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  1. I couldn't find the topic so I started this one, if you know of a more in-depth one/response please post below... Obviously my question is who told Brandon Stark that Lyanna had been kidnapped? We assume from the books (as even Barriston Selmy tells us that singers sing songs of R dying for the woman he loved) that Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love, so who told the lie to her brother that she was kidnapped? I doubt Littlefinger had anything to do with it, so who does that leave with any motive? It was, after all, the reason for the the Rebellion.... could Tywin have made it up to start a war? Could it be that the meeting he arranged with Rhaegar at Harrenhal failed so he destroyed them?
  2. So I was thinking.... Azor Ahai We know about the forging of 'Lightbringer' ...made with Dragonglass and steel I think (given Jon thinking that the dragonglass he found is sharper than steel).... I assume it was the forging of the first Valyrian steel blade...... The first two times there was too much Obsidian in it - so it broke .... too brittle. Then the last time it was perfect.... But what if he created Nissa Nissa into an Other?.... he did stick it through her heart?! We have seen people have thier heads off with it...but no one whom was pierced through the heart...Cat did get cut, but we don't need to be reminded of Stoneheart do we? Imagine if Nissa Nissa was created, and he had to send her away..... and she then created an alliance with the Children, and hence made the others and then met the NK to try to win back the Wall...? What if the last Hero was not AA? He killed/trapped her who created the Others under Winterfell in the crypts that are larger than the Castle itself? hmmm Just a thought.
  3. Bonkers

    Jaime's betrayal?

    This initially confused me too...but I just put it down to Cersei feeling he betrayed her by letting Tyrion go, and perhaps for making an arrangement with Dany behind her back.
  4. Bonkers

    Name the wight hunters

    Bran's half-time entertainment.
  5. Bonkers

    Why do they need to catch a wight, dead turn into them

    They are 'activated' by the NK..... as shown at the end of Hardholme episode.
  6. Drogon is the father. It is known. Seriously though, Jaime is obviously the father as we saw them sleep together. She will prob use it to manipulate him, but in the end it will just be used as a plot point to make her death by him all the more upsetting for Jaime - and for us to witness.
  7. Bonkers

    dragonstone to the wall in a day?

    As with each other episode this season, the time lines are compressed immensely. The ship would have taken a few weeks most like.
  8. I would like to see Doran Martell as LF's Dornish contact
  9. Bonkers

    Nissa Nissa... the first Other?

    Yeh... I don't recall the Long Night being caused by the Others though. Just that it is said that they came during the Long Night. Just watched a great video put out by Order of the Greenhand on this exact topic.....highly recommend as it is interesting and they put a lot of time into the theory.
  10. Bonkers

    Nissa Nissa... the first Other?

    LOL.... thanks.
  11. Bonkers

    Nissa Nissa... the first Other?

