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  1. No, I think Özil and Khedira were left out because they were horrible against Mexico. Löw had to make a few changes, and they were deserving rotation targets. It's not so much cliques from what I can tell, more like some sort of mentality problem. They were having problems with their cohesion and defensive workrate for the entirety of 2018, and as a result they offer too much space. They got away with it most of the time, but the last two pre-tournament fixtures were a clear warning, which was succesfully ignored. And the rude awakening came against Mexico, and also in the first half against Sweden. I don't think they'll be able to fix that problem, and thus won't defend the title. Esp. with this ever present myth in the players head: We are Gemany, we've always been able to flip the switch for the big competitions, we will do so again.
  2. It was reply to your claim, that Airbus is trying to determine our politics. And I said that is not what is actually happening. The UK is actually forcing Airbus hand this time. And I explained to you why those (not so) minor problems are a huge deal for Airbus (and also car manufacturers). Alas, I fear trying to explain that to you was a total waste of my time, as you will go on about will of the people, Brexit betrayal, and whatever other soundbites you could quote.
  3. Just as I was about to complain what a boring game this is - with Korea just being plain bad, and Mexico not being bothered to do anything more - Mexico makes it 2-0. And btw. that was a foul in the build up of that goal.
  4. Kane should have had two pens. Mitrovic was less clear imho. Mitrovic himself was holding the Swiss player in front of him, which was what the ref saw. But overall, that was pen, too imo. Just not giving it was a lesser error than the two wrestling moves against Kane.
  5. Islanders and their GMs. But you have to give Snow some credit, he was better than Milbury.
  6. I take "Jeremy Corbyn" for 500 Alex.
  7. Definately the most fun Group to watch thus far. Really looking forward to the clash between Belgium and England.
  8. Putting the cart before the horse here, are we? People who opposed Brexit from all the political spectrum (from the left to the moderate right) opposed Brexit, because of the economic consequences, among the Airbus potentially pulling out of Britain, or at the very least not making new investments. The reasons are not tariffs, it's the soon-to-be not so frictionless anymore trade between the EU (suppliers) and the UK. Car manufacturers and Airbus both use a just-in-time manufacturing model (google it, if don't know what ti means). A hold up at the customs is freaking expensive ofr them, as it means essentially shutting down production, because the parts are not there in time. Your attempt to spin it as big companies to determine politics, is mixing cause (Brexit, and the UK's goverment unwillingness/inability to come up with a workable solution for them) and effect - with aircraft parts there's also the small problem with certification, which ultimately ends up with oversight of the ECJ (bigger topic mutual recognition of standards). You are either a fool or disingenious if you ignore those "minor problems".
  9. I think you just witnessed May's very dry humour. Global Britain is this marvellous unicorn land hidden behind a rainbow of awesomeness for post Brexit Britain. And just like BoJo nobody knows where it is. Edit: As for the not so breaking news about Airbus. That was utterly predictable, was predicted a good while ago. We even touched this issue in some older Brexit/British politics thread here, I think.
  10. Notone

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I am totally aware of the irony. Which among other things disqualifies as POTUS. Setting aside my contempt for facebook, I imagine the debate you had there as rather pointless even by internet standards. Here we debate and discuss mostly in good faith, it's also most boarders hold a similar opinion on the bigger picture, with a few controversies here and there. But overall there's general acceptance of a better argument. While, I somewhat doubt the same could be said over your facebook argument. I can see the feelgood factor of putting that Trump supporter in his place, but that's about it.
  11. Notone

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    So you won an argument on the internet? There should be a meme for that.
  12. Notone

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    What do you expect? Infants child actors simply lack the quality training they had in the 1980s, even Coulter can see through it.
  13. Read again, I said, the lack of quality is already quite noticeable in midfield. Where do you think chances are created, or rather get the ball into dangerous area comes from? A team that can't win or hold onto the ball wil probably not create that many chances, unless you get to play longballs with fast attackers against a high defense. It's really their forwards lacking good supply/support. Messi has to do everything in that team on his own, and he ends up being surrounded by 5 opposing players like in their match against Iceland. With a good defense and goalkeeper they might at least have been able to grind out a 1-0 against Iceland, and maybe survive against Croatia. And remember, Nigeria gave Argentina a sound beating in a friendly earlier. So it's quite possible they will crash out with just one point.
  14. The problem is Argentina has arguably the best and deepest attack of all the teams. Just every other part of the team is not anywhere near as good. The further back you go, the worse it gets. No central midfield of note, no quality in defense, and in goal Caballero who has played a total of 5 games as City's back up goalie. So Modric and Rakitic had a field day, and Messi repeatedly has to drop deeper to get the balls in less dangerous areas.
  15. Notone

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    The criticism of Leno you read here is a bit harsh and a bit out of proportions imho. Leno is sort of the eternal rival of ter Stegen. they are of the same age, and have competed over the starting goalkeeper status in all German junior teams. Marc Andre usually emerged winning, as he has always been the better footballer. Leno's transition into the sneior level of football was faster however. When German International and Leverkusen goalkeeper Adler struggled with injury problems, Leverkusen decided to get Leno from Stuttgart on a loan deal. And he established himself as a very good Bundesliga keeper with CL experience. So he went to Germany's u21 with a very good claim to be a starter there, just to have ter Stegen starting again. So for years it was a tight race on who will succeed Neuer. Leno only lost that race during the last 2 years or so. The 16/17 season was a bit of a stinker for him, he produced a couple of uncharacteristic howlers. He got called up to the Confed cup all the same to share the starting duty with ter Stegen (and Trapp). ter Stegen's first game of the competition was fualtless, while Leno looked rather unlucky in his game. So the coaching staff sticked with ter Stegen as #1 for the tournament, and now clear heir apparent to Neuer. 17/18 was overall a solid season for him, some outstanding saves/games, yes, also a few howlers, but by no means as bad as our fellow boarder makes it sound like (but also not up to his previous standards). He considered leaving Leverkusen last year, but opted against it because he originally intended to position himself as Neuer's successor, and didn't want to leave in a world cup year. That plan went up in smoke after the Confed Cup. Usually he should be the third guy in Russia, however ghis rather difficult personal relationship to his rival ter Stegen apparently was the reason why he missed out. Long story short, if you get the pre-2016-17 Leno, you will get a really great goalkeeper, capable of making really great saves. I hope for him, that he gets back to his old self with a change of scenery. Otherwise you get good a goalkeper capable of making great saves, but also with that odd howler in him.