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  1. Pardon, but I disagree with your assessment of her. Correct me if I am wrong. But she was in favour of Dubya's Iraq adventure, and she supports the idea of pre-emptive wars. So how is she an upgrade, ideologically speaking?
  2. Please no. Not Flournoy. They might as well offer that position to Bolton (or any other hawkish Republican), for all the difference it makes.
  3. The candidates had to be concluded in some shape or form. We still need a challenger for Carlsen, and the tournament is too far prgoressed to just cancel it altogether. It's not ideal with the break, as it killed a lot of the momentum in that tournament, but rarely anything is ideal these days. Small anecdote on the amateur level leagues (600-800 elo points (depending on the board) below Carlsen). Our final league games were scheduled to take place in April before our federation pulled the plug. The outstanding games will now (presumably) be played at the end of March. On a personal note, I wouldn't have been too sad, if the season in its entirety had been scrapped (it was a bad season for me personal and arguably more importantly for my team as a whole, and we are probably getting relegated). But maybe I can at least salvage a bit from the season on account of my personal result and rating now. Anyway, a few other clubs (primarily in the leagues below) with a more elderly player base, had way more games outstanding, and there were more than one club to ahve voiced concerns that their players wouldn't be willing to sit 4-5 hours in an unventilated room for their hobby.
  4. Imperfect vessel and judicial appointments. He delivered the goods for them, and remember the walking ghost of pilgrim father, who suffocated on a turkey bone on the first thanksgiving, Mike Pence, is not just a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order. He basically, is a homophobe, and a mysoginist, who uses his bible to beat minorities with it. In that order. So he is one of those. Anyway, they wanted those SCOTUS seats, and they got drunk frat boy, and Serena Joy.
  5. Your point being? Remember this is about toxic masculinity, and alpha maleness. So Trump banging a playboy model, and a porn star, while his trophy wife is pregnant is living the dream. I don't think Graham banging rent boys (pardon my language here) has the same sway.
  6. Well, we can get into the disucssion about wages and distributing wealth, in relation to the benefit for society. I have yet to see somebody claiming Investment Bankers, or Hedgefund managers are essential workers.
  7. Ah, Ted Cruz, what could be said about him, that hasn't been said... I'll give it a try. Republican Corey Booker. On paper he looks great, ok, Booker, is also not bad looking in person. But what I mean is, it all feels fake. While some Democrats on this board, mentioned that, I guess that's what Republican feel about Ted Cruz, and he even has that face to go with it. So no, he definately couldn't lead them. Graham? Not really charismatic either, but he tries hard. Of course, his sexual orientation might be a disadvantage for the die hard wing nuts on the right, which leaves them wondering, when Lindsay gets on stage on threatens to do the Charleston with Joe Biden (or any other Democrat) whether he means to get physical with him, or whether he means to get physical with him. Cotton? Lacks basic intelligence. Pence? Maybe, but nobody has bothered to tackle him as hard he deserved. But given the media's inability to basically fact check on his lies. He could. Personally I find his Jesus gig to be a political turn off, but I am not part of the Republican base. Media personlities: Carlson comes to mind. But whether he actually want to stick his neck out instead of hackling from sidelines, that is open for discussion. Vince McMahon, maybe? Checks quite a few of the boxes that base seems to like. I'd rather look at Governors. Maybe DeSantis? As for the Trump brood. Isn't Ivanka facing legal problems in NY (what she calls harassment)?
  8. Trust is a very pricey commodity. Hard to gain, easy to lose. The rational of the European leaders (and rightly so) is, the US went off the rails by electing that unqualified isolationist windbag, so what's stopping them from electing another one in four years? So of course there's a need for the EU to step up their collective military capabilities. It was bound to do that anyway at some point, if it wants to be considered Global Power that is a counterweight to the US. Part of it, also includes being able to deal with problems in its own backyard. The common European army outside the UK would've always vetoed, Macron had proposed after the Brexit vote. The US were disengaging from the global stage under Obama (Dubya's Iraq adventures might have had something to do with that). And it was Obama who made the European countries commit to higher defense spending. The target of 2% of the GDP in Germany, which the orange one kept on banging on about in a very silly, obnoxious and annoying way. But he was not wrong on substance. Germany had committed to that. While military spending is obviously not really a fetish of mine, I can see the necessity. So I am not that surprised the UK has decided to renew/upgrade theri equipment as well.
  9. I am always going for the most obvious explnation first. The shit inside Rudy's was overflowing, as the natural sewage (aka Rudy's mouth) could not keep up with the constant stream of shit being produce inside his head.
  10. I agree with Guardiola's possession based football arguably not being the best fit (altho the Spanish team built around that Barca backbone from 2008-2012 might disagree). Klopp football might be a better fit with some minor tweaks. His defensive line might have to drop a bit deeper. Otherwise the German team even has the kinda players Klopp would need. The front three Gnabry, Sané, Werner looks potent enough and has enough pace for Klopp football - ofc the back ups are not quite as good. Fullbacks are bit more of an issue, I'd wager Max and Kimmich would also be productive enough. Ballplaying keeper. Ter Stegen is eagerly awaiting for Neuer to retire. That is also good enough. Süle (despite the Spain game) is also a top tier centreback. Not quite van Dijk's level, but also more than sufficient. In midfield he could built around (a somewhat injury prone) Goretzka (assuming Kroos will also call it quits after the Euros). So the raw quality to be a very good site and to play Klopp football is there with that nucleus of players.
  11. While I also don'T consider it likely (mainly because it's absolutely bonkers). But your reasoning has some flaws. Trump is not really someone for subtle distinction, or any distinctions for that matter. I am genuinely not sure, whether he could tell the difference between his personal Lawyer and the AG office, so him saying RNC instead of Justice department, I wouldn't put it past him. Barr has turned the Justice Department into some sorta presidential pro bono law firm. Ok, not really pro bono, as the American tax payer picks up the Bill.
  12. 1. Very likely not happening. Altho the pressure is increasing. But he will be given a chance at the Euros. The question is, whether he will be backing down and recall at least one of Boateng, Hummels or Müller. It looks like that team desperately needs another quality CB to play alongside Süle. Given the current form Boateng might be the best bet (who would've thought that 2 years ago?). Who knows, maybe Yogi will win the Euros by a lot. 2. Klopp seems rather happy with life at Liverpool and is also earning quite a bit of money there. So also not particularly likely. If I were to pick the successor now: Kuntz. Points 3 and 4 are thus rendered irrelevant. Same with the silly Nations League. It's a nice (and needed) payday for the smaller FAs. DFB, English FA, KNVB, RFEF, FFF could happily live without it.
  13. To get back into the Corbyn debate. Starmer wouldn't just ahve upset the Jewish community. He would've lost credibility wrt his efforts to tackle anti-semitism and he would have looked weak as a party leader. The NEC had put Starmer in an impossible position. They should've never let Corbyn back in at that moment. The stupid old geezer just had one job when the HERC report came out. Accept the finding, apologize and say that he felt sorry for the pain he may have caused with his handling of anti-semitism in Labour, and that he underestimated the size and gravity of the problem. Then everybody could've moved on. But no, that senile charlatan had to make it about himself, and claim it was overblown and used as a weapon against his leadership.
  14. Meanwhile, Sweden (who initially went with the herd immunity shenanigans) are being hit as hard by the second wave as anybody else. Not sure if that has been mentioned before. I wonder where our deranged reborn Northman went.
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