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  1. The set that was on Camelot sold? Cool. I still have CC... I missed a couple private messages about them 'cause I forgot and didn't log in for a few months
  2. Ditto. I'm not paying $750 for something not part of the set which barely has any extras.
  3. One of these days I'm going to overcome my innate laziness and put my full and complete lettered set of SP and MM books (letters CC) on ebay. But I'm really, really lazy.
  4. Act now to reserve your copy of our limited Subterranean Press edition of Wolves of Winter! Numbered from 1-10,000!
  5. Glodowski125: The history of westeros or art books don't come in lettered/numbered editions which exactly match the editions of the main series. It's obvious they are setting it up as part of a "complete set" precisely to try to make people with unbroken sets feel compelled to pick up an expensive volume they otherwise would not buy.
  6. Well, what do you guys think? Would you consider a MM+Sub Press set incomplete if it did not include the matching number or letter of this volume?
  7. The difference being, of course, that ROGUES was completely optional and you could skip it without breaking a set. That isn't true of this latest ASoIaF volume. GIMME THAT CASH MONEY is the name of the game I guess.
  8. They should just charge $1500 a pop and ship it with a jar of vaseline and a card saying "U MAD?"
  9. Got my completely unnecessary greedy money-grab copy of GoT from Sub Press yesterday, so they should be everyone's hands any day now.
  10. BTW I never received any sort of email notification of the GoT preorders. Thanks to y'all for helping me preserve my set.
  11. Exactly. I do not believe buying this book will increase the value of my set. It will simply prevent it from collapsing by preventing a broken set. So each of these additional books that I have to buy is a pure loss out of my pocket, so far to the tune of what $900?
  12. True I could have "chosen" to break my unbroken lettered set and devalue it by, what, 50%? That's only a choice in the most technical sense of the term. If I say you need to give me your wallet or I'll hit you with a baseball bat I don't think you'd consider that a choice despite the fact that you could, really, choose to get hit with the baseball bat.
  13. Well I went ahead and re-ordered Game Of Thrones. I already have the lettered edition from MM. So now I have two lettered editions of the first two books. Great money grub, guys. You can force me to buy these but you can't force me to like it.
  14. It'd be hilarious if we ended up with a lot more broken sets because people didn't get an email. HILARIOUS. Here's hoping.
  15. I didn't get any email from them either. Thanks for letting us know, guys. That would have been unfortunate.
  16. Never sell during the off season, people! You gotta wait for the show.
  17. If you wanna buy a lettered set I still have mine! I'm finding it hard to let go...
  18. They printed 52 copies which can never be completed sets? What was the logic there?
  19. 15k seems to be a psychological ceiling on the lettered sets! We need something big to happen to push it higher :)
  20. Number of bids I would make on any item listed by someone who "doesn't have a camera" = 0
  21. Is it just me or does he not even say what number that Clash is?
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