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  1. If you have watched last episode then kindly note that Cersei is every bit King Aerys daughter.
  2. Impotency does not necessarily means erectile dysfunction. Some people can have sex but does not produce sperms which means he cannot be a father. One of my cousins have this problem.
  3. Riding a dragon is more about purpose than bloodline. Dany is head of a dragon: Because she is the mother of dragons and so far this is the only quality she has. She cannot fight with anyone in a proper battle so she is going to ride one of the dragons. Bran can be a head of the dragon: Because he is the only one who will be able to control dragons in absence of Dany. We are assuming so far that all dragons will be together till the end which might not be the case. We don't know what Dany will become after landing into Westeros. Tyrion will not ride the dragon: Even if Tyrion is a Targaryen, what the hell is he going to do on a dragon's back? Tell him jokes? It is a good idea and will be funny to watch for a clip but it cannot work in the battlefield. Tyrion is an intelligent man and his right use is to let him organize things. He will be useful in handling the chaos created by Winter and WW. Jon is not a head of the dragon: I just hope so. All the hardcore action we have seen at Hardhome and in the Battle of the Bastards proved that he is going to fight on foot and all the mystery surrounding around his sword and him being Azor Ahai proved that his sword will play a crucial role in the impending battle, even more than dragons. Jaime can be a head of the dragon: Only if Dany forgives him for killing her father then may be. He has a warrior mind and can put dragons to better use than Dany. He cannot fight in battle field so what will be his story arch from now on? Kill him? D & D can do this but I think he will look better on a dragon's back.
  4. Why you people are emphasizing so much about bloodline? Is it mentioned somewhere that anyone apart from a Targaryen cannot ride dragons?
  5. Who is the guy who is riding someone since Season 1? Who is the guy who is also warging into head of the person he is riding? If we believe that at one point of time, Bran is going to warg into a dragon then I think he needs to be in close proximate to do it.
  6. atonement

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I was feeling so unnecessarily romantic when Jaime was talking to Brienne. Never saw those expressions before. This is what I like as a love story; taking care of each other whenever come across rather than smooching and screwing all the time. (10/10 to Jaime and Brienne scenes) I didn't like the way they killed Black Fish but I guess it would look weird if they show him escaping and then no storyline forward. They had to end his character in the show. Jon and Sansa already have an advisor in the form of Davos so no need of him in the North but this whole sequence ruined Jaime's honor one more time. Podrick and Bronn scene was hilarious. I want to see more of it. Cersei also rocked the KL. All in all the episode goes to Lannisters, except for Tyrion. They are making him lame which is not fair. He is wiser than any man in the GOT world. I think we can still keep our hopes high for LSH. They don't need to kill Boric to bring back Cat. They might have killed some lesser known guy for that. Otherwise what is the purpose of bringing back BWB?