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  1. Mat92

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    I'm not necessarily interested in discussing how specific the parallels between the characters are, but more so what it could potentially tell us about the story going far. I think it's a pretty strong indication in support of Benjen reappearing at some point. But any other parallels that I haven't thought of might be cool if someone sees any.
  2. Mat92

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    All good!
  3. Mat92

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    This is a forum for the books not the show. Your opinion is certainly valid, but not relevant here - no offence.
  4. Mat92

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    I agree, I meant mentor in the sense that he looks up to him - technically Benjen/Obi-Wan both did not have much time each to do any mentoring. However it’s interesting you think that Benjen “tricked” Jon into joining the nights watch. Obi-Wan was shown to be... not altogether truthful to Luke about his father in A New Hope (“from a certain point of view”). Another parallel maybe?
  5. Mat92

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    Benjen's role in the books is very similar to Ben/Obi-Wan Kenobi's. I don't think there is a one-to-one comparison, but I think there's a parallel between the Jon/Benjen and Luke/Obi-Wan relationships: Both Jon and Luke grew up as outsiders who wanted more from life Benjen and Obi-Wan are mentors to them and introduce them into a life where they have bigger roles to play Both Benjen and Obi-Wan disappear/die early on in Jon/Luke's journeys, causing them to always think about what their mentors would do Luke's father was not who he expected, and based on the R+L=J theory, this matches too (both revelations would be equally confusing/troubling) I think this is interesting because as we know, Obi-Wan returns to Luke in some form to offer some guidance by the end, as well as to be important in confirming his heritage. Likewise, I think that the strong parallels here are proof that Benjen will return at some point (which is commonly believed) to Jon and be integral to confirming his heritage. I'm interested to see if there are any other parallels that occur between these characters, or their stories.
  6. Mat92

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    Benjen joined the Nights Watch after Robb was born, (and even Jon) so technically he was back to being third in line for Lord of Winterfell. The Nights Watch is still respected by the Northern houses (compared to everywhere else) and we know that other people joined the Nights Watch voluntarily as they were further down the line of succession, as opposed to being sent there as punishment. So I don't think it's overly suss that Benjen would join. However I think it's curious that we are not (yet) given an explicit reason for why he joined, but I think we might still.
  7. I just look this up on the wiki - I totally don't remember reading that Jaime specifically hunted down another 2 pyromancers after he killed Aerys. Aerys was very clearly going mad and while I don't know too much about the pyromancers guild, I assume that most of them are level headed enough to realise that assisting a mad man with a plot to completely obliterate Kings Landing and essentially mass murder everyone there is a bad thing. I wouldn't be surprised if those that assisted Aerys were either threatened or promised a very nice reward. Taking out Jaime - the brother of the Queen and son of the most powerful man in Westeros (not to mention one of the greatest fighters of his time) - would have been very foolish. Going forward, I can see Cersei becoming the Mad King 2.0 (Mad Queen): Jaime won't be able to kill her like he did with Aerys so she'll end up blowing up KL like Aerys never got the chance to. This would close out the siblings story quite nicely and being ironic that after all the wars and fighting, nobody gets the throne in the end.
  8. Mat92

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    Agreed. I think he's currently very much like Coldhands and working for the 3ER, not that he is Coldhands. Introducing Coldhands is just foreshadowing/setup for what Benjen is. GRRM has said that we'll learn more about the Lands of Always Winter/very very far north of the wall in the upcoming books, so I would think it's very likely that we'll get a POV chapter between the two of them discussing some 3ER stuff while giving the reader an insight into what's happening up there. You could be right, but I think it's not like GRRM to kill him off page considering the importance of the Stark family, what he means to Jon, and the potential storytelling options he is positioned to provide in the North (if he's still there).
  9. Mat92

