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    It's going to be illogical and ridiculous but it'll still be GoT. Can't wait.
  2. He's going to put out the fire beacon of the tower and set a weirwood alight, making it appear to be the fire beacon which is the only thing the charging Freys can see. They'll charge into the ice and many will crash in. That's one part of it.
  3. Dejection

    Stannis: Is there life in the old boy yet?

    Read the Night Lamp theory my brothers, it's not only very well done regarding the strategy he'll use to win the Battle of Winterfell but it also highlights common misconceptions some people have regarding his character. It's top notch. The directors of the show will burn in Seven Hells for what they did to his character.
  4. I criticize the notion of pushing freedom of speech in society and legislation from the perspective of how easily it can be screwed with. Just any curtailing of any kind of human speech (which is what happens in your bullet points) will give a myriad of people with differing viewpoints on how far freedom of speech to go reason enough to oppose such laws. This is something people will be extremely vocal about. What becomes reasonable curtailing of freedom of speech for one is an utterly awful violation of a basic freedom (not just a basic freedom but some odd golden kind of promise given to them by the government; 'hey the government just said there's going to be freedom of speech, I can say anything I want' to 'what the hell they're breaking their promise!') for another. Societal, political turmoil to follow and all for what? A shiny, impossible concept like freedom of speech?
  5. Freedom of speech is an impossible concept because it implies something unlimited and without any real extent. There will always be values in society, established over long periods of time and which are even dear to the populace that contradict the notion of freedom of speech. Does freedom of speech not mean saying anything you want, about anything, anywhere? Don't tell me that discretion or even concepts like manners, sensitivity and respect do not ultimately curtail 'freedom of speech'.
  6. Dejection

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    I just remember it used to be bustling some time ago. Maybe the crappiness of the show turned some people off.
  7. Dejection

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    This forum looks dead compared to 2015 The new layout is bad too. Well not new but compared to the 2015 one it's very ugly.
  8. Dejection

    Advice to Stannis Baratheon

    'Half my army is made up of unbelievers. They will be no burnings. Pray harder.' It sometimes surprises me how little people who have read all the books understand Stannis. He doesn't worship the red god as a follower, even. He knows it has power and he uses it; he's always acting sarcastic when Mel rants her religious stuff around him and he couldn't care less about whether others truly believe in the red god or not.
  9. Dejection

    Iran's Parliament and Shrine Attacked

    Israel's attacks on Lebanon in both the 80s and 2006 have been based on false pretext and in any case not connected to the '4 times Arab countries attacked Israel'. Lebanon never attacked Israel and the Arab countries which did made their peace with it barring Syria. This is no justification. My second point addressed the fallacy that Pakistan is a completely pro Saudi state in the case of Iran-Saudi enmity. I simply provided evidence that it has maintained neutrality. This is an utterly defunct comparison. Pakistan and Iran have positive examples of cooperation throughout their history, shared religious values and also a mutual interest to not mess with each other. No disputed territories or disputed natural resources either. One cannot make such crude generalized comparisons. In any case, again, Iran-Pakistan relations have at most remained positive. P.S Indo Pak cultural traits are highly exaggerated, especially by the Indian side. About half of Pakistan can be said to have close cultural links with India (mainly Punjab) while the other half are closer to Persians, Afghans and Turks.
  10. Dejection

    Iran's Parliament and Shrine Attacked

    They are not legitimate groups for people who believe in wars of aggression and oppression by foreign armies. Morally and legally they are justified in their actions. And hey, another *coincidence* is that Saudi Arabia condemns Hezbollah and Hamas (for the latter which isn't Sunni, however, it's possible they censor their contempt seeing as they need to act like the Sunni leaders of the Sunni world). You are incorrect on the second point as well. Pakistan, home to the world's second largest Shia population (and likely largest Shia and even Iranic population in the next 10-15 years) has always managed, despite in every other way it's messed up, to maintain a balance between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The recent refusal to join their putrid campaign against Yemen is an example and the history of offering to host talks between the two is also one. Given the regional shift of Pakistan toward Russia and Iran it can be expected to actually employ pro Iranian policies soon. It make sense too, Iran shares a border with Pakistan and cultural ties as well; the Persians of old are among our ancestors and we have been foolish to not just outright align with Iran from the get-go. Sadly the uneducated average Pakistani thinks the Saudis are great simply because they are Arabs.
  11. Dejection

    Iran's Parliament and Shrine Attacked

    It means something when it's been going on for near a century. Saudi Arabia is entirely Zionist property; do bother looking up how that country was created. Saudis are essentially (very) upjumped village tribal lords made rich through their discovery of oil courtesy of the West and the petrodollar. Saudi Arabia is for all intents and purposes part of the unified political bloc known as the West. It is funny how constricted the worldview of people who rely on trash Western media is; the way they show it, it's the US who relies on Saudi and not the other way around. Iran is nowhere near Saudi Arabia because Iran does not follow a horrid and flawed interpretation of Islam which directly encourages violence as Wahabism does. Iran supports legitimate resistance movements such as Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Gaza) which fight legally against occupational militaries. Saudi Arabia funds demons such as ISIS and Boko Haram. I come from Pakistan where the rise of extremism was an 80s and 90s thing; it's not mere coincidence that it was during this time period that Saudi Arabia found the opportunity to fund their Wahabi ideology into my country via direct links with preachers in backward areas. Terrorist producing factories.
  12. Dejection

    Iran's Parliament and Shrine Attacked

    Back-channel diplomacy between Israel and GCC states is an open secret, their positions on issues like Syria are similar and then there are states like Egypt and Jordan which are openly friendly with Israel since they are Western puppet regimes. The real relationship between Wahabism and the Zionists goes way back to the first World War when local Arabs supported the British against the Ottoman Empire. I don't know why anyone would still be unaware of how Saudi Arabia is a prime time Western stooge.
  13. Dejection

    Iran's Parliament and Shrine Attacked

    The Wahabi-Zionist alliance will do all it can to harm Iran. I pray that Iran remains safe in the face of the threats.
  14. Dejection


    Yeah that makes sense; rakes probably feel like a good brushing. And my cat has the same love for having his fat grabbed like its jelly
  15. Dejection

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    For extreme hiking Pakistan is actually a prime destination; very cheap for anyone since our currency sucks and the security situation is like much better (although it wasn't ever bad in the Northern Areas/Gilgit region to begin with) and we have lots of very high peaks, some of which are highly dangerous. Also the inhabitants of the mountain regions make for good guides.