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  1. DanïelNorth

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    GRRM already said it would be a bittersweet ending. So i'm pretty sure one of our main heroes is going to die, either Jon or Daenarys.
  2. DanïelNorth

    Jon Snow, King of the north and Vale

    Aye, Robin won't complain about it now that Sansa is safe again. She might even convince him to swear fealty to Jon.
  3. DanïelNorth

    Jon Snow, King of the north and Vale

    I don't think Bran wants Winterfell, he knows his purpose is to use his greenseeing abilities to aid in the War for the Dawn. He'll probably wants Jon to unite the realm against the WW and reveal his parentage. Though they will need some real evidence first for that to happen.
  4. I just assume they use the same excuse as GRRM himself. Events which happen in different chapters which are in the same book don't necessarily happen close to each other in the timeline. The same goes for scenes in the episodes and the episodes themselves. It doesnt bother me when I think of it like that. This episode, The Trail, The Frey Pie, The Reveal all sum up to be the best finale of the show, and possible of Television history. 10/10
  5. DanïelNorth

    How rich are the Starks pre series

    True, but as we know from Tywin's laws during the Aerys period, the big harbour cities have the most income through trade. So pure customs, the highest income would be for the Graftons of Gulltown, Hightowers of Oldtown, The cadet branch of the lannisters in Lannisport and ofcourse the Manderlys of White Harbor. However, all these houses have to pay taxes to their liege lord. And so while their wealth may be vast compared to other minor houses they are still less wealthy then their overlord. Gulltown is slightly bigger then white harbor, so I bet they have more customs income. The thing I wonder about is how wealthy the families controlling the harbour cities are compared to the Great Houses. I might think the hightowers are more wealthy then the Starks and the Arryns.
  6. DanïelNorth

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Did everyone forget Season 1? Wights were already raised from the death south of the wall to try and kill Jeor Mormont. I don't know if the mark will be the final straw for the fall of the wall. I still think they need the blood of a Stark to tear it down. Since it was the first Stark who built it. Maybe they will finally capture Benjen when he tries to bring Bran south of the Wall. Anyhow, great episode, shed a tear or two at both Hodor's demise and Jorah leaving Dany. Though the first one was the most tragic.
  7. DanïelNorth

    W:TW Information Collection

    Nope, still in development. Rumors are it will be released in 2015 and a few Gb's big,