    Do the people of Westeros understand money

    Well most people only have resources or their services/time to offer as a trade in return for more resources like food, as opposed to money. Wealth is something that people are aware of, but this is a society where it almost 100% depends on the family you were born into. If you’re a lower house or regular common folk, money is something you’re going to get used to not having a lot of pretty quickly, without much aspiration on getting a tonne more. So I think the “value” of money is a lot lower than how we see it, as opposed to food and resources in Westeros. When a war comes or a harsh winter, they’d rather have food than money. And don’t forget certain resources vary from region to region. Therefore bartering is probably a lot more beneficial to them than items with a set economic price.
  10. Let's look at a timeline here. Aegon landed in Westeros for the first time 2 years before his conquering started (2 BC). The last dragon - which was stunted and misshapen - was born died in 153 AC. The last full grown dragons died/went missing between then and the end of the Dance of Dragons twenty years earlier (131 AC) So as far as Westeros is concerned, they've only known/had to deal with dragons for about 133 years. Here are the reasons why nobody has built a castle to withstand a dragon: Building castles with the available resources is very time consuming and expensive It would take Westeros YEARS to not only learn enough about dragon's weaknesses, but also to design and plan the castle in a way that takes these weaknesses into account, much less build it Given these conditions, this would limit the option of the above happening to rich/important lords Stretching this process out longer is the fact that the realm periodically had to deal with wars of various sizes between Aegon's Conquering and up to and including Dance of Dragons, which drains resources Because all of this takes so much time to plan, word will have definitely gotten out about a house building an anti-dragon castle, which the Crown would find out about and act on swiftly. Depending on the reigning monarch, this could be very bad. I admit that making modifications to a castle would take less time and be less costly, but the rest of the castle (being made of stone) would still not be able to withstand the dragon. Also, outside of Targaryens I don't think anyone would be able to get close enough to study them anyway, which means that the likelihood of anyone figuring out some of your suggestions (what smells they don't like) is very small. And after the last dragon died, it hasn't mattered for people to try for the last 150 or so years.
  11. Mat92

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    I don't think there will be a surprise reveal that Coldhands is *insert character here* all along. However, I think his character will be used to give us a POV into what's happening in the far North - similar to Varamyr in DwD. I think it's likely that he has knowledge of where Benjen is/what he's up to and this will be revealed via a Coldhands POV chapter at some point. Or perhaps even using him as a POV to see more of what the White Walkers are up to. That being said, I like the theories that I'm reading here that Coldhands was the man who had his throat slit in Bran's vision. That would match up nicely.
  12. Mat92

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    I'm always so hesitant to speculate on magic in the series, especially fire magic. We know that "magic" exists because there have been countless examples, but when it comes to magic/sorcery on a BIG scale (fire magic awakening volcanoes, horn of winter, etc) I don't want to believe it in the story. I'm worried something like that will be used as a dues ex machina near the end of the story, and honestly dragons alone run that risk. But I would be interested in it being revealed in the past, as opposed to something that affects the plot.
  13. When I read the title of this post, I interpreted it as: "Will Sandor Slay Robert Strong? Or Will A Dragon Slay Robert Strong" I think this would be a fitting end to The Mountain he burned his brother and in turn he gets burnt. I ultimately think it would be much more satisfying to see Sandor kill him, however it should be noted that in a literary sense, both The Hound and the Mountain are "dead." So it will be interesting to see if this happens. I agree that Sandor will not slay a dragon. A part of his arc has been about overcoming his fear of fire (eg: fighting Beric with a flaming sword). So I think it's thematically more relevant for him to side with Dany at some point (or at least whoever she has also sided with/not against her).
  14. Mat92

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    Woah I never thought of "stone dragons" referring to dormant volcanos before! Every time Mel or someone talks about stone dragons awakening, what if it refers to volcanoes erupting? It's widely assumed that Valyria was just a chain of volcanos going off, plus there's theories that this may have also happened at Hardhome IIRC? So the whole "stone dragons awakening" takes on a much more believable meaning now.
  15. @Opadelirium This post is supported by material from the show, and should not be in this forum. I agree that some sort of pact was made. The wall allegedly took a couple hundred years to initially build IIRC (and longer still to get to the height it is currently). What stopped the builders from being attacked by White Walkers that whole time? However I don't put much stock in the Prince that Was Promised theories. I doubt we'll get some big reveal from GRRM that it is a single person. The story will presumably end with numerous characters having contributed to ending the War of the Dawn 2.0, which will show that any of them could fit the bill. The ASOIAF books are very much concerned with the idea of "perspective" - the same event can be seen very differently by different POV characters for example. But they also show that events throughout history can be coloured by perspective and the amount of information available/omitted (Roberts Rebellion and Lyanna's kidnapping are a huge example). Therefore it stands to reason that over time (once the series has ended) many people throughout Westeros will differ on who they think the Price that was Promised/Last Hero/Stallion Who Mounts the World are.