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  1. I have been thinking about something for a while. Guess, HoTD is a very rare example where the TV show can be considered the canonical version of the events, while the book that it is based on is actually the rendering with "changes in the story".
  2. Lol, here you go! Hope it is close to what you visualised.
  3. I really like the explanation he gives for what Rhaenyra is doing. Makes so much sense.
  4. Melf's Minute Meteors are better ^^ Is that what happened? Oof, have to watch that scene again, the way I remember it, it cut between Daemon being reflected in the eye of Caraxes, to Caraxes being reflected in the eye of Daemon. Ooh, yes, they should have given some screen time for the three sisters, and Maris goading Aemond. Had forgotten about that scene from the books. If they had shown those scenes, then what Aemond is doing makes total sense. Also, went to sleep for 3 hours, and already 15 pages smh.
  5. ^yeah I really liked the Strom's End scenes, and the illuminated table, even though they went overboard with the minifigs again lol.
  6. What I did not like about the dragon fight was how easily Vhagar catches up to Arrax. Arrax should have been faster and nimble, but it looks like Vhagar just outmanoeuvres Arrax despite being larger. Visually, it was pretty cool though. And yeah, same question, what was Aemond even trying to accomplish there. They also showed some kind of psychic connection between Rhaenyra and Syrax, which showed a bit of skinchanger like abilities, something that was downplayed in GoT (was so disappointed that we did not get a full-fledged Varamyr Sixskins). This was one aspect of Westeros that always intrigued me. Oh, and they gave Daemon some pretty kickass lines, that Matt delivered gloriously.
  7. Im actually liking the changes in the show. Rhaenyra not being hesitant about sending her kids out, shows more confidence in them. Aemond killing Luce because he lost control of Vhagar.
  8. Rhaenyra was 14 when she became the heir? Oof... Rhaenys gets armoured up before the audience lol. She could have given a more convincing argument for not killing the Greens. Finally, in the last episode, they are clearly referring to the factions. I just wish the show would have clearly depicted how it all started in the tournament. Jace is every bit the badass I thought he would be. Wonder why they are not showing the malformed Targaryen babies. So it begins. Solid first season.
  9. Hmmm 17 pages. Lots to catch up on. Disgusting stuff in this episode lol
  10. Looks like a civil war is about to break out. Cap was right btw. I just like his side... no real logical argument here. Do not want to see superheroes confined. I will attempt this lol. Original ending was, HulkKing gets superpowers too, it is implied that Hulk blood is now a dangerous super-power giving potion out in the wild. Hulk explains what he was up to in Sakaar, and possibly Skaar also enters the fighting (Yeah, he was to be introduced before things got changed, Kevin stops just short of saying it). Abomination does not get redeemed, continues to use his powers for financial benefit, and it all leads up to a movie. The whiteboard in the writer's room with the white board that says 'finale' has a bunch of things that may be clues. These are "gamma goo", "nanobots!", "there is something attractive about a man's knees", "stop it in", "it's nice to see Yoo", "in-Ched-ible Hulk", "day job", "are you sure there's a real Apple", "hope you are not a****** to wowies" (cannot read this word), and "but there is no wowie at the end". She-Hulk breaks fourth wall, argues with the writers, changes things so that HulkKing only hacks her phone and does not steal her blood, so there is no Hulk-serum out in the wild, Hulk gets cancelled, Abomination repents using his power for financial gain and dodging the system. Night turns to day, yeah Todd just gets arrested. Daredevil shows up, Kevin finds another way to introduce Skaar... but there is not going to be a She-Hulk movie.
  11. It's a little bit of fan service I think, She-Hulk is a disaster with cars in the comics, and its funny that she destroys an entire parking lot.
  12. I am rewatching frame by frame lol. K.E.V.I.N has a movie projector in the back, so it is almost like the robot is projecting She-Hulk throughout the interaction. There is also a 5.25 inch floppy drive above his face, and a DVD drive lol. The biometrics in K.E.V.I.N's room is HAL! K.E.V.I.N also looks a lot like GLaDOS from Portal, but think everyone noticed that. There seems to be a 'Midnight' module in K.E.V.I.N, though it may be Moon Knight. There are a bunch of missed spaces in the NDA lol. It says in accordance with 'thelaws' of the State of New York, then 'themonetary' damage to Marvel. Trying to see if I can spot anything in all the post-it notes in the writer's room.
  13. In the shot with the rings, you can see that they all have bands made of different metals. I think when the molten metal is being poured through all those different vessels, there is a shot of the fluids separating, one spiraling inwards, while another stream going along a different channel. I'm guessing that was the purpose of showing all that. Sauron was a student of Aule, so it makes kind of sense, but I agree, they did not let it all simmer sufficiently. Galadriel is suddenly suspicious of Halbrand once they are in Eregion. Gil Galad is not directly that suspicious of Halbrand. They did not make him appear fair or 'Lord of the Gifts', he just gave a suggestion and called it a gift lol.
  14. The scene where she goes into the writer's room of the show, there is a QR code on the door. Saved you the trouble.
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