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  1. TickTak7

    Lyanna casting appreciation

    I expected her to be a lot prettier too. No idea what qualifies as "pretty", but yeh someone above already said it - I didn't get the Helen of Westeros vibe from her, or really, any vibe consistent with the Lyanna that Robert described in season 1. That's not to say the actress did a great job, or that she wasn't pretty in her own right, it just wasn't the sort of beauty I was expecting given Lyanna's beauty was something that was so fondly talked about, AND her beauty literally started a war.
  2. TickTak7

    So who rules now in the 7 Kingdoms in the show?

    A kingdom divided. It's pretty much the UK, post Brexit.
  3. TickTak7

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    You might not like D&D, but let's not be petulant and say silly things like they don't respect the books.
  4. I don't think this is replacing the Stannis battle. I actually expect that most of this is playing out very similarly to how it would play out in the books - Stannis attacks Winterfell, is unsuccessful, Jon dies, is revived, rallies the Wildlings, and wants to attack Winterfell after the Pink Letter.
  5. TickTak7

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    My least favorite episode of the season, and one of the least satisfying episodes of the entire show. I normally rewatch every episode. Won't touch this one again. Cleganebowl = dead. LSH = all but confirmed we won't get her now. Arya's 2 season arc in Braavos ends with her having accomplished, what, exactly? 2 full years of total waste. Dany's super-dragon-uber-right-on-time act is getting sillier and sillier. What was the point of this entire Rivverun arc? Seeing the Hound do some stuff, and Jaime / Brienne having a few great scenes, were really the only things that were decent in this episode. Overall = 3.5 / 10