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  1. Well, the City game and Liverpool game respectively basically was this title race in a nutshell. City dominate the game, but fail to put away their chances. From what I saw, they could or should've scored three or more. And on the other side of the pitch, they conceded from one of the two good opportunities they offered Southampton. Liverpool were hardly brilliant, but they were just ruthless when it came to convert on the few good chances they created.
  2. We all do the weirdest shit when we're high. I just assume it was something along the lines Dude that rocket. Whoa, it's so cool. It's going to space. You just wrote he, without defining it prior. So it was not clear whether he in your sentence referred to Beavis or Butthead. Thankfully Jaxom cleared up the confusion. They should just name themselves the Cleveland Sheens. Shows the amazing skills of Charlie Sheen, that he even managed to make a movie about Baseball somewhat entertaining.
  3. They merely applied good British common sense, and decided to vote for sane and responsible people to run their part of the country.
  4. Check their youtube chan. There's also a bunch of, voted Trump, but not again. I picked the onesI chose, because of their wider Goodbye GOP mood. But if you want the former Trump voters. There you go.
  5. Can't say I regret seeing Lazio lose. From all the clubs with racists biggots in their fan scene, Lazio are by far the worst. So fuck Lazio, and oh, yeah, also fuck di Canio, while we are at it.
  6. Not sure whether I mentioned it in this or in the last thread. But some of those RVAT vids on youtube are fun. I have obviously no idea how representative those are, but if they are a reflection of what is happening right now with GOP voters, then the Orange one is pretty much a goner, and arguably quite a few of the enablers might find themselves in trouble. To spare you the trouble I selected a few for my highlight reel. Fortunately those vids are not that long. Like I said, sorta guilty pleasure binge watch potential for me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  7. Yes, somewhat convoluted thread title. Wanted to include the age of apocalypse thing, and somewhat ended up with that. Sorry. Going back to the old thread. @BigFatCoward the fee for Sane doesnt strike me as outrageously low. You have to factor in a few things. First, the obvious uncertain financial situation of all clubs. So no club in their right mind would pay 100m now. Sane was also entering the final year of his contract, and he made clear that he wanted to leave. So he was an item for a buyers market. Then City also has this pesky possible FFP ban pending over them. So they possibly were quite happy to dump some wages and take in a fee. In other news, Thiago apparently wants to leave Bayern. Rumor has Liverpool as his destination. Fantastic player, but I don't see how a playmaker fits into their system.
  8. Are you suggesting I should've phrased it more accurately with refusal to vote for impeachment in the house (with the exception of Amash) with the Democrat majority, and then their absolute refusal to convict in the senate (with the exception of Romney), despite pretty strong evidence. Yes, it was a bit sloppily worded, however, I was more looking at the senators refusal to convict. I mean in Germany post 1945, we all know, that every German family was secretly part of the resistance and had kept at least one Jew hidden from the Nazis in their cellar (yes, I put that one in for Tywin), so I am curious how many Mexicans found refuge at Lindsey Graham's home - other than his cleaning lady.
  9. I am more curious how they think they can distance themselves from their orange Albatross. They have stood idly by and supported the most outrageous shit, and shielded him from taking any responsibility. Their no-impeachment vote really should have sealed their fate in that regard. I know the average voter is stupid, but surely not that stupid. Lil' Paul Ryan will be back, and try to position himself as the principled conservative who did not run for reelection because of Trump. Which is of course a pathetic and ludicrous sales pitch (if he had any principles, he would've disavowed Trump in 2016 at several points), but he will swear a holy oath on Atlas Shrugged if need be.
  10. Normal 5-10% drop by each player after they secured the league and ahve nothing left to play for I guess. However, I don't think they were quite as bad as the score line suggests. City are the better team (they always were imho), and they did what Liverpool excelled at this season, and where City have struggled: They were just ruthless with the chances they had been offered. So all in all a very bad night at the office for Liverpool.
  11. HUm, the account is gone. A pity, I was really curious how this tale went on. It was quite entertaining.
  12. It's not like Liverpool has played poorly. They were pretty much in the game before the second. Salah hit the post shortly before Liverpool conceded the penalty. And just moments before the second, Ederson was a bit lucky with that ball just outside the box. The 2-0 feels a bit like it pulled the plug. And it's 3-0 now. Looks like City about to make a statement, about the league title being in Liverpool is a one-off, they will reclaim it next season.
  13. Shout out to the people, that felt the slow incremental change under Obama was not enough, and sat out 2016!
  14. For a moment I was wondering whether it was St. Totteringham's Day, which would be odd given how poor Arsenal are.
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