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  1. Very likely not true. Russian police has been very quick to disperse protesters. 20 people show up to protest in Moscow, first arrests are made. Tough to gather a significant mass for protest this way.
  2. In the unlikely scenario/crackpot theory world. Putin announces the results of the referendum and the occupied territories reject to be part of Russia. Thus he has built himself an offramp and he can pull out without losing too much face. Ofc, that amount of 4d chess seems to be beyond the Russian political apparatus. But still an amusing thought.
  3. Uff. This is tough to watch. And when BFC said, that they are having trouble recruiting qualified people. Those Colorado cops most certainly are dumb, even by US police standard.
  4. So who wants to open the next thread? Probably the last one before that inexplainable black hole in the league's calendar.
  5. Pro Tip. Cooking is sorta art, means you have a bit more freedom with the receipe and ingredients (a bit more or less doesn't spoil anything), and how you use and prepare them. Means you can be a bit sloppy with the execution and still more or less get the dish you wanted to make. Baking in contrast is more of science. You really, really should stick to the receipe rather slavishly. You rarely can fix any screw ups.
  6. I didn't say you did vote. Just wanted to rip a bit on America's Nursery Home turned state. Anyway... Long post short, even Canadians do no longer want get caught dead in Florida. So there virtually no point for the ongoing existence of that state. How bad must a place be, that Canadians, North America's social workers basically (), give upon it.
  7. Les Papillons Noirs (Black Butterflies) TV show (mini series; six episodes). Coproduction between Arte and Netflix. Dark but pretty enjoyable. And I mean proper dark.
  8. Hum, know. I acknowledge, that whoever wins the World Cup is the reigning Wolrd Champion. I mean, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was after the annexation of Crimea and France are the reigning Champions. I will not watch the games, but I will acknowledge the results. Otherwise I will be torn between moaning about the season being disrupted, and being glad the season being disrupted giving us the chance to add 1-2 needed players for the offense. Preferably Max after he gets released by Wolfsburg.
  9. Yeah, but you know the German tourist industry is advertising with: Germany - We know our past, but at least we are not Florida.
  10. You wouldn't dare to disagree in Russian class room. Russia can help you with backgroound paper, too. Or ask Wagenknecht for the right (his-)tory. His being Putin's.
  11. Louise Fletcher has passed away. Probably best known as either Nurse Ratched or as Kai Winn.
  12. Who gives a damn about Florida? It's sorta the Elephant's Graveyard for Canadians. Primarily elder Canadians, who grew tired of being polite (or Canadian) go there to pack it in and perish. So if likesay Birdy one day says she wants to fly down to Florida, your reaction shouldn't be to wish her a great vacation, Oh no! You should run into the next church (or religious building of your choice) and light a candle (or whatever your faith demands) and start praying for her.
  13. On behalf of the equine community, I object to the chopping up part. Quartering is the way to go. I think your equine faced cousins from that Island west to Europe used that as punishment for treason in more civilized times. You can easily find four capable and willing horses to aid you in the procedure. But as you should've realized by now, there's no justice to be head, thus he will face no criminal consequences. The best you can hope for are the civil cases. Shout out to AG James in New York, who is displaying an almost horse like impeccable sense of justice.
  14. I am taking way too much pleasure out of 45's legal troubles. He won't end up in jail, but it's fun while it lasts.
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