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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Don't forget Stannis sailed to the North to get to the Wall. With Ships he could sail to where he liked on the coast and then have marched directly on Winterfell. Saving time, supplies and Men, and maybe even kept some element of surprise.
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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Yes, looks like Stannis lost. Not sure if he is dead or not. That was left a little ambiguous in the show ending. I hope he lives and somehow helps Theon, Sansa and maybe Brienne escape from Ramsay when he starts searching for them. (which he will). In the book, I hope the battle is closer and more interesting than the show. That was just depressing. If Stannis actually loses in the book I hope he escapes and helps the North anti Bolton resistance or something like that. The Bolton’s win the battle of Ice, but lose the war…….. The Shireen Burning in the show was even more depressing (and shocking). Kinda saw it coming in the show build up, but I still don’t think the ‘real’ Stannis would have done that. The real Stannis has her back at the wall 'safe', as she is his legacy for the future and that is what Stannis is all about. He’s the only one who was prepared to go north and protect the Wall and help the Night’s Watch after all. If he was all just about being king, he’s have gone to Winterfell first. If he dies, I guess Melisandre can do her fire thing... Though if Stannis is dead, then Shireen is the Queen (in the book). I like the Shireen character in the book and in the show. She seems to be reasonable and astute. The kind of person GRRM seems to like. It was a shame to see her get killed off like that in the show.