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  1. Oh man rips, this is just sad to read. Your entire argument is just morally wrong and plain bad. - Your negotiated peace means a Ukrainian surrender, with them accepting Russia's annexation of their territories. - It means everybody should accept one state redrawing map and moving its borders as it sees fit. - It presumes that a bad faith actor, who has thus far violated every agreement and actually started that war of aggression will be acting in good faith this time. - you deny Ukraine agency, you dismiss their war for survival as independent state as some sort of Western plot to bleed Russia dry. I really do not need to tell you how messed up this position is, and how this is a very imperalistic take on it. You treat Ukraine (and its territory) as some sorta of buffer or negotiation mass, that can be cut and sliced as needed to (temporarily) pacify Russia. You are smarter and way better than this.
  2. No country for Old Jen. Documentary about the problem for actresses past age 40 to get roles in major Hollywood productions. Featuring the Jennifers Aniston, Garner, Tilly, and Love Hewitt. I probably have forgotten a few Jennifers. To make up for it some music .
  3. This is about Starmer/Labour trying to stop Corbyn from running as a Labour candidate? Corbyn is sitting as an independent MP after his expulsion from Labour (parliamentary group), so him running as Labour candidate, to be (probably) seated as an indepedent again just looks absurd.
  4. Nope, Russia still deploying his army on Ukrainian soil makes that war perpetual. Russia withdraws it troops, we have peace.
  5. Little Red Riding Wood Porn (I wouldn't be surprised, if that one actually exists tbh)
  6. It's America, you communist heathen. The second amendment guarantees you the easy access to a firearm and as many schools as you can reach, before the police shoots you down. Or just before the police shoots you down, if you are black. That's freedom, god bless America, thought and prayers and so on and so forth. Just wanted to save you the trouble of watching the news and waiting for legislative action for the next couple of weeks, and decided to provide you with a condensed version of the debate. It feels kinda repetitive. But that's the gun debate in America for you.
  7. Long story short, you are getting old. Ok, that remark will make you probably more grumpy tomorrow. Ah, you know where this is going...
  8. Meanwhile the first German Leopard II tanks have arrived in Ukraine.
  9. Meanwhile in Florida. Yes, they are apparently hellbent on doing a real live version of an old Simpsons episode.
  10. Ok, let's start with the documentary serials. Iron Ran A team accomapnies him training for the Ironman on Hawaii. Spider Ran This is about his new hobby, exotic spiders. Ant Ran similar concept Aqua Ran (my personal favorite if I may say so) showing his efforts in water conservation and cleaning the oceans. Guest Star Greta. Rain Ran Another enviromentally themed docu. Star Ran mini-series. Him sitting down with Astrologer and Astrologists to discuss the importance and meaning of stars. (Original host was supposed ot be Jerry Springer tbh). Watching Neil deGrasse Tyson throwing a chair at a fortune teller is prime time material.
  11. For 1% of his wage demands, you could hire a junior Doctor in the UK. But none of them did I am Celebrity get me out of here. Tough call if you ask me.
  12. This you called Fox a pedo and adjacent discussions about cancelling Roseanne fucking Barr is still ongoing? If Boris Johnson had employed Lawrence fucking Fox as a dead cat during partygate he'd still be PM.
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