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  1. Reminds of a Canadian joke (I just came up with). What's the difference between a fragile bird and snow bird. The Fragile Bird has enough sense not to go to Florida. If you don't get the joke, you didn't factor in the effect on the targeted audience. DMC screaming at his screen.
  2. Meanwhile in Germany. The German Football League has decided to throw the towel in the ongoing confrontation with the fan scenes and put an end to its attempts to get an outside investor in. Dortmund's Watzke in his function as one of the league's bosses released a statement saying while the league needs to get an investor in as a matter of entrepreneurial necessity, the league can no longer guarantee the binding character of an agreement. Furthermore the 50+1 rule is an important corner stone in German football, which the board fully backs and supports. And with the questions regarding the vote of Hannover we can longer proceed in good conscience. Two things there. 1. Watzke is a massive wanker. The issue with the Hannover vote has been out in the open for months. The league changed course because fans were not relenting and absolutely unwilling to give an inch. As for his commitment to 50+1, let's just say it rings pretty hollow coming from Watzke or Hoeneß. 2. The Hannover vote bit probably needs explaining to those folks here not familar with the ins and outs of German football politics (despite my best efforts to educate). I already explained the issue of Football Clubs and Football Incs (the pro teams). Kind (whose company is producing hearing aids) is a pedigree investor having invested in the club for a very long time. He used to be the Club president, but him being a massive dickhead even by Hannover 96 standards, fell out with their fan scene and was voted out. But him owning quite a few shares in the Football Inc. has created one of those nasty little conflict of interests. He is the boss of Football inc. and was thus representing Hannover 96 at the league meetings. The club told him to vote against an outside investor. In a secret ballot he apparently voted yes, despite the clubs objection. That gave the yes camp (lead by Dortmund and Bayern) the necessary number of yes votes to proceed with the search for an investors. Thus we had those ongoing fan protests with the pitches being flooded with Tennisballs (most common one). Leading to those 30 mins interruptions and games to be on the verge of cancellation. Altho special shoutout to the protesters during the Leverkusen game at the WE, with the RC car, that was brilliant *chef's kiss*
  3. Questions is, whether there's already an agreement in place between Liverpool and Alonso, or not. Klopp has given Liverpool fair warning and time to check potential successors. Word got out that Klopp was leaving about a month ago, I'd assume that was about the time they made contact with their preferred target(s). As in, no way they could've kept it secret any longer once they talked to a successor. If indeed Alonso's the chosen one, then I assume they either have reached an agreement at this point or a close to. The Tuchel situation at Bayern escalated rather quickly during the past 2-3 weeks. So Bayern would be rather late to the party. Sure, Alonso could back out of a potential agreement with Liverpool, but I'd consider him telling Bayern: Sorry, too late, I have already signed up for another job elsewhere. To be a more likely scenario. As a side story. If Liverpool really sign Steidten from WHU as their DoF/Sporting Director. That would also be nod towards Alonso, who has worked with him at Leverkusen. I'Ve said it before that Leverkusen team is really well put together with people in charge actually spending a thought or two on what they wanted from their players and then picking targets and signing players accordingly. The three people who put that squad together were Alonso, Steidten and Rolfes.
  4. Nuclear energy in Germany is a long and messy story. Involving police brutality and partially radicalisation and the anti-nuclear movement is one of the parents of the Green party (the other was the peace movement) in Germany, political decission making process which in the beginning was even more stupid than the ending, which had a few twists and turns of its own. Wihtout wanting relitigate the history of nuclear energy in Germany, I'll stick to a few really silly highlights. One of the silliest actors was former Governoer of Lower Saxxony, Ernst Albrecht, who also happened to be the father of Flinten Uschi von der Leyen. He essentially wanted a storage facility in his state as some sorta deterrent against a potential invasion by the GDR (don't ask). It didn't matter that the location was geologically totally unsuited. Thanks to that, Germany still doesn't know where to put it. The geologically best suited locations are in the south with the monatnius terrain (Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg). Bavarians are the biggest NIMBYs in all of Germany, who will point at Lower-Saxxony saying, hey we already have a storage facility there. The Greens during their first time in federal goverment (1998) got the SPD to sign off on a nuclear exit. Like I said, one of the parties raison d'etre. It was long term exit, with which parts of their voters were not really happy as the time table was too long and the potential of another goverment changing course. Ofc, that was also tied to a switch to renewables. That goverment won a second term in 2002 with the late and great Ha-Chri Ströbele (RIP Hans-Christian ) saving the day by winning his district (his opposition to some party compromises had him being moved way down the ballot, leaving him with what was considered back then a longshot bid to win a district to remain in parliament, first Green MP to do so in history and he continued to hold it until he retired due to his advanced age, and that's now a Green district). Anyway, that coalition didn't last a full second term, because of the SPD starting to implode (social reforms, aka. Hartz IV, aka redistribution of wealth to the top (Schröder's legacy)). Start of the era Merkel. Her first term was a whole lot of nothing because she had to reign with the SPD, when it still had sufficient weight. The goverments she formed with FDP , or when the conservatives were strong enough to govern on their own, that's when things started to get off the rails. Cutting subsidies for renewables, which was the driving factor in getting renewable online, and not protecting the solar industry (patents technological know-how) from Chinese investors on an EU level. The cut of the subsidies was utterly moronic, when you look at it from economic perspective. It did cost a shit ton of jobs as that sector was effectively killed, while politics (CDU and SPD) are so utterly concerned about a relatively small number of jobs in coal mining, it's bonkers. And of course she also reversed course on the nuclear exit, and extended the shelf life for nuclear reactors. then in 2011 Fukushima happened. And Merkel once again reversed course and cut the shelf life of nuclear reactors. With energy companies subsequently suing the federal goverment for damages. So she effectively killed the switch to renewables and cut off nuclear power at an increased speed. Nuclear power was in the end a very minor component of the energy mix in Germany anyway. So the energy had to come from other sources. Hello Putin and his man-servant and former chancellor of the FRG 'Gas Gerd' Schröder.
  5. Unlike Germany, the UK was not addicted to Russian gas, like an Irvine Welsh Character to heroin. That Nordstream 2 project should have been put to rest in 2014, the invasion of Crimea and Putin waging wr in the Donbas. Not wanting too sound too sarcastic here, but 2014 was before 2017. That's an overlap to the Climate Change thread and the German policy failures under Merkel of messing up the switch to renewables big times in favour of cheap (and seeming reliable) Russian gas. Those 16 years of sleepwalking political failures have had consequences on the battlefields of Ukraine.
  6. Wrong Benton... Not wanting to make this about a not a true scottman argument, however... ...I assume you are talking about Scott Benton?
  7. Brown Jackson actually raised the issue of J6 being insurrection. But she really was the only one of the nine wanting to go there.
  8. Thanks, but WIn 11 PC is actually pretty decent, so I'd very much want it to work either way.
  9. And final whistle we'Re done and Bayern have lost again. 3 losses in a row. Now things can get interesting for Tuchel.
  10. Let's all laugh at Bayern (It's fun while it lasts). Oh, and for the record, Kane is wank.
  11. Might give that tomorrow a try. For today, I am dangerously close to going full Florida on that PC. I don't have a sledge hammer.
  12. ffs. Bootrec /fixboot access denied This is getting seriously annoying.
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