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    How would you rate episode 702?

    I was actually entertained this episode and not thinking too much about stupid plot holes: A generous 7 First off though I have to address the ridiculous Citadel plot. Sam studies at Citadel, finds out Dragonstone has dragonglass again^^ But now he actually believes Stannis because plot reasons which conveniently must also have Davos suffer from amnesia. Then he finds magic cure of greyscale, hurray for Jorah. Also: Jorah is a knight so he gets one more day? Hurray! I won't mention Citadel further but I am so disappointed by it. No Sphinx, Marwyn the Mage, glass candles, Pate and Faceless Man. Despite my negatives I must say that I still enjoy the show but it's so frustrating to watch at the same time. I need Winds of Winter soon. Daenerys & Co. + Varys and Dany confrontation. This was LONG OVERDUE but still glad they had it finally. + Each member of Dany's small council is at least true to their own character. Doesn't change if some of their characters are so incredibly dumb. - How does the Unsullied army travel to Casterly Rock? Teleportation machine I am guessing, because I am pretty sure that it's the same way by sea as Ellaria but they didn't encounter Euron it seems. If it's by land it completely negates Dany's reluctance to send foreign armies to King's Landing. - Apparently no one dies in a siege and the common folk will definitely not starve (Season 2) - Melisandre came to Dragonstone in the middle of a storm? Maybe I missed something. - Cringy High Valyrian conversation and explanation of The Prince That Was Promised prophecy. The Mad Queen: + Finally Cersei has a court even though the emptiness of the hall bugs me. -/+Dialogue and scenes didn't bother me. - "We're working on that" - If Olenna Tyrell is in open rebellion, where is her army? Why do Tyrell bannermen just meet up at King's Landing. - The stupid reveal of a scorpion bolt (I think it's called). Honestly is that the only one they have? How did you defend King's Landing the first time. Arya the Mass Murderer: + Hot Pie I guess..? Continuing Arya's redemption journey and humanization after she was done being a mass murderer. Forgetting her scenes at the Twins it's actually a decent journey and character arc following season 6. + FINALLY a direwolf and how convenient that it's written out immediately. At least they had a bit of money to pump into CGI wolves. - Not even the slightest reference to Nymeria and her wolfpack in previous seasons unlike the precious books --> pops out of nowhere Sandra the Rightful and Robbed Queen in the North: + Jon is finally becoming aware of potential allies and meeting up with Tyrion and Daenerys. + Little Mormont girl didn't get fan service this episode but voiced a real concern that Jon was leaving. - "My friend Sam says there is dragonglass at Dragonstone". I guess Davos didn't know that. - Sansa and Jon. Honestly can they start discussing problems before they're in a huge council and Sansa has to act like an empowered bitch and undermine Jon. The writers are failing the characters of both Sansa and Jon in this aspect. - Dialogue between Littlefinger and Jon. For three seasons going Littlefinger has turned from genius to moron. Euron Greyjoy the Rockstar and sea battle: + I already liked new Euron besides the clothes from episode 1 and I'm glad he is being taken seriously albeit his character is helped so much by plot + The Euron fight scenes. + Death of two sand snakes. Call it fan service. + Euron killed two Sand Snakes with their own weapons. Thank god they're gone now. -/+ Theon was so inconsistent last season. This episode he went from pretty weak and didn't want to fierce warrior to Reek but I understood it this time at least. Still holding out final judgement until I see what else he'll be doing. - Yara + Ellara dialogue - Unrealistic sea battle. How did Euron just sail past Dragonstone? How did he sneak up and attack Greyjoy ships that easily? Why are his ships firing on the ship Euron is boarding while he's on it? In general: + Some good dialogue callbacks to earlier seasons. + The plot is actually driven forward unlike last episode. -/+ Not consistent with show of course but in the books Jeor Mormont wanted his son to join the Watch. It would have been nice to have that in the show now that characters are meeting up. - The spread of information throughout Westeros in general. We need those Master of Whisperers scene and I'm annoyed by what characters know and don't know. - Butchering Jaime's character since season 4 - Not even ONE person addressing Jon's resurrection or oathbreaking from the Watch. Nah, that's completely fine. Not even one person questions this. Not even ONE person has questioned him about the impossibility of White Walkers. We know it's true of course BUT WHY HAVEN'T THEY HAD JUST ONE CONVERSATION. GoT is supposed be like the realistic world where people doubt the words of others. Same with Daenerys' dragons.
  2. Yangster

    How would you rate episode 701?

    Honestly my expectations for this season went from an 8 to an instant 4 after Arya wiped out House Frey. We all want it to happen but in no way was this deserved. The reason the Red Wedding was great was because it was a moment the show had earned throughout the seasons with its set-up. The killing of first Walder Frey and then House Frey had absolutely no build-up. Arya was still in Braavos in season 6 episode 8 and then she just pops up in season finale and kills Walder Frey and his two sons. That's not how I want to see it end, it's not justified. After the abysmal portrayal of HoBaW, I am just supposed to accept Arya as this living Terminator. NO! It's too ****** easy for her. She can't just teleport from Braavos to the Twins and I don't want to see House Frey go down easy as that. At least show us HOW she did it step by step. There is little to no suspense anymore. The scene just feels like Arya fanservice, I'm beginning to hate her character which is a shame. Ed Sheeran was fine btw, I wasn't bothered. He sang a song and didn't say much else. Rest of the episode: + Euron for making him better and because I like the actor + Jaime and Cersei interaction is good, dialogue is decent. + Sansa and Jon Snow callback to S1 (Father used to say anything before the word "but" was horseshit) + No sand snakes - Lady Mormont fan service - Euron's clothes, honestly they pull me out of the show - Forced scenes between Tormund and Brienne, if Brienne likes Tormund after Renly and Jaime (two prettyboys) I'm out. - Davos had 5 seconds of screentime with no dialogue. Hi Davos. - Dragonstone makes no sense, it's just empty? Nice strategic decision. Did the Lannisters forget Stannis in S2? - In general completely abandoning logic