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  1. So I have a question- I have tried Googling it up and down the internet. Tried searching other forums, waited awhile trying to see if it came up sometime, but I simply can't find the answer. When Roy Dotrice reads Victarion Greyjoy, what accent is he using? IE, what region of England or what dialect is that supposed to be? I feel like I have heard people speak like that before in life but I can't put my finger on where, and I am interested in the accents and dialects of the UK- so , where is Victarion "from" according to Roy Dotrice? [email protected]!
  2. Samson

    Daniel Redcliffe wants to be part of GOT. Whom would he play?

    I think you hit the nail on the head with either Edric Dayne or fAegon -- Edric Dayne is one of my favorite minor-yet-potentially-major characters... ED seems like he will have a potentially-substantial role "in the wars to come" and "in the storyline to come" .. and he's a remarkably polite yet dorky-seeming character- perfect for DC. Similarly, with some makeup and wig etc. he could portray fAegon well. I am not a Harry Potter guy, not a fantasy guy at all really, until ASOIAF, but I recognize the fact they're huge around the world, so he would add a certain bit of flair to whatever character he plays, "all agree"
  3. Samson

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Maybe Ned and Ashara named him Arthur after his uncle..........so he's actually Arthur Stark, The Stark of The Morning.... /me encapsulates self in protective posture of tinfoil, thereby impervious from all flaming.
  4. this is one of the examples of how I really believe D&D ruined the story with their show decisions.   Lady Stone Heart may just end up as a non-important-end-character but she is sure important to the stuff in the story, maybe not The Ending but certainly The Middle!  Lots of stuff flows through her and her part in the story.     Furthermore, it seemed like they either didn't want to or it was a last minute decision because Actress Cersei, what's her name Lena Headey or something, did an Instagram or Twitter or something of a picture of stones forming a heart and the word LADY early last year I believe, making us think it might be in S4 or S5 but .. nothing.