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  1. Slynt did not get fair treatment. Mance Rayder and Janos Slynt are sworn brothers of the Night's Watch. They are entitled to be treated and judged in the same way. Jon was required by duty to judge them fairly. Jon failed to do that because Jon was emotionally compromised. Practical reasons do not overshadow the need for justice. And I would argue against the practicality of it. Murdering Janos Slynt did not bring on any kind of positive results.
  2. The meaning is precise. There is a difference between Mother Of Death and Daughter Of Death. In the latter case, it means the deaths took place in the past before the girl was born. That is why this person is referred to as the daughter of the death. It matters not how the people died. Just that they died.
  3. He has even said that he would have dressed up and fought against the Nazis. The Ghiscari slavers are worse than nazis.
  4. Jon's night's queen. One other thing. Lyanna was never really a queen. Not at any time in the story. Except for the honorary title at Harrenhal.
  5. I have to disagree with you. The men of the watch will support what Bowen and his crew did. They needed to stop Jon. Asking him to stop would not work. The men who assassinated Jon were correct to do so. Most of the crows would see that.
  6. Jon already betrayed the night's watch. He is not going to be welcomed back. A love threesome with Jon, Arya, and Gendry is more likely. Arya could kill Tyrion before he can make love to her. Gendry is Arya's guy #2. He will fall in love with her and will have to make a choice. Sacrifice her for a lightbringer or make do without the weapon.
  7. Alleras will be a dragon rider? Anyone who rides dragons become important. The glass candles are lit. The dragon eggs have hatched. It means the mumbo jumbo words and ceremony did not hatch the dragons. The magic is in the hatcher of the dragons. It's not the words that mattered. It is Daenerys herself who hatched the eggs and lit the candles.
  8. A foil is somebody who prevents another from getting what they want. Galazza Galare vs. (Barristan, Tyrion, and Victarion). The Green Grace will foil their attempts to break the siege of Meereen. She has a strong force hidden inside the city and poised to attack the heroes from behind. The fight won't be settled until Queen Daenerys, the Khaleesi, arrives with her Dothraki. Mance Rayder vs. Stannis vs. Roose. Stannis and Roose will battle. Roose wins but Mance and the free folk will get help from the most savage wildlings of all. The free folk fight the winner of the battle and win. Mance will die and Jon will inherit the north. Nobody will be able to foil Jon, too bad. The north can stop anybody coming from the south to retake the north. (Sansa , Littlefinger) vs. Jon. Sansa will make a move to take Winterfell and the north from Jon. The Starks will be divided. Arya will take Jon's side. Jon, Arya, and Rickon dies and become direwolves if Sansa wins. Daenerys vs. the Khals. The khals will hate the idea of ending slavery. Daenerys will have to take control of the Dosh Khaleen in order to take control of the Dothraki. This is the key to ending the trading of slaves. Asha Greyjoy vs. Euron Greyjoy. It will be Asha who will foil Euron's ambitions. Cersei vs. Arianne. I know Cersei is set up for a downfall at the hands of the Valonquar but that is only a prophecy. Cersei is an endgame player. I don't see a path to victory for Arianne. Aegon will survive and meet Daenerys after this conflict with the Lannisters. Daenerys will foil the Azor Ahai pretenders. Stannis, Jon Snow, and Aegon. Moqorro will foil Victarion's attempts to steal the dragons. Every protagonists will have to face up with an enemy or two.
  9. We have no idea what state his mind is. The Blackfish. Maybe grief and hate has gotten the better of him and he joins Lady Stoneheart and her crew. Nothing good will come from what they do. Blackfish does not have to pretend to dislike Jon Snow. His niece doesn't like the boy and he is the fruit of Ned's insult to his niece and therefore the Tullys. It is genuine if he holds negative feelings towards Jon Snow.
  10. I was referring to one specific guy and agreed with @Skahaz mo Kandaq that there are more people who were causing problems in the ranks of the haters.
  11. And this is an example of what @Prince Rhaego's Soul might be talking about. Here is another example. I can completely understand why other members would consider these kinds of responses lacking in maturity. .
  12. I remember those days. I had a discussion with one Dany hating guy. I honestly thought he had a mental disability. People do grow up eventually and maybe that guy did.
  13. Leader of the Free Folk is a better fit for Jon. He would not make a good king. I wish for Daenerys to win the game of thrones and rule Westeros for the next fifty years. But, I would not mind if the north splits away and became it's own people.
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