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    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Robb Stark acted selfishly. I know the Stark fans tried to paint his actions a different color like it was done out of honor. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Robb simply did not want to marry a Frey. He broke his pact in order to avoid having to get stuck with a wife he didn't choose. A lot of people are sacrificing to answer the Stark call to arms but the Starks refused to make sacrifices. Catelyn put them all in a bad spot because she was not willing to sacrifice her daughters. How can a leader expect their subordinates to sacrifice when they are not. The Starks suck at leadership. I'm specifically talking about Robb, Catelyn, and Jon. Robb had zero justification to break his oath to the Freys. Zero. frenin It doesn't matter what Cersei is thinking. She has bigger problems to think about. She's in deeper than Walder right now. And Tywin Lannister is dead. Hoster Tully is dead. Walder Frey's boy has River Run. He got the best out of this deal. The Starks only attempted to make amends because they need the Freys. Robb didn't apologize out of shame and decency.
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    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    I am in agreement. Robb Stark behaved stupidly.
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    Language used to give orders to dragons

    I love the question because I will never get tired of talking about her dragons. Daenerys hatched her dragons long after the doom had consumed Old Valyria. They don't know High Valyrian. Dragons are not born knowing a language. They learn language just as humans do. The word is not so much a command as a signal. Real life dogs pick up the meaning of human language. Drogon would know the Common Tongue because that is the language spoken primarily in his presence. Daenerys could have chosen another signal. It doesn't have to be an audible signal but that is the easiest and can be sent from a distance. A physical signal such as a touch would work too. What commands the ancients used to talk to their dragons is not known to Drogon and his brothers because they don't understand High Valyrian. They will have to learn the signals their mother chooses for them. The language doesn't matter as long as its consistently used.
  4. Allardyce

    Summerhall tragedy - new theory

    Sacrificing baby Rhaegar is not going to produce magic. The baby is not a king. He was in the line of succession but he was far down. Nor is he destined to become king. Contrast this to the birth of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. Three kings died. King Viserys III, Khal Drogo, and the new Khal Rhaego. Drogo was already vegetated when Rhaego lost his life. So there was a brief period in which Rhaego inherited the khalasar. And Rhaego was no ordinary baby. He was technically crowned as the Stallion Who Will Mount the World. Khal Drogo was every inch the undefeated king. Viserys was crowned on Dragonstone by his mother, Queen Rhaella. Three kings were sacrificed. The sacrifice of Rhaegar is not the equivalent. I'm not saying Aegon V wasn't willing to sacrifice Rhaegar. Maybe he was. It wouldn't have worked. He's not the promised one and Rhaegar was not a king. We don't know what ritual Aegon tried. He was following ancient text. Maybe the joke was on him. What he thought was directions for hatching dragon eggs was nothing more than a recipe for barbecue written by a long dead Valyrian chef.
  5. Allardyce

    Game: You are Littlefinger, what do you do?

    Petyr Baelish is the best entrepreneur in Westeros. He's right up there with Illyrio Mopatis and Hizdahr zo Loraq in business skills. He's speculating on the price of grain. Winter will cause the price of grain to rise. Famine makes people desperate though and it is critical for him to have the ability to protect his grain from being taken by force. Those who cannot pay will have to borrow. He's using economics to gain power like he has always done. He didn't reveal all of his plans to Allayne. He doesn't want to serve a queen. He wants to rule the kingdom. Allayne cannot give him that. She is just one step on his ladder to the top. Look at his history for proof. The Lannisters gave him status and the lordship of Harrenhal. Those are high honors. Anybody else would have been content. But not Petyr. Oh no, he wants to reach the top. Marrying Sansa to Harry will bring her a little power but it is not even close to what he needs to take the throne. It puts her higher up on the ladder but that won't bring him closer to the throne. She's just another step in his ladder and I will bet she's not the top step on that ladder. Petyr thrives on disorder. All of these things help him because they weaken the establishment and he is anti-establishment. He has to destroy the High Lords in order to have a shot at the throne. Jon's death doesn't affect him because everybody knows it's a crime for the NW to interfere. No commander has ever broken that sacred law. Daenerys announced her intentions to stay and rule Meereen. She disappeared on the back of her dragon. Petyr is not affected. She might even make a good ally if he needs to take down a stubborn high lord in the future. "Your Grace, I destroyed the stags and their dogs. I did you a favor. How about we finish off the squids and the wolves."
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    ASoIaF character poll

  7. Allardyce

    Summerhall tragedy - new theory

    Dragon eggs hatch without any need for mumbo jumbo human sacrifices. Egg's eggs were fresher than the ones Daenerys had. Resurrection was not needed. They failed to hatch because Egg was not the special Targaryen that he believed he was. Neither was Rhaegar. Daenerys was destined to hatch those eggs because she is Azor Ahai and her coming was promised long ago. Egg was just an ordinary Targaryen.
  8. Allardyce