    It's okay lol...I thought it was really funny! These are the crazy things we do while waiting.
  12. We know from The World Of Ice and Fire that the Crypts are the oldest part, and that the first keep was built over them. We also know that they are larger than Winterfell itself. The crypts were what Winterfell are built on, which is why they never flattened /leveled the land. The fact that they are deeper and more unknown than we know is a mystery thus far, but we do know that if Bran the Builder built Winterfell on top of the crypts, and only started from a small keep, then it was built for a much more formidable reason than just a home. It was built to withhold some force....there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.
  13. I have been considering the identity of Dany for a little while, and I think that as Quaithe is telling her to remember who she is all the time we can safely assume she is not person she thinks she is. As R+L=J is so widely accepted it is often difficult to reconsider the idea, but I honestly think that Dany has a large chance of being the baby born at that tower, not Jon. (Yes, baby swap at Starfall) As this is not a post on the theory itself, I won't go into it in depth as it has been explained by others and it's easy to find great posts on the theory elsewhere. HOWEVER, I did want to share some thoughts in regards to Viserys on the topic, as the common points against the theory of R+L=D are 'what about Viserys knowing she is his sister? He tells her the story of her birth and hates her for killing their mother' etc. I think it could be likely he knew she was Rhaegars daughter, his temper, madness and obsession with being the rightful King only add to this....if only he had had a POV chapter! Let's say Dany is Rhaegars daughter with Lyanna, this means that Dany is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and ruler of Westeros. Think about how if Prince Charles (Rhaegar) in England dies before the Queen (Aerys), William (Dany) still inherits the crown, not Charles' (Rhaegar's) siblings. The male only heir is an important law to mention here, as we know that women didn't inherit, just men - but if Viserys was paranoid and obsessed then he was likely thinking that Dany would have him killed to steal the throne for herself, and the fact that he wanted the throne for himself makes him super determined to stop her ever claiming it. If she is his little sister he can marry her off, but if she is his niece and rightful heir to the throne then he isn't in a position to do that. By constantly overbearing her power and making certain she had no ideas of authority over him, he ensures she has no notion of her right to be Queen, of her true identity or her true birthright. And sure, he could just kill her off, but she presents a great bargaining tool and is viewed by him as an object of value to sell. Before he died Aerys names Viserys as his lawful heir, thinking that all Rheagar's children had died and he was the only remaining Targ heir. So, Viserys spends some time being told he is the heir, that he will be King and he is super pumped about it. Then, out of nowhere, a young Dany is brought to Dragonstone (or perhaps they met up in Dorne) to be raised with the remaining family, Viserys is told who she is, that she is the true heir etc. (I like to think that she came with her wetnurse - Ashara Dayne, as she had Jon she was able to be the wetnurse in disguise for Dany). Perhaps the Queen Rhaella was still alive at this time, perhaps she died birthing a stillborn, perhaps she was never pregnant at all. What if Viserys killed his mother because of her knowledge and support of Dany's birthright and identity? What if his resentment of her 'killing' her mother in childbirth wasn't the whole truth? What if he resented her for forcing him to take drastic measures to ensure she isn't told who she really is? What if he has lied to Dany her whole life about how she was born, who she is, what her position is and where she lived? What if they were taken to Dorne after the death of the Queen and Dany was told that it was somewhere else? The lemon tree may be in Dorne, but Dany may not know that she was in Dorne. Of course, it is likely also that this could have been done for obvious safety reasons to protect the kids. All these 'what if's could be reason's for his behaviour and bitterness. I feel like the argument for Dany being Rhaegar's child and heir by mentioning Viserys' actions and involvement in the story, to be somewhat backed up by his actions. He could very easily have been giving deliberate misinformation to Dany to push her down and keep her true identity from her. So in short, just wanted to put it out there, that Viserys involvement in the story regarding Dany's childhood is not really that concrete to use as an argument against the R+L=D theory. Personally, R+L=J is a pretty solid theory in my opinion, but the one bug I get is the 'Who is Dany?' .... I just don't think Quaithe tells her to remember who she is just for shits and giggles. It is important. I think R+L=D could still be on the table. Peace!
  14. Bonkers


