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  1. Did I see a bearded Mushroom banging on some drums?
  2. I haven't played the game Civilization for a while so I started a new campaign. And I could not help but hear some strikingly similar tunes in the game to Game of Thrones. Has anyone else noticed that? Sean Bean does "narrate" the game.
  3. Somebody sees hate under every rock and behind every bush. Maybe they should stick to playing with Legos and coloring books.
  4. I didn't like how they explained everything in a minute of diologue (several times). I would rather have seen it and heard it. Surely they can create a season-finale climax/resolution/next step without rushing it along like they are. Almost like they either know Fire and Blood 2 will be out soon, or they know they will outpace the George and aren't willing to play Patty Cake about it.
  5. I only read the first 3 pages and didn't see this addressed, but what was in the chest from the opening battle scene?
  6. I loved the episode. Although, without having read Fire and Blood, I would have trouble remembering names. That may grow, considering they have a lot of gaps to fill. But one thing I did notice was a lack of continuity. For example, Daemon had the favor on his jousting spear at one point, and just a few seconds later in the next shot it was not there. Small details like that are what bother me, but I understand that it happens (kind of like water bottles spotted during filming of Game of Thrones) But I can be overly critical when watching a movie or show. At work, it is common for coworkers to warn others regarding my take on them. "Don't listen to Travis. He didn't like John Wick." Lol
  7. Jon is the King. But he is a man of the Night's Watch. He did his duty. He will learn the truth about Bran and unite the realm to take him down.
  8. I'm sorry to not have read the thread (there was only 4 comments when I went to work at 5 am). But I literally spit my drink out when he said "Seven Hell's Bells" instead of "Seven Hells".
  9. I read today a theory that the show could be set FAR in the future (~200 years) because Jon Snow is, or could be, immortal. Or, if he's not immortal, he could age very slowly... And he could be killed off at the end of the 1st season (if he isn't immortal) just like Ned Stark, to give way to the new cast of characters.
  10. Gunpowder wasn't great, but I enjoyed watching it.
  11. But like he said, it "is hard, guys." *Can't figure the font, etc out
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