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  1. Jacques the Japer

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Hey guys, :drunk:   I know were all out for ourselves here, but is there any chance some of you could help an aspiring writer out and post some links of places on the net where authors cn subt part of their work for some critical reading by actual book lovers (I.e, not friends and family, who lack objectivity)?   Or no of any users on the forum who would be willing to do so?, im not in the habit of PMemming strangers with requests like these, and im new here so the friend list is on the empty side
  2. Im officially a fith of a century old . .O_O

  3. Frank Underwood for the Iron Throne!!

  4. Jacques the Japer

    References and Homages

    That might just be, GRRM coming across a cool old name while researching   Also, isn't Donner Germanic for "Thunder?" In my home language, Afrikaans for instance, we call thunder "Donderweer" orThunderweather
  5. Im beginning to wonder if California will be underwater by the time GRRM finishes the series

  6. Whooo, free rider ftw

  7. Jacques the Japer


    Thanks guys, loving the atmosphere sofar ;)
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    Hey Guys Long time lurker finally registering here, have been a fan of ASIAF since a DVD rental of the TV show converted me, and got me interested in reading George RR Martins novels, my fantasy repoitre had up until then been fairly limited, barring a teenage LOTR obsession (Though you can thank the movies and Video Games for that as much as the actual books, ,I haven't been much interested in posting until recently due to bad internet (South African citizen) and other things to keep me busy (University degree, and other err....student stuff) :cool4: Besides, reading and writing, my hobbies include martial arts,(guitar playing, and blogging on local and international politics.