really happen is a more fair and equitable distribution of wealth. Wealth won't disappear, it will just be distributed to those who are actually doing the work. The economy will grow because more people will have money to spend. The Iron Bank will profit because there will be more people with income to deposit. Think about it. Slavery is bad economy. An economy where there are five slaves to every master is very, very bad. Downright oppressive. That means only a small percentage of the population has income. The rest are property. Think of the human misery in that economy. Stopping the slave trade will unlock the wealth tied up in the hands of the masters' families and allow these cities to progress. The slaving cities are crumbling because there is little incentive to innovate. The slave-owning families hold all of the wealth and the power. Getting rid of these slaving families by any means necessary will take away the choke hold that they have on the majority and allow the talents that have been locked in shackles to come out. In the long run, there will be the equivalent of the Renaissance after Dany rescues the slaves and gets rid of the slave masters. Many more fishermen, farmers, shop keepers, craftsmen working for themselves and earning income for themselves will result in economic progress and a better quality of life for most people in the long term.
  14. The Transporter

    The Trial of Roose Bolton

    What a waste of a good roast! Damn that savage! Roose's guilt can't be proven. The most people can do, look back at his tactics and how he kept his own men safe. That will raise a cloud of suspicion but it is not proof of his treachery. Besides, influential people like Barbrey Dustin will side with him. The RW was not only Frey and Bolton vs. Starks. There were men from other houses who took part against the Starks. The motivation is not going to be there to punish them for something that happened during a rebellion.
  15. The Transporter

    The Trial of Roose Bolton

    My opinion on what happened 17-18 years ago is this. Aerys was right to call for Robert's head because he was part of Rickard Stark's plans to remove the Targaryens from power. It doesn't seem like Ned to plot against his king but he may have known and was conflicted about it. In that case, he would be an accomplice because he knew and kept it secret. All this depend on whether you believe Rickard was guilty of plotting against Aerys. I think he was.