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  1. Mat92

    Information & degrees of separation between characters

    @Alexis-something-Rose Cool breakdown! I never picked up on the names of the same ships popping up multiple times across books in different areas on my first read (unsurprisingly). I think we are at a point where we are about to see characters start to cross over and meet each other for the first time quite frequently starting with Winds, and I think the story will be slightly less dependent on these passages of information going forward based on that. It also seems like the majority of these examples are Dany related, or about/from characters that are poised to interact with Dany quite soon. So it seems as if George is using the method to really lay the seeds for preparing his characters for Dany.
  2. Mat92

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Dany and Viserys are threats to his reign, especially so close to the Rebellion. Aemon poses no political threat as a sworn member of the nights watch and very very old. I also don't think it's very well known that he was there. Considering how old he was, most people probably considered him to be dead already. Most of the South pay no mind to the NW, even most of the small council.
  3. I find Victarion interesting in the context of his family, not as an individual character. The dynamic between him and his brothers is interesting and I'm sure we'll learn more about their past in Winds. But honestly, I feel like he's mostly a plot device - it's likely he'll be responsible for giving his fleet to Dany (willingly or unwillingly) to use and get her to Westeros. Plus he's pretty much rejected his own Gods IIRC?
  4. Mat92

    Predict her future: Penny

    I agree with all of this. Even if I wouldn't label it as "sister" per se, I definitely don't see Penny as Tyrion's love interest or daughter just because she's a female and she's a dwarf. I definitely see her as a Brienne parallel, in the sense that for better or worse she ends up accepting who Jaime is and what he's done, and encourages him to be better. Tyrion needs someone right now to lead him out of the darkness - the fact that she's a dwarf and a woman serves two purposes: It shows that Tyrion's relationship with women has changed/is changing, especially after the woman at Illyrio's palace - that seemed like rock bottom for that kind of behaviour for him Her being a dwarf makes her instantly relatable to Tyrion and makes her a genuine character to him. I think he's too bitter to admit it, but I think in some ways he even envies her life in that she is a dwarf that grew up with a family that liked her.
  5. I wouldn't say he's the smartest lord but I would say he's definitely competent and capable. I think more than anything he's gotten a little bit pompous with age based on them arguably being the most comfortable region in Westeros. They don't have to deal with harsh conditions like the North, or the same level of heat as Dorne, and they aren't overpopulated like Kings Landing (not a region I know). Their climate makes it ideal for growing crops and resources which is its own currency during war time. He's essentially grown into a bit of a pompous, proud man based on these conditions and having a bunch of pretty capable kids. Even the one that's crippled is still pretty smart and level headed. I would say if anything, he's probably just being undermined slightly by Olenne at times, which doesn't help his reputation/image either.
  6. Mat92

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    I don't know if there's any mentions in the book about this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wildlings throughout the years have offered their children as sacrifices in return for temporary safety. This would make sense if Craster is so easily able to make this deal - there must be a precedent already set, and likely would have found out about this from his Wildling wives. In terms of timing, it must be fairly recent right? It seems like during GoT the characters are only just starting to react to odd news from beyond the wall regarding Wildling activity. I wouldn't be surprised if Craster was able to keep it going for a few years, but surely if The Others were active for more than 5-10 years (prior to GoT), the NW rangers would have heard SOMETHING about it. I know it would have taken quite a bit of time for Mance Rayder to organise that many wildling tribes together in order to escape the threat of the White Walkers, but again, anything more than 10 years seems unlikely IMO. In the end, I don't think it really matters story-wise (and I doubt we'll find out).
  7. I would think that Tommen would actually be a good candidate to take over at Casterly Rock/as Warden of the West one day. If this is before the purple wedding, then Tywin would have been planning long term, at least long enough for Joff and Marg to have a kid, which takes Tommen out of the running as current heir to the throne. Tyrion being accused post wedding gave Tywin the perfect excuse to try and get Jamie out of the Kingsguard, I don't think he thought it was probable before. Jamie - ASOS: It seems very much on Tywin's mind to get Tommen away from Cersei at any rate. I think his original plan was always to send him to Casterly Rock, possibly to be a ward for Kevan. Tywin is aware that Tommen is much easier to handle than Joff, raising him as a Lannister at Casterly Rock - he'd eventually grow up to be a great Warden of the West candidate. I'm not sure what he'd do with Cersei though - he definitely wants to marry her off, perhaps to put her in place in the Stormlands?
  8. I definitely think that Ned distanced himself emotionally in case this was necessary, and Ned definitely would have done it if it came to it. But it's important to note that Ned not only treated Theon well in respect to him essentially being a hostage, but he gave him a lot of the same opportunities to learn that any highborn son and heir would receive - learning from Maester Luwin, training from Rodrik, etc. I think a small part of Ned did not want to discount the remote possibility that raising Theon right with Robb (even as a ward/hostage) might be good when Balon died and Theon took over. I assume the plan was for Theon to take over after Balon died? He can't be a hostage forever.
  9. I shouldn't have said democracy, I just meant that there wouldn't be a centralised seat of power anymore. IMO it's more likely to end with a leader in each region than one king/queen.
  10. Mat92

