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    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I was thinking Brienne's whole 'watch for the candle and save Sansa VS. go after stannis and avenge renly' dilemma this season was supposed to be a rather less dramatic stand-in for the whole conflicting vows scenario she faces on her quest, but if it's true LSH is back maybe they will return Brienne back to her original plotline which is way more interesting (though stressful since she's my favorite). it does seem like they have taken their sweet time bringing her back but I guess the setting and storyline this season would be the most conducive since as mentioned by other posters we are getting the Freys, Septon Meribald, possibly the Hound, and the BWB or an alternative outlaw band this season it seems the Riverlands will be in full focus. The weird thing is that if she does return, with an army at that, you'd think they would have dropped some hints in the last two or three season about odd happenings in the Riverlands but maybe that just proves if she does come back it was a very recent decision.
  2. I'd kill for some lemon cakes right now

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