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  1. So you are saying there were about 9 months to do something about abortion.
  2. The clash is probably a bit too early to be fun (assuming the gap will still be just 0.5 points then). In that case Caruana won't go all in there guns blazing. With five more rounds to go it's too early for him to do anything crazy and potentially throw the tournament away. Nepo would be happy to retain his lead. So I wouldn't get my hopes up for a chess brawl between them. If they were paired in the 12th round, then I could see Fabiano feeling the urge to say all-in or nothing.
  3. Free point for Nepo today. This will be 0-1 at the end of the day. Fortunately Caruana - Radjabov looks to be leaning to 1-0. Fabi will just torture him endlessly,playing for two results. Duda-Nakamura: I'd back Duda. The Bishop is such a miserable piece, this has to be betterish for Duda. I quite like what Ding's doing today. I don't envy Firouzja one bit.
  4. Should have been a quick draw for Nepo - Petroff doing its black magic. Rapport has decided he rather wants to play an objectively worse position with white. This will backfire on Richi.
  5. Nah... ETH signed up for the ultimate United experience. Poorly composed squad + toxic enviroment. You wouldn't want to deprive him of this adventure, would you?
  6. That sorta talk is the reason why Kermit isn't touring France anymore.
  7. I wonder which club will take Chukwuemka off Villa's hands. There's some genuine talent in that kid.
  8. Potato pancakes (or fried potato patties, whatever you want to call it) with some apple puree.
  9. I didn't endorse it as a viable solution, merely pointed out, 2016 has done long term damage, which will impact the US for two generations, maybe more. And the Supreme Court Mullahs are not done yet.
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