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  1. Velaryons look terrible. I don't know what was going on with Daemon either. In some episodes looked okay in others just bleh...the last couple of episode looked fine.
  2. Also, can we have Aemond without the eyepatch in S2? He doesn't need it. That artificial eye looked awesome.
  3. I hope we're having better wigs season 2. lol
  4. The time jump also doesn't help because we don't know how the relationship between these children instead of improving, at least try to, got worse. But it is clear that when we see them as young adults there is no affection. Things are irreparably bad.
  5. You know what? It's going to be goddamn difficult for me to watch the Dragons get killed, one after another. I don't know what that says about me, but there you go. lol
  6. Yeah, I did thought about that too. It kinda negate what he said previously. It doesn't mean that Aemond wasn't still bitter about it. But I thought he was right back then (an eye for a Dragon.) and his action now makes what he said previously less powerful and convincing.
  7. That's the way I understood that scene and I agree with his arguments too. And, yes, how he reacts after is something I'm more interested.
  8. I thought so too. But in either case, I wasn't convinced by that argument. This was not just a case of who's envoy was going to be there first. Yes, there is urgency, but the main thing is how good you are with making your case, and what do you have to offer. Besides, it's always better to be in person, even if it's just to remind them of their oath.
  9. I can't stand stans. Period. I have my favorites but they don't have to be saints, or even "good" people necessarily. Me neither. But that's Daemon being an ass for you. lol Seriously though, rather than him being a jerk I see that as being emotionally immature, and dare I say weakness. His attitude seems to be more of a defense mechanism of a sort. Daemon may be strong when it comes to fighting, but he doesn't have an inner strength. When something bad happens, his first reaction is lash out, or do something about it in a practical way. He reacts on his emotions, rather than reflect on what those emotions are and what's the best way to deal with them. I envy you. I don't ride but I love horses. Such a noble creatures.
  10. The way I saw is that yes, he did seem to want Luke's eye, by challenging him on the ground. Once he didn't get that (really, he should've known better than to ask for that kind of challenge in someone else's house) he decided to chase Luke and scare the hell out of him. Wanting Luke's eye and wanting him dead are different things.
  11. Yes, exactly. But that's why his hate towards Rhaenyra was suspicious to me. I mean, if I reject someone's advances I'm not angry towards them. Least of all butthurt. If anything, is the other way around. Unless, of course, he think she's bad and would make for a bad queen. I'm not crazy about book Cole either. But I do agree that show Cole is pathetic. I think they have done a poor job with him. Also, as someone mentioned a couple of days ago, it doesn't help that he hasn't changed one bit. He comes off as a sulking pretty boy with a very unpleasant personality.
  12. Yeah, I think people did have a vague idea about that, so this isn't totally out of the blue. But I do think they are doing a much better job with the Dragons in this show. In GOT, except for Drogon, the other two were just there as extras.
  13. Okay, yeah, that's how I remembered it. Both makes sense to me. But I always felt a bit suspicious in regards to his animosity towards Rhaenyra. As I said though, he could genuinely have a low opinion about her.
  14. I'm still waiting for Rhaenyra's reply to Otto. So, I'm hoping it will start with: "Tell my half-brother I will have my throne or his head."
  15. Is that a clear thing? I'm asking because I really don't remember. But I always had the feeling that Rhaenyra might've rejected him, at some point, because he's very much set against her and it feels too much butthurt going on with him. It could be that he genuinely did thought that she was a terrible choice as a Queen though.
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