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  1. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    If you didn't watch something then you generally don't get the right to critique it. I think that makes sense. There are many things to criticise about the show, but most of the points you make about season 5 really just boil down to changes to book content and characters that you don't like. I've had that discussion so many times on the GoT boards and its plain for everyone to see. Stannis and Sansas storylines were simply more entertaining than their book versions, and both are miles better than anything the show is doing right now. If you want to hate on the show, watch it right now, there is a lot to hate.
  2. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    My point is, perceived sexism isn't really something I use as a barometer of quality, in fact I think GoT has made so many ludicrous attempts to counter the sexism charge in the past few seasons that its gone completely the other way. Now every female is 'empowered' and strong, and most of the male characters are weak and pathetic. And if we are purely talking about the last couple of seasons then I would agree with you. There has been very little attempt to real deal with politics on anything more than a superficial level. The romances are mostly incredibly shallow and poorly set up and there is too much reliance on fart and nob jokes. I'm totally in agreement with you there. I don't think its still a great show. I do think it has just enough to make it a good show still, but its really borderline and there have been many occasions this season and last where I had my head in my hands at its ineptness. However even with all of that, its still better than Agents of SHIELD.
  3. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Yeah that exactly the sort of nonsense I'm talking about. A sort of bizarre obsession with sex, as if that bares any relevance to the quality of the show or the writing. Its fine to be a Agents of SHIELD fan, I quite enjoy it for what it is, but I don't think anyone can claim it is a high quality show or meaningfully written. Its light and fluffy and its attempts at pathos and 'themes' are mostly incredibly clunky. Its a network show from top to bottom.
  4. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Yeah it's posts like that which made me stay away from the GOT board
  5. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Big Bang Theory: Mostly bad but with a few high points

    Ugh, they will make videos about anything these days! Either way, Big Bang is guilty of a lot of crimes, but I wouldn't call it misogynistic. Even with the videos point at Lampshading the real nastiness of Big Bang lays at the way it treats its main characters. They are often creepy and weird, and its always pointed out that they are creepy and weird, the joke is that they are being creepy and don't understand it. If they were lionising their behaviour or holding it up as some sort of normality then the video might have a point, but in fact its the opposite. The show is saying 'look at these losers and their backwards behaviour, what a bunch of freaks' The real victims of this show are nerdy men. The writers have almost no concept of geek culture, and almost certainly hate it and look down on it. Their characters are a big melting pot of every nerd cliche ever and the show asks that you poke fun at them week after week. That the main character clearly has some form of autism (well sometimes, when the jokes demand it) and that is one of its main comedic elements is where people should really be pointing their anger.
  6. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    You weren't joking. That is A LOT of shows.
  7. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Watch some TV/Movies and talk about it here.

    I watched American Made the other day, which has been compared to Logan Lucky (which I also wanted to watch but think I missed in theatres). I really enjoyed it actually, its a Doug Liman movie and hes got such a good track record I was confident it would be good. Tom Cruise is so awesome at playing charming, yet sleazy arseholes and its a real return for him after the horrendous Mummy movie. Highly recommended.
  8. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Halt and Catch Fire- opinions?

    I agree with you, but I don't think we can ever expect shows like this to get too popular, nor do we want to. God knows what would happen if they felt they had to stretch it out for 10 seasons because the network likes the income. Better for it to be an unknown hit with loyal fans and finish early than to go on forever and ruin its legacy. A bit like I'm really glad nobody watched The Leftovers.
  9. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    I can see what your saying, for me the difference is the proportion of 'good' scenes to 'bad' scenes. Sure there have always been a few clunky moments in GoT, many you have just mentioned. I think the difference is that they were usually the exception to the rule, and that mostly the show was smartly paced, full of wit and intrigue, it was good at building tension, featured many beautifully acted moments and plenty of emotional payoffs. For every crappy Ramsey Bolton scene there usually 5 excellently acted and well made scenes. This latest season you'd be hard pressed to find one good , clever, well written scene that doesn't feel like some hastily put together attempt to make sure the plot points occur. I rewatched the first episode of season 7 last week and there was one solitary scene I felt came close to the quality of the first few seasons. That was Jim Broadbent and sam having a conversation about White Walkers, that was the only half decent scene that episode and it was probably the least exciting. The first 20 minutes were pure exposition designed to help casuals catch up, and it was obvious. The show has always been over rated in terms of artistic merit, its always been quite soapish and melodramatic, but it has no lost any pretence at art and is purely a commercial venture now, which I find quite sad, but understandable considering its production.
  10. Channel4s-JonSnow

    U.S. Politics: There's Identity Politics, On Many Sides

    You do understand that doesn't count as proof as to what he was planning to do right?
  11. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Football - City Bid the Wrong Type of Sterling

    Yeah, hes got a point, but then ex players and pundits are there to critique players and managers. Its part of the game. Ozil doesn't do himself many favours with his style of play, brilliant one minute, lazy and uninterested the next. He sums up Arsenals problems over the past few years. I think Arsenal deserve every bit of criticism they get, because their problems are the exact same every single year, without fail they will defend horribly, look dreadful and uninterested, have a good spell after xmas and everyone will forget about it.
  12. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    I've spent enough time in the GoT discussion boards to know how emotive an issue this is for some people, and it can be hard to view the show objectively due to their love of the source material. The current season is the worst by far and most of the crimes the show has been guilty of have become ever more frequent with every episode: poor writing, expositional dialogue, rushed plotting, nonsensical moments. But there are plenty of shows that have exactly the same issues, and don't even have any of the more positive qualities of the show. Agents of SHIELD can be reasonably entertaining, but is essentially teen trash. Grimm is horrible. Homeland is insulting to its viewers and House of Cards the past couple of years has become a parody of itself. I don't think you could ever put shows like that above Game of Thrones without being a little dishonest about your feelings. Theres an element of spite involved with those rankings sometimes, and its understandable, I got very angry at GoT this year and might have done the same if I'd voted after Ravens became superpowered.
  13. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Halt and Catch Fire- opinions?

    Yep Halt and Catch Fire is one of my favourite shows ever, I can't remember another show where I cared so deeply about the characters. I thought season one was excellent actually, and the show has gotten better and more interesting as it has gone on, feeling totally organic in its storytelling, the way characters evolve and change yet are still coming from the same seed of traits is really well done, better than I've seen on any other show, except maybe Mad Men.
  14. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Football - City Bid the Wrong Type of Sterling

    It was a good goal.. but is he that good?
  15. Channel4s-JonSnow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    As someone who would have ranked the show #1 on my list for the past few years I'm personally not going to let it into my final top ten of the year this year. Maybe had I not been a book reader and been less involved with the story I'd be able to overlook some of the issues, but there is no doubt the show has dropped hugely in quality, mainly in terms of storytelling, script and character. It has pushed up in terms of set pieces and plot development ( as in more is happening) but sometimes you need the connective tissue between those scenes to really get the full effect. I think Annara Snow is coming more from a ranting perspective and over egging how bad the show is, its clearly better than much of the trash on tv and still has a decent level of competence in its writing. Having said that, I would easily put it above many of the other shows Corvinius listed. House of Cards was unwatchable this year, Defenders is desperately bland, AoS and GRIMM?!?!. I think there needs to be some perspective. There are easily 10 better shows out this year than GoT, but that doesn't mean its a bad tv show.