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    The Freys contributed a lot to Robb's cause. They had a right to be pissed at Robb. And yes, the red wedding is a low blow, but if you're going to fight the Starks, it was the best method. It limited the risks for the Freys and their allies.
  9. Ramsay threatened the watch because Jon sent Mance to take his wife. Any nobleman would be pissed off at what Jon did. Jon started this fight. Blame him.
  10. Jon got stabbed because he is guilty of treason, injustice, and hiding the truth about Mance Rayder. Jon executed a man who disrespected him but then he lets the biggest offender of the night's watch get away without punishment. Jon is required to execute Mance Rayder just as Ned Stark was required to execute Gared. The difference is Jon hated Slynt but he liked Mance. Jon also had a personal use for Mance. Jon's lack of ethics compromised the way these two men were judged. He sends Mance Rayder to get Arya. If it's illegal for Jon to do this himself and it is, then it is absolutely also illegal for Mance. They are both sworn to the night's watch. There is no escaping those vows. By ordering Mance to do something illegal Jon committed an act of treason. Bowen Marsh and his co-conspirators are not cowards. They were brave to take a stand against a lord commander who has lost his mind.
  11. Allardyce

    Robert's Kingsguard

    There have always been bad apples in the ranks but Jaime is easily the worst. It's like a wave with it's highs and lows. Aerys Kingsguard were the high point and it went down because Robert kept Jaime. It's an insult to the Whitecloak to keep someone who murdered the king he swore to defend.
  12. It is treason for Jon to order Mance Rayder to get his sister. Mance Rayder cannot escape his vows. Burning Rattleshirt, who has nothing whatsoever to do with the NW, has no effect on the vows that Mance Rayder already took. Jon is guilty of treason against the NW and Westeros. I might also mention that NW Brother Mance Rayder murdered Roose Bolton's service people while on this mission from Jon. That is as good a declaration of war as anything.
  13. Breaking an oath did not release Mance Rayder from his vows. He is legally and permanently committed to the NW.
  14. Mance Rayder is still sworn to the NW. Faking death does not release him from his vows. Gared's desertion did not release him from his vows. Jon ordered a sworn brother to do something illegal. That's treason.
  15. Allardyce

    Think I found a little bird

    Don't you think this girl attracts too much attention? A spy blends in and doesn't draw attention to herself. People in Essos are more educated. The free people are.
  16. Why are the children of Craster and the 13th Lord Commander important to the Others? The commander was a Stark. Maybe Craster and the Others came from Stark stock. The Valyrian rulers are suspected to have a little dragon blood. The story has symmetry so the Starks and Craster must also have a little bit of Other DNA.
  17. The assassination was the only way Bowen Marsh could stop Jon from leading the wildlings to attack the Boltons. Jon had already admitted to illegal activities. He sent a man sworn to the NW to take his sister away from Ramsay. That's not smart and it is treason against the NW and Westeros. What Jon basically did is start a war with the Boltons. We all know this is wrong and something the watch should not involve itself with. Jon was set to make matters worse with his plan to attack the Boltons. Bowen had to do what he did. Jon created that situation.
  18. Allardyce

    Last One Standing

    Anyone can die but Bran has the best chances.
  19. Being an optimist, I believe there is usually a way to end an argument without the shedding of blood. But then the question becomes, who will give up. Who will roll over and take it up the arse for peace? The better option is to handle it with as little bloodshed as possible and with little collateral damage that could impact the dragons and the innocents. Rhaenyra had the Velaryon fortunes are her disposal and dragon eggs to spare. Why not hire the Faceless Men or the Sorrowful Men to strategically kill off the Hightowers. That is what I would have done.
  20. Rhaenyra is a much better person than Cersei. She actually had a right to the throne, unlike Cersei. Daemon = Oberyn. I can see this. Daemon is a good leader of men whereas Oberyn is more of a lone operator.
  21. Allardyce

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Anybody can die but if I have to make this prediction, yeah, these. Euron will be killed by the Damphair's followers. A godless man can't have the Sea Stone chair after all. Khal Jhaqo will die screaming for what he did to Eroeh. Skahaz, killed by Hizdahr's kin within the walls of Meereen. Wayman Manderly, his crimes of cannibalism will not go unpunished. Jaime, because it's only in comfort fiction fairy tales where every bad guy gets to earn redemption.
  22. No. Just no. Rhaenys marrying a bastard is out of the question. That's more than a scandal to suggest such a thing.
  23. Allardyce

    Worst Targaryen King

    That's right. Sometimes people unjustly condemn the person who had to dirty his hands in order for the next generation to have a chance to use their genteel ways. Maegor did what he had to do. The Faith was sticking its nose where it never should have been. Maegor's brutality was justified. Religion needed to be brought to heel. He should have killed more of the Faith. The ones going to the wall should have suffered a misfortune on the way there.