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  1. Sadly, it doesn't mean he's wrong, tho. Look at United and their admirably and principled stance to get rid of the Glazers. They bought a bunch of shiny toys during their shopping trips, and the fans were pacified. There aren't any large scale protest over UAE and human rights abuses there, neither are there large scale protests over those issues among PSG fans over their Qatari overlords. The only time they get criticized it's over financial foulplay. Financial Fair Play is pretty much dead, just that UEFA is not willing to admit it. As for the reforms, about making a rule of not spending more than 60% of the revenue on wages. Big deal. To quote an unofficial from YB Bern. 60% of infinite money, is still infinite. So that's not really stopping Qatar or the Emirates (or now Saudi Arabia) from splashing cash on their image campaign toys.
  2. You and @maarsen are so lazy. If you want to make that joke, you can have so much more fun with it. Ofc, you'd need be sorta a jerk to go down the road, so let me show you how it is done (I am so going to hell for this one). It's a westerosi forum, and you can weave in an enviromental message theme if you want. Lady Chataya couldn't help to think, when she became the Flower of House Limpwood, and how much the her beloved forests had changed since she was a young girl. Back then, there was hardwood as far far as the eye could see, but that had changed, too. Guards would form a guard of honour with their spears, but the failure to regrow the thinning hardwood means, there hadn't been any new spears produced in a while, leaving her wondering, if she'd ever the see the hardwood she grew so fond of in during her youth, again. TBC. Ah, I see there was a happy ending for Lady Chataya afterall. So, I guess this wasn'T quite the cuationary tale about being mindful of not overusing regrowing resources, I had it intended it to be.
  3. Can we just agree that the sole reason(s) to own a white persian cat is a deep desire to kill James Bond and to seek world domination. In that order.
  4. So Chelski lucked out, with the bee's penalty shout turned down and Mendy making a few more saves than expected.
  5. Picked up a 10kg bag of potatoes on monday. So something with potatoes. Tomorrow something with potatoes. The day after tomorrow something with potatoes. The day after, something potatoes. The day after, you get the idea. Why do I keep doing this to myself, apart from the fact, that it was too cheap to pass by.
  6. Then I would have brought up that one of them has your credit card number. But on the bright side, now you know why the online super market delivers the groceries to the trash cans, instead of the front door. #raccoon.mysteries #nationalgeographic
  7. Nah, too early for CR9 to take the wheel. Next stop, Giggs. Maybe he can ask Ronaldo for legal advice. So it has to be Ryan at the wheel. Spirit of '99 plus class of '92, c'mon you can't compete with that.
  8. Well, the best news is, there are apparently just a handful of players, who refused to get vaccinated. Of course, that was probably in no small part down to Canadian health policies making life difficult for players on US teams, who would've lost quite a bit of their salary if they were inelligible due to their refusal to vaxxed.
  9. You assume the Republicans in question mean a constitutional monarchy, not an absolute one?
  10. We are living simpler times. In the past soylent had to pick between Firmino and Wijnaldum. Now it's just Firmino. In other news. Top of the league, so looking forward to next weekend.
  11. Kelleher looked pretty decent, when he filled in Alisson, iirc. So I wouldn't be that panicky about him being in goal against Watford. Or is he out on loan somewhere? Your midfield, no idea who you have available.
  12. Kimmich also negotiated his last contract without an agent. Altho, FIFA is trying to hack off agents on the wrong end imo. The bigger issue that needs addressing are agents on the junior level. They should falt out ban agents approaching/representing players under the age of 16.
  13. In other news. Bayern's Luca Hernandez is facing 6 months in a Spanish jail cell... ...while I am facing a return to the stadium next weekend (Sunday 24th tbp). Two unrelated events of equal importance to the world of football.
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