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  1. The Transporter

    At which point did Walder know that Roose was involved in treachery?

    Roose would not reveal something like that to Walder Frey until after Robb betrayed the Freys. Roose found an ally after the Freys left the battlefield when they heard of Robb's marriage to Jeyne.
  2. The Transporter

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    It's not about liking Janos Slynt. It's about criticizing Jon's killing of Janos Slynt. Jon was wrong. Jon wanted Slynt's blood. Jon made it personal and that's where all justice went out the window.
  3. The Transporter

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    You know Bowen Marsh is not a bad man. He had every reason to kill the lunatic Lord Commander before more harm is done. Slynt is not a nice man but even he deserved justice. He was set up by Jon so he can be murdered. Jon is the one who is wrong in this discussion. I get what you're saying but I cannot agree. Insubordination is a punishable offense but killing Slynt is way too harsh. Jon was emotional and wanted Slynt's blood. Jon misused his authority to get back at a Stark enemy. A day or two later and Jon basically gives Mance a pass. Mance isn't just guilty of insubordination. That man is guilty of oath breaking, desertion, and attacking the watch with his wildlings. Mance is still legally a brother of the night's watch and subject to its laws. Killing Slynt and then turning around to let Mance get away with his crimes is double-standard.
  4. The Transporter

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Correct. It was revenge for the execution of Ned Stark at the hands of the Lannisters. Slynt supported the Lannisters and that made him the enemy in Jon's prejudiced heart. There was no justice done in that execution. Slynt was set up. You could tell Jon wanted to kill him.
  5. "for those who wanted to believe it" Neutral people will need more to buy the slander.
  6. The Transporter

    House Frey: Robb's Offer vs. Tywin's offer

    I would have pinned the Stark host down and sent ravens to Tywin to come finish them off.
  7. The Transporter

    lightbringer is not necessary

    Jon is not Azor Ahai. Dany is. My opinion, Dany should give Jon to the flames. Jon betrayed the N/W so he deserves to get a proper execution just in case Bowen Marsh botched the job. The hour of the wolf is the night at its darkest. Killing the wolves ends the darkness.
  8. Baratheon family record. Including the physical description of the family. The book Jon Arryn was interested in.
  9. The Transporter

    Defiance of Duskendale: Who else could have done it?

    What the Darklyns did is not a great feat. It was an act of madness. Blame it on the foreign wife but Darklyn should have known better.
  10. The Transporter

    Sam in basic training

    Thorne is the drill sergeant with a job to make him fit for duty. Basic competence with weapons is useful for all the men of fighting age. It's a disservice to Samwell to let him graduate without learning the most basic of fighting skills.
  11. The Transporter

    If Dunk was a member of Aerys' kingsguard?

    He would have walked away. A lot of good people will stand by and let bad things happen. Ned knew it was wrong to kill the direwolf and he still did it. He knew it was wrong to send the assassin after the khaleesi. He protested and he resigned but he was not going to do anything to stop it. Stannis let the maester who served his family for years die at the hands of Mellisandre.
  12. My point being you need more than one album to serve as the evidence. Testimony plus album is better. Testimony plus album plus admission is enough.
  13. The Transporter

    The Five Forts

    1) The Targaryen ancestors. They had advanced warning. I would say longer than the 12 years they got for the doom because the forts took long to build. 2) ? White Walkers ?
  14. Gosh, an admission from Jaime and Cersei would do very nicely. Many witnesses who saw J & C in the act. An album alone is not enough.
  15. The Transporter

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Depends on what Roose Bolton will offer these men. A patch of land in the north, which is his right to grant, will win many over to his side. He should divvy up some of the Stark lands to those willing to give up Stannis' family to him. I will even go so far as to say Northern support for the Boltons will improve after everybody learns of the brokered marriage between Lady Karstark and the wildling. The presence of the wildlings on their side of the wall will cause concern among the landowning nobles and their smallfolk and that will sway them towards Roose Bolton.