    The Others and Wights

    This has always been suspicious to me. Why would he say "dead things" instead of "dead people"? It has to be something he doesn't recognise, which makes it very interesting. Are you asking if the Wight Walkers could handle a ship as opposed to wights? I guess WW would technically have the motor skills to be able to do such a thing, but I don't think they have the experience. And wights don't seem to have any skills outside of very basic/primitive actions so I don't think they would be much help either. The Wight Walkers are always accompanied by the freezing cold temperatures (that they likely bring with them) but I think it's unrealistic to be able to bring this temperature level with you when you are sailing on a ship, even if slowly. Plus the cold would likely freeze the water into ice, and perhaps stiffen the sails/ropes too? So while I think it's possible, I think there are so many circumstances preventing it from being a good idea.
  11. Mat92

    Dany's dream about the Trident

    Yeah I can foresee her at least losing all her dragons by the end. Whether or not she survives is another thing entirely.
  12. I pretty much agree with the above, except for the below: Edric: there's way too many characters at the moment, I hope he doesn't show up until end of book 7 Tommen: I think he's more likely to die as a result of something Cersei does (indirectly), Varys directly killing someone like he did with Kevan seems to be a one off, but could indicate that he needs to put plans in motion quickly But realistically, I don't think there will be an Iron Throne/single King or Queen at the end. I think they'll revert back to some sort of democracy between the individual kingdoms. I think it would be underwhelming to see a single person (or a power couple) take charge of the whole country, and would rather see everyone realise that the whole thing was pointless and a huge waste of time after the Others invade.
  13. I don't think that it's specifically part of the oath that one Kingsguard has to be around the King at all times, I think that's more out of practicality and logic. No point having a Kingsguard if they aren't there to protect the King, but as they are sworn to protect him, then they have to obey if he sends them away or gives them permission to do something else. I could be wrong, and welcome evidence to the contrary. 2/3 of ASOIAF's "ruling" Kings are boys - Joffrey and Tommen - so I don't think it's surprising that we haven't seen a situation where the Kingsguard isn't present, especially for Tommen based on Cersei's paranoia.
  14. Mat92

    Why did Cersei name her first child Joffrey?

    The chances of Robert opening anything that didn't have alcohol inside it were very slim. I would say it's more related to the fact that George wanted to choose a name that was associated to another bastard in history, as a lot of the clues of what's happening in ASOIAF are hidden in the past. However, it would be right up Cersei's alley to choose the name of a bastard out of spite, but likely Robert wouldn't have been smart enough to realise. Especially Joffrey Velaryon, who's heritage was questioned in court simply based on hair colour. If so, she probably looked for Targaryen names anyway based on her wanting to wed Rhaegar IIRC. She was probably very familiar with the names of past Targaryens from a young age.