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  1. The Starks are not the only family who has had to contend with adversities. All of the famous families are going through trials of suffering.
  2. Three of the beasts will be the last to die in the north. Agreed @Victor Newman Jon’s, Arya’s and Rickons animals will live after they die. Bran’s direwolf has no plot armor and can die, per the story of the last hero. I might also add that hero is a matter of personal view. Bran will be the dark antagonists to us but he’s a hero to the Starks and the white walkers.
  3. Quentin is not the parallel to Borroq. Euron is. Borroq could try to do to Ghost the same thing. Euron wants to take over a dragon or two. Borroq the warg will make the same attempt. Both will regret trying. Ghost will become Jon Snow’s body after the latter dies from his injuries.
  4. Daenerys, Tyrion, and Tywin are three of the most intelligent people around. Illyrio is not trustworthy if they have come to that conclusion. He’s a Blackfyre backer. His son was going to inherit from Viserys III because the king was most probably a sterile man.
  5. He fell in love with a Blackfyre and they have a son. The boy called Aegon. Love for a woman can twist a man to do something crazy.
  6. I don’t like Nymeria. She’s too much like Arya Stark. Brutal and savage with an insatiable fixation for blood. Walder Frey’s hunters need to do better.
  7. Doubtful. The elephants are useful.
  8. Aliser is genuine. He fought for his king and should have been handsomely rewarded for it. He deserved a lot better out of life.
  9. The handle is usually leather covered. The sword handle got damaged but the blade part would remain undamaged.
  10. The three elephants can be used in warfare. Horns and trumpets spooked them in a famous legend but that is not necessarily going to happen to these elephants. Ways can be used to desensitize elephants to loud noise. Horses are more sensitive and they can be desensitized to loud noises. Elephants are capable of carrying battle supplies. They can also give commanders an elevated view of the battlefield.
  11. Arya is a very disturbing character who is very easy to hate. That explains why many book readers don’t like her. I never found myself liking Arya. Her fans try to rework the story but there is no excusing the murders of Dareon and the old man. They had done her no wrong. They were just in between Arya and what she wanted. Killing people, who were not a threat, had done nothing wrong to her is bad. Arya’s sanity has been damaged. I get that. Insanity is an accepted reason to get out of capital punishment. It means she’s still crazy.
  12. I’m not expecting Arya to get mentally well. She will go through with the maniacal way of murdering the people listed in her notebook. Nothing can pacify the raging demons inside Arya. Stoneheart’s fate is hers as well. All of the Starks are getting darker and meaner. Arya and Jon lead the pack with barely checked hatred. That hate will be released on the masses.
  13. Rhaego is an infant! The way you outlined it will only work under a different time line. Dany’s restoration starts on Dragonstone. Rhaego’s way to the throne is the succession and not force of arms. Conquering the city is the hard way. Taking Dragonstone and proclaiming herself the Queen is far less difficult. Let the ruling class come to Dragonstone and pledge their loyalty. Robb is not going to give anything for Sansa. He will instead ask for Northern independence. He will get it because moat Caitlin prevents the Dothraki and the sellswords from attacking the north. He won’t get the Riverlands because the river men are loyal to the Targaryens.
  14. It is also my opinion that Bran will be the big bad guy in this saga. Affections for Meera, his wanting to walk, and attachments to the Starks will lead him down a very dark path.
  15. The delight for me was the verbal banter between Dany, through the interpreter, with Kraznys. Kraznys was outrageous in his prejudice.
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