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  1. This (all of it) is why the George considers himself a gardner (wink, wink) and why it takes so long to finish his work. There is another story/puzzle that's taking place under the main story/puzzle. And he can't simply just throw it in the privy in order to finish the one we all want. Artistic integrity and all that.
  2. I get it. It definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth if you are trying to have a legitimate discussion about anything. I have always been more of a lurker than an actual poster, but is definitely discouraging when you (again, general) try to post an OP for real discussion and it quickly gets hijacked and dies on the vine. But I have to be honest, most times I post an OP, it is usually just to get a conversation started, then I politely step back and let some of you better minds take it where you will. I get more pleasure from reading your opinions than I do posting myself.
  3. It has been a problem. But it doesn't help that we have several people making posts that are intended to antagonize and provoke them. Which is it? Do you want them to go away, or do you secretly get pleasure from arguing with them? (You in the general sense; not referring to anyone specific)
  4. Apparently Episode 1 is being titled A Son for a Son? I don't know why they just don't title it Blood and Cheese. Only the avid book readers would be spoiled by it.
  5. I'm not sure if I should say this or not, but Little Finger and Tyrion Lannister are very similar characters. We just happen to have Tyrion's POV.
  6. In my opinion, Petyr Baelish is one of the best minor characters George has put on paper. But I won't get physical with anyone about it.
  7. Thank you all so much for participating! I went to bed and then to work this morning and didn't have time to read or keep up. Not that I ever post for views and responses, but I don't think I have ever had an OP with as many views or responses. I just got the ball rolling, I guess. But thank you. One point of clarification, though. I do want to stress that I was asking for your favorite characters based on how they were written in the text (and I guess how well you think GRRM did writing that particular character). I am so happy with the responses so far (please keep them coming)! And thank you all again.
  8. I was 12 when the world around me fell apart and I got thrown into the strong winds. I HAD to be "more mature and capable". I didn't have any other choice. I live right here in Indiana.
  9. What do you mean here? And who do you think is her "modern equivalent"?
  10. Pretty jam-packed, right? My 1-5 was kinda random, off the top of my head. There are SO MANY! That's why I started this post. Should be interesting.
  11. Winner WINner, CHICKen DINNER! Nevermind my crudeness.
  12. And also, I just want to remind. I do want everyone to have freedom in how they answer, but I do not want to abandon the OP and its premise. So let's not stray too far from that, please. (I am sorry. I don't mean to be a dick.)
  13. Okay. Let me try and separate this into some paragraphs. Then I try to respond to it.
  14. I see, I see. What say you of Crater? Good or bad, would you say he is a well written character, even though we only get to see him for a small handful of pages? What is it with him anyway? Surely he wasn't just some random character to introduce Gilly to us and provide some background information to the readers. Surely there is something more going on here. But I digress.
  15. I must admit I am not good at making quotes from the text because I never quite learned how to do that on a technical level. So do we hav anyone who is willing to demonstrate "in the text" what impresses you most about these characters? Again, I would rather this focus on how the character is written, NOT whether or not the character is morally good or bad. Again, thanks.
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