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  1. I like Ser Arlen. He’s competent enough and conducted himself as a professional.
  2. Jon will be resurrected by the Others. His skin change skills could enable him to control wights and use them against the living.
  3. This is too good for George Martin to pass up. A fight between Ramsey’s pack and Jon’s pack. Hounds versus Jon and the wights. Jon will be back and he will be looking for Arya. Ramsay will also send his trackers and pack to find her. The two will meet on the King’s Road. Jon will be leading wights. I also anticipate a showdown between Ramsay’s pack and Nymeria.
  4. The Prince Who Was Promised must have both Targaryen parents. That is why the family sacrificed love for generations to make her birth happen.
  5. Willem Darry protected and cared for Dany and Viserys. He did a remarkable job in nurturing and caring for Dany.
  6. Shaggydog could so easily become dinner in Skagos.
  7. Ally or dad. Could be both. Rhaella was running around on Aerys. It is possible for sure. Still not likely because Dany has the Targaryen way with dragons.
  8. Theon and Jon are the same sort of people. Their stories are the same, the intersection is Ramsay. Conflicted and emotionally confused men.
  9. Baristan has had a lot of regrets , serving the likes of Robert and Joffrey. It is not too late though. He finally has a monarch worthy of his loyalty and fealty in Daenerys Targaryen. She is everything one could hope for in a ruling monarch and Barristan has found his true monarch. Daenerys is very intelligent and brave. Barristan has a lot to work with, unlike with Robert and Joffrey.
  10. . . breathing shadow fire. The stone beast taking flight and breathing shadow fire is either Aegon with greyscale or Jon Snow. Shadow fire is Blackfyre. Aegon is a Blackfyre. It is the mix of light and dark, between life and death, in Jon’s case. Snow, the wild primal side of the wolf and the black of the night’s watch. He will be misrepresented as a claimant to the iron throne.
  11. Sarella, Brienne, and Daenerys are strong women who take on the role of men. Wisdom, Warrior, and Leader. Martin loves strong women. Is there a connection between Gerold and Sarella? Are they secret children of Aerys?
  12. Ser Willem Darry. He saved the lives of Princess Daenerys and Prince Viserys. The vile allies of Robert were closing in on Dragonstone when Ser Willem took them to safety.
  13. Sansa is very selfish. That will undo her and lead her to a sad ending. Still, she is not a heartless murderer like Arya. I will support Sansa in a Sansa-Arya fight to the death. Arya is more deserving of death. The girls will more than likely fight over many things. One being Winterfell and the other over Petyr Baelish. Sansa’s bond with Baelish will never waiver.
  14. A son marrying a Queen gives more prestige to the family. In my opinion.
  15. House Frey in the river lands. They are more capable than the Tully family.
  16. Jon is a walking tragedy. He brought the destruction of the Night’s Watch brotherhood. His return can only bring more of the same tragedy. He is coming back to do his job. He’s coming back for Arya. Say Jeyne dies and news reaches Jon at the wall. His grief and rage will make him do another stupid thing. Like opening the gates and welcoming the Others.
  17. Food is scarce during normal winters. The longer the winter, the worse the problem. That is why Bowen Marsh was right to object to bringing the wildlings in. The starvation will be worse in the north. The suffering will be short though. Jon will open the gates for the Others. The people of the north will become wights and Jon will be their king. The king of winter, himself an ice zombie and servant of the Others. Food and supplies will be difficult because the iron bank is not likely to extend credit. Robert, Robb Stark, Cersei, Euron, Jon Snow, and Petyr really brought Westeros down. The only hope is to find help from overseas from someone who is not interested in only making a profit. Somebody who has dragons.
  18. It is not in the best interest of Stannis. I mean, the man thinks he’s king. Jaime is a Lannister at heart. They won’t like it. Stannis is too far and too dead to be a threat to Aegon, real or fake. Jaime will be the real threat. What his father’s thugs could not finish he will try. He might send Robert Strong to attack Aegon.
  19. Robert, for all his faults, was more of a complete person. Yes a warrior but also loved life and laughter. Stannis is just as able but his personality is not inviting. Robert could have been great at managing Storm’s End but Westeros was just too much.
  20. Robb disrespected and insulted a few of his followers. He was selfish and assumed he could get away with it. He pushed Walder and Karstarks too far.
  21. Aegon will not be well received. There are already people in Westeros who hold power because of the Lannister handout. The others like Euron want the throne for themselves. He and Connington will have to take cities and castles by force. He is still the second-best choice though. It is more desirable to a powerful house to marry a son to a princess. Most would prefer to have Daenerys.
  22. Some of those decisions came from Robb doing what he wanted to do. He didn’t want to marry an unknown Frey when he was already attracted to Jeyne despite having already given his oath to marry a Frey. Robb broke his oath.
  23. Robb understood enough. He had something he wanted more than honor. He broke his oath and his honor because he wanted Jeyne. He knew his oath breaking was wrong. He knew anger will come from the Freys. He was not going to ask forgiveness until he needed Walder’s help again. He only placed himself in danger by going to the twins because it was necessary to mend what he broke.
  24. Yessir and it was revealed with the rioting people in king’s landing. The people are the sellsword and their advantage in number is the sword.
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