    ...and the Lannisters for passing her off, knowingly. Regarding Satin, it isn't something I had given much thought to, but it is certainly worth remembering. Good catch! Ironically Littlefinger has very long fingers in nearly every pie.
  15. Love you guys' ideas on this topic, love the thread! We need more ideas like this!!
  16. Have we mentioned The Order of the Greenhand's videos on this topic? Fresh, great ideas, based in text - not show. The Crow is most definitely NOT the raven!!!!!
  17. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    LS did Ryman Frey, but when their deaths are reported to Jaime, there is no mention of Salt in their mouths....
  18. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I assume that Tarly may be sending a message to the local smallfolk not to co-operate with the BWB, he wants to find Dondarrion and needs them to assist him. Tarly is Lannister sided, and the BWB are for Robert and Ned. It may be that he is just trying to send a message and treating them like outlaws and traitors to the crown, to prevent them being assisted further. Maybe.
  19. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I don't buy the BwB doing the hangings. Seems like a mislead by Tarly to me. Is that cave near Pennytree? I thought it was the one the Hound was taken to.... not sure if it is near Pennytree. Would not make sense for them to take Jaime to the cave directly before capturing him first (like with the others they hooded them and took them from a distance to prevent them knowing it's location).
  20. There are other CoTF in the cave in their own thrones don't forget.
  21. There is a new video out that tackles the Raven Vs Crow topic regarding BR. It is certainly not an idea I had realized could be possible before. Order of The Greenhand BloodRaven part 3. They discuss various folklore that shares ideas. It certainly appears to be a contrast GRRM has made between ravens and crows in his story. I really like this topic you have started!
  22. Bonkers

    The dead near Saltpans

    I always felt that the packed salt in their mouths would be a trademark kind of thing. If LSH did that people would most likely be reporting it along with the hanging itself. We know she did Merrit and Peter Pimple Frey, and Raymund Frey and his men...but there is never mention of her being tied to any packed salt in mouths. It seems like something Tarly would do to make others think it was her band of men (like a poor effort to link the guest-right to the hangings). I can't see her men wasting anything that the smallfolk could use, but Tarly would. The hanged men themselves could very well be part of the BWB or anyone not on the Lannister's side.
  23. Bonkers

    Tyrion will go to Braavos

    I have been thinking about this today actually. This is where I am at... Tyrion was 13 and Tysha was scarcely a year older when they met and married (for 2 weeks). Lanna is 14, the same age as when Tysha met Tyrion and the same age as when The Sailors Wife lost her husband. Making The Sailors Wife 28, Tysha 28 and Tyrion 27, which I believe is accurate. I am assuming that The Sailors Wife would have been pregnant at the time she lost her husband as she was only 14 at the time, and that is about an age that she could start to have children. Now as Tyrion was 13, and Jaime is 8-9 years older, that means Jaime was about 21-22 when the whole Tysha thing occurred. Approximately 2-3 years after the rebellion - as Jaime was about 19 when he killed Aerys. So he must have been in Casterly Rock with Cersei as an honor guard for her (I suspect it was to present baby Joffery to her family). However, Joffery is still 12years old when Jon turns 15 very shortly after arriving at the wall. Making Joffery about 2.5yrs younger. So he would have been born at about the same time that Tysha met Tyrion....but Jaime was at Joffery's birth AND at Casterly Rock when Tysha came about. Cersei most likely would not have travelled with a baby so very young across the realm. So I don't know why Jaime - as a Kings Guard was there with Tyrion at that time. When we meet Lanna in aFFC she is 14. As we can't be certain how much time has passed with Arya in Bravos it is hard to know just how old Joffery would have been at that same time, but I assume it would be about 14 yrs old (he was 13 when he died but I think almost a year would have passed in that time). Which would make Lanna less than a year younger than Joffery, or thereabouts. I think that it could be likely that Tyrion got her pregnant during their time together, and after Tywin had her raped she fled Westeros knowing that he would kill her child if he found out it was a Lannister bastard. A bit like Arya's flight to Saltpans, and upon her finding the only ship in port was going to Bravos she goes there. It does seem to suggest (from Tyrion's experience with Shae) that there is a hint of Tysha being false too. But it could also be that after knowing she was pregnant and being alone, she missed Tyrion and his genuine devotion to her. I don't know, but I do think Lanna is his, and that TSW is Tysha. I also definitely think Tyrion will pop up in Bravos looking for a whore, what makes me curious is whether Yna's prophecy of "Her love is dead, I could taste that in her blood. If he ever should come back to her, it will be a corpse" will be Tyrion or not. I hope not as I quite like the little guy (and I think someone will cut out his tongue instead,as hinted many times)