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  1. Pretty much that would also be my guess. Bunch of DUI might raise a few red flags in terms of how likely you are to pay up. So in short, dumping that fisherman after your hit and run in the late 1990s was the right call. And yes, I still know what you did that last summer.
  2. With Doctors, that is pretty much a given (same with researchers). Point was really about the nursing staff.
  3. Not just the US tho. Reading Zorral's post I had to think of a news segment I watched about a year ago. Germany is also facing nurse shortages. A demanding job, which is not too well paid, with shitty work hours (basically an essential worker) is somehow not that appealing for many. Germany's solution, find nurses elsewhere, and create shortages there. And no, not just Eastern Europe, as you might suspect. Also from the Americas. The segment portrayed a nurse from Mexico. Quick google search shows, there are actual agencies, that specialize on nursing personal from the Americas (Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia). So the idea, that the US health system hires trained nurses and let Mexico pay (for realz this time) for the training, did not strike me as particularly outlandish. On that note. Jace, if you ever grow tired of your racist, primarily white country and you want to get to know another, racist, even whtier country....
  4. You do what every rich country does. You poach nurses from poorer countries and let them deal with nursing shortages. And now you don't even to find a way how to get them passed a wall.
  5. And as predicted. Schalke sacked Gross, their third permanent manager this season. And while they are at it, they also sacked four more guys. Schneider (DoF) whose contract was up at the end of the season anyway. So parting with him was not surprising. Riether (team manager), who was busy trying to calm things down before their 5-1 defeat to Stuttgart, with players rumoredly asking for Gross to be sacked before the Stuttgart game. Leuthard (Fittness coach) and Windmayer (assistant manager) are also no longer with the struggling Bundesliga giant. Watching that club fall apart is sorta guilty pleasure for most football fans in Germany.
  6. Well, they sent Leo to play in the Championship. Should've given him a shot. I know he is a defender. Just wanted to give him a shout out.
  7. Update: Lewandowski with his 28th goal of the season now. Dortmund finally managed to break down Bielefeld. Schalke being generous with set pieces on the other side of the pitch, too. Missed penalty kick. I am inclined to believe that Schalke will part ways with their third (fourth if you include Stevens's games as caretaker) manager this season. It's quite a show. They started with Wagner, who was unable to turn fortunes around and end his draught. Then they went for Baum who didn't last three months, and was also unable to record a win in his ten Bundesliga games. Then Stevens went out of retirement to fill in for a few games, before they recruited Gross, who had also retired at that point. He managed to win a league game, which is sorta an improvement. But one win in three months is obviously not enough. So let's see, who will have the honour to see out their relegation season.
  8. Meanwhile in the Bunedsliga. Schalke continues it's farewell tour. They managed to concede the same goal twice against Stuttgart. It's one thing being bad, but then also being unable to defend set pieces (corners in this case) on top of that, that just gets you into relegation trouble by force. Bayern do their thing against Köln. Which was to be expected to be fair. Choupo-Moting got one of his few starts (deployed out wide) and scored. And Lewandowski scored his 27th goal of the season and is thus still on course to break Gerd Müller's old record of 40 goals in a single season (1971/72).
  9. On a related note. Can we put the notion that the bald fraud had been found out to rest now?
  10. You're confusing him with Nazi Germany (going back to saving private Damon), Leo surrendered because the French were coming. That's also the difference. Personally, I think the German Sheperd's ancestor, the Hovawart, meets those specifications, too, and is imho the cooler breed. On the other hand, Hovies are somewhat less eager to please and a bit more of a challenge to train properly. But that's my personal opinion.
  11. Milner's not supposed to play every game at this stage of his career anyway. His main role is to provide cover for various positions and sheperding young players into the team. So it wouldn't surprise me, if he goes into coaching next season.
  12. That's usually the sign of responsible breeders. They talk to potential owners, and ask about experience with the breed (and dogs in general), and then help pick a dog pup from the litter (who seems to have the right temperament/energy). And they don't part with the pups before the reached a certain age (3 months being earliest if I am not mistaken). I assume your friend was satisfied with her purchase.
  13. Ox is usually a safe bet (or is he currently injured). Otherwise I'd put a virtual fiver on Mane, maybe TAA.
  14. Weird. Since 10k did sound ludicrously excessive even for a purebreed, I decided to check what's the price range here. Pups from certified breeders with papers and shizzle cost range between 800-2.000 €. Ofc. you could probably get them cheaper from some dubious breeders from Eastern Europe with a big chance of buying a dog with serious health issues (or a terminal ill one). So you think they should have let him stay on Mars? But failed to catch Leonardo di Caprio.
  15. Stonehenge: I came for the history, I stayed for the orgies. Guerilla marketing for tourist traps in the times of corona. But as a potential customer, and I can't stress this enough, you should really keep Boris out of the sex.
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