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  1. The Khal Who Rode West

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Can we update Old Nan's page? I believe the World Book finally confirmed that she was the wetnurse to William Stark and Lyanne Glover's son Brandon. The Stark lineage tree says that this Brandon had no children, and the Brandon she was called in for died at 3 and thus didn't have children. He's also the only one who fits the rest of Bran's quote as Brandon can't have been an older or younger brother to Rickard as Rickard had no siblings. But he can be Edwyle's brother as Lyanne's child would be Edwyle's half brother. And Brandon son of Artos can't be the Brandon who Old Nan was summoned for as that Brandon had children and therefore clearly didn't die at 3. So Old Nan has to have joined House Stark for William and Lyanne's son.
  2. The Khal Who Rode West

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The year 284 AC/Weddings page should be updated as they say that Robert married Cersei in 284. It should be that he married Cersei in 285. In 300 AC (AFFC) Jaime says that Ilyn Payne has been King's Justice for 15 years and Ilyn Payne was appointed Justice as a wedding gift from Robert to Tywin. That means that Robert's marriage to Cersei occurred in 285, not 284.