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  1. I listened to it yesterday. Was ok, I kind of wanted there to be more in there, to get a different take on the events. I think they were both extremely careful in what they said and not sure there was a great deal of insight in it. Interesting points about Harris curating exactly who he will speak to in interviews, whereas Murray is ok with getting around a table with anyone, even if people link him by association to them. I think he needs to be a bit more careful.
  2. I wouldn't even score the episode highly on production values or action, so it loses out there too. You can occasionally sway me and I'll forget the bad plotting if the scenes are well directed or beautiful, but apart from some nice landscape shots I can't say that about this episode. The action itself wasn't even close to Hardhome levels , everything was directed in a very safe, standard manner. There were very few epic or interestingly framed shots. It was below average even on those terms
  3. You're right, that was literally the only good point in the entire episode.
  4. I'd give it a 4. What could have been a tremendously exciting episode was destroyed by some of the stupidest writing the show has ever put on screen. At one point I thought I'd simply turn off the tv if the dragons came to a last minute rescue.. not expecting that the writers would stoop so low. But they actually did. There are many things this season which require faith and for you to leave your brain at the door, but the thought that you could run to the wall for miles in thickest winter, send a raven across a continent, prepare and fly across the continent on a dragon and find a lake... all in the space of a day... it's moronic. Not to mention the plan that got them there in the first place. The first time the show has truly upset me with its stupidity
  5. I think I'm maybe starting to adjust to the pure speed that things are happening now. Its basically like a showreel or a trailer for a full season. Not much to say on the episode. My one lasting feeling was awe at the brazeness of some of the writing. The way the shoved Gendry back into the story and got him up past the wall was faster than light. Most of the last 10 minutes was absolutely ludicrous. Still I'm enjoying it all, but in a very different way to the one I used to.
  6. I don't really have a problem with assuming she learnt all these things in her time with the FM, they just didn't really show us any of that, so it feels like it came out of nowhere. They have screwed up her story in many ways by making it feel rushed and cutting out much of what she would have learnt while there. In the books it feels like she is just starting her journey and learning the very basics, and it will be years before she could ever get to this level, but this feels like its possibly a matter of months at most.
  7. I'd say an 8.5. Tale of two halves really. Obviously the Field of Fire battle was awesome in so many ways, I don't need to really explain why it was so much fun to watch. Who wouldn't enjoy the Dothraki in full scale combat, with a dragon burning stuff up. Of course there are a number of travel issues that are heavily glossed over, but thats where we are with the show now. The first half wasn't great though. - The Sansa / Arya reunion was rather flat. It should have been a massive moment, even if Arya is not herself any more. But they somehow made it quite pedestrian and disappointing. I felt very little emotion watching it. I guess they were torn as to how to depict Aryas reaction. - The caves should have been a mysterious / cool moment, but was rather spoilt by the Children of the Forest advancing their drawing skills rather suddenly and learning to draw in a modern realist style, where they were doing patterns before. - Was nice seeing Arya fighting Brienne, but again when did she learn these skills? Fine, I won't grumble. I enjoyed it
  8. I thought it was the best episode of the season so I'll give it an 8. It was the first episode that didn't feel horrendously rushed. I guess I'm now used to the pacing of the show now, that they are fast forwarding and throwing the big events at the screen. This episode seemed to pull that off a bit better than previously. I enjoyed the amount of time they took with each location. That the Jon and Dany scene took its time. Sure it wasn't as momentuous as I'd imagined but at the same time it didn't make me want to puke so that's a bonus
  9. I'm giving it a 7. A definite improvement on last weeks clunkathon. My hopes weren't high after the first scene however. That battle room was another case of characters who seemed to have not had a single conversation with each other over the last few months, and decide to get all the most obvious points out to each other in the space of 5 minutes. So much expositional dialogue I wondered whether I could continue to watch it without ripping the tv apart. I was also frustrated by what appears to be a very black and white view of what each group wanted. Dany and her crew seemed to all be mostly aligned in their ambitions, making their task mostly very simple, there were no conflicting goals, no backstabbing. That did mostly appear to improve as the episode wore on though. The Tarley/Jamie discussion did at least add some sort of political complexity to the show, as minimal as it was. Apart from that there wasn't a huge amount to complain about, obviously Missaworm was just an awkward nonsensical scene that served very little purpose, the same goes for the lesbo action on the boat. But I enjoyed it a lot more than last week, which almost signalled the end of the show for me.
  10. Well I certainly agree that most western countries feel a level of shame at promoting their own cultures, certainly Britain views patriotism as basically akin to racism.The suggestion that anyone arriving in a country should attempt to fit in with the native culture is seen as a racist concept in itself. I'm undecided on the issue, London is a melting pot of cultures which mix together and create something new and exciting quite often.. but that is usually only when different cultures are allowed to mix. If you have areas and groups that do not mix then you have real problems. Maybe it is against that background that I feel uncomfortable with the way in which he says things, it is a very fine line.
  11. Yeah Murray has an attachment to Christianity that I don't quite identify with. I am undecided on him though. Partly I agree with his points on immigration, especially the shutting down of dialogue about the issue. But then I take issue with his points about a 'white british' minority , which does feel a bit like its veering into racism. I also think that integration happens a lot more than he assumes. Having grown up in a very ethnic part of london I can say that many of my friends were 2nd generation Indians and Asians, and all were culturally as British as I was. I canno claim that is the same everywhere but I doubt some of what he's saying.
  12. Might have to check on more Murray stuff then, although he seems a little bit extreme to me.
  13. Yeah there are times where I wished that Harris would be a bit more challenging though, he does admit to often inadvertently creating an echo chamber. But his interview with Douglas Murray needed a more critical voice I think, they obviously both have their views on immigration and islam but I would have appreciated a counter voice in there. The Jordan Peterson ones were frustrating as well, because Peterson is a bit of a cult figure, and quite an interesting character, but I felt like they both got hung up on certain topics and and couldn't get on the same level. Harris admitted that about the first one but both were disappointing for me.
  14. Yeah I often enjoy 50% of Harris' podcasts, but this was one that I really couldn't turn off. I do think that Harris lost his way halfway through and simply got too flustered and angry to really push Adams on a few of the things he said. That is a shame. I think the first half made some very interesting points however. I especially felt enlightened when Adams talked about Trumps persuasion technique of saying something that was over the top, but which tapped into an emotional truth of many of his listeners. We've heard it all before the 'he wont do any of the things he says' line, but you can see that this approach would work with some people. Saying 'I'm going to send all muslims back' might be a good opening gambit to get you to a point where you have slightly tougher immigration rules, as well as making your core base feel better about things. I'm not sure that Trump does many of the things he does on purpose however, its like he's stumbled upon a technique that seems to work. Adams made Trump appear more calculated than I think he really is. But when it came to Climate Change and Russia, Adams really struggled to justify his opinion. As you say there were a number of hoops he had to jump to, to get to where he is. The wealth of information on Climate change is simply too big to ignore, and Adams skirted the issue by simply saying we can kick the can down the road a bit till we know more. Didn't work for me. On Russia I can certainly agree with some of his points, if you look at each individual case you can find a way of making it look less bad, but when you add up every single incident then it becomes impossible to ignore.
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