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  1. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    LS did Ryman Frey, but when their deaths are reported to Jaime, there is no mention of Salt in their mouths....
  2. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I assume that Tarly may be sending a message to the local smallfolk not to co-operate with the BWB, he wants to find Dondarrion and needs them to assist him. Tarly is Lannister sided, and the BWB are for Robert and Ned. It may be that he is just trying to send a message and treating them like outlaws and traitors to the crown, to prevent them being assisted further. Maybe.
  3. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I don't buy the BwB doing the hangings. Seems like a mislead by Tarly to me. Is that cave near Pennytree? I thought it was the one the Hound was taken to.... not sure if it is near Pennytree. Would not make sense for them to take Jaime to the cave directly before capturing him first (like with the others they hooded them and took them from a distance to prevent them knowing it's location).
  4. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I always felt that the packed salt in their mouths would be a trademark kind of thing. If LSH did that people would most likely be reporting it along with the hanging itself. We know she did Merrit and Peter Pimple Frey, and Raymund Frey and his men...but there is never mention of her being tied to any packed salt in mouths. It seems like something Tarly would do to make others think it was her band of men (like a poor effort to link the guest-right to the hangings). I can't see her men wasting anything that the smallfolk could use, but Tarly would. The hanged men themselves could very well be part of the BWB or anyone not on the Lannister's side.
  5. Bonkers

    Tyrion will go to Braavos

    I have been thinking about this today actually. This is where I am at... Tyrion was 13 and Tysha was scarcely a year older when they met and married (for 2 weeks). Lanna is 14, the same age as when Tysha met Tyrion and the same age as when The Sailors Wife lost her husband. Making The Sailors Wife 28, Tysha 28 and Tyrion 27, which I believe is accurate. I am assuming that The Sailors Wife would have been pregnant at the time she lost her husband as she was only 14 at the time, and that is about an age that she could start to have children. Now as Tyrion was 13, and Jaime is 8-9 years older, that means Jaime was about 21-22 when the whole Tysha thing occurred. Approximately 2-3 years after the rebellion - as Jaime was about 19 when he killed Aerys. So he must have been in Casterly Rock with Cersei as an honor guard for her (I suspect it was to present baby Joffery to her family). However, Joffery is still 12years old when Jon turns 15 very shortly after arriving at the wall. Making Joffery about 2.5yrs younger. So he would have been born at about the same time that Tysha met Tyrion....but Jaime was at Joffery's birth AND at Casterly Rock when Tysha came about. Cersei most likely would not have travelled with a baby so very young across the realm. So I don't know why Jaime - as a Kings Guard was there with Tyrion at that time. When we meet Lanna in aFFC she is 14. As we can't be certain how much time has passed with Arya in Bravos it is hard to know just how old Joffery would have been at that same time, but I assume it would be about 14 yrs old (he was 13 when he died but I think almost a year would have passed in that time). Which would make Lanna less than a year younger than Joffery, or thereabouts. I think that it could be likely that Tyrion got her pregnant during their time together, and after Tywin had her raped she fled Westeros knowing that he would kill her child if he found out it was a Lannister bastard. A bit like Arya's flight to Saltpans, and upon her finding the only ship in port was going to Bravos she goes there. It does seem to suggest (from Tyrion's experience with Shae) that there is a hint of Tysha being false too. But it could also be that after knowing she was pregnant and being alone, she missed Tyrion and his genuine devotion to her. I don't know, but I do think Lanna is his, and that TSW is Tysha. I also definitely think Tyrion will pop up in Bravos looking for a whore, what makes me curious is whether Yna's prophecy of "Her love is dead, I could taste that in her blood. If he ever should come back to her, it will be a corpse" will be Tyrion or not. I hope not as I quite like the little guy (and I think someone will cut out his tongue instead,as hinted many times)
  6. you come across as very arrogant and sanctimonious, just so you know.  I am sure you are a lovely person, but your words make you sound like a jerk btw .   I read through your comments, you should tone your 'knowledge' done.

  7. Whose Bittersweet end?

  8. Bonkers

    Illyrio's motives in GoT

    I don't think that being born a mute would be a problem, it just may mean he doesn't have to remove his tongue (like the other little birds). It makes sense, to me anyways, that if Varys has birds everywhere he must have some in the North. The Iron Islands infiltrated, and then he has info about Theon's movements/actions, and if Rickon is still alive, and Bran too, then that plays in well with Varys wanting to create chaos in the realm before Faegon comes back. He seems to be overlooked as a Little Bird to me, because GRRM has given him storytime.
  9. Bonkers

    Illyrio's motives in GoT

    Beautifully done LM.............question....where do you think Wex fits in? Sounds like he may very well be a bird of varys...?!
  10. Bonkers

    Official Testing Thread

    Test :bowdown: :bawl: :cheers: Test