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  1. Three hundred years is a long time. That is how long the Targaryens were on the throne. The probability of an Ironborn attending a function at court or simply visiting their Targaryen monarch is high.
  2. Something smells like fish!!!!. Very fishy. @Jonsa wants to encourage Anti-Dothraki and Anti-Dany discussion. I will do the opposite and post Pro-Dothraki because I am a fan of Dany. The people of the city will gladly open its gates and turn in the Lannisters to Dany. The people will do this because she will be seen as the Targaryen heir to Westeros. Rhaego is her son and heir. It matters not who his father is. As long as he is the biological son of Princess Daenerys Targaryen. The Dothraki will go through an adjustment after having seen the Sept and all the great things that their Khaleesi's ancestors have built. The dynamic between Dany and Drogo will change after they enter the city. I see Drogo bowing to his royal wife. Sansa will either be returned to Starks, unmarried. She may be married off to one of the higher ranking blood brothers of the Khal, if she should find favor in his eyes. The one most like to happen, Sansa is married to one of the many young lordlings who will help Dany's cause. The only value to pacifying Robb is to stop the north from further warring and raiding. The Starks have lost their home and their castle. It will be Robb who will be asking for a favor. I would marry Sansa to Jorah. It's not as if Robb could do anything about it.
  3. Because Hizzie knew it was poisoned. He is the son of the Green Grace. They were staging a coup in public.
  4. The slaves in Mereen will be free and Volantis will be defeated. Daenerys will be told of the catastrophe in Westeros and that is when she will come to protect the people from the terrors of winter. She will melt the army of ice on the trident. The Starks will be leading the army of ice to attack the South but Daenerys will stop them at the trident.
  5. Bowen Marsh will have saved the Nightswatch from Jon's poor management but at the cost of his own life. The wildlings will rebel and do their primitive thing. The battle for Castle Black will only reduce the number of those who can defend the wall.
  6. The boy is a Stark on both his mother and father side. Craster and Gilly are Starks. The Greenseeing gene is there. Bran is not the last of the Greenseers if the boy can learn to use the ability.
  7. Arya Stark will have to die for a peace treaty between the two families. Which is fine by me. The Freys will have the moral high ground if Arya starts killing them. The Starks will have no moral ground to stand on.
  8. The best of them all. Daenerys. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, she hatched her three dragons at the age of fourteen. She liberated 8,000 slave soldiers.
  9. The lords of the north will not let them plant themselves on their side of the wall. Any plans which would avoid the need to kneel and pay taxes mean the removal of the ruling lords from power.
  10. The Starks need to have their own Dance. They can fight for who gets to inherit the family's castle fort.
  11. The link between Craster and the Starks through the story of the NK is compelling. The theory is good. Craster has kept his family line pure and his son will play a key role in the plot. Craster is as pure a Stark as it can get. The situation can get real interesting if his son inherits recessive abilities.
  12. Patches suffered a near death experience and lost some brain cells. Or not. She is permanently Alayne now. Sansa Stark has died.
  13. Weirwoods feed off of blood. Do you remember Bran's time travel when he saw his ancestors butchering a man to feed the Winterfell tree? But they can live for a very long time without blood unless you believe the Children are giving all of them blood transfusions in secret. The dying trees were killed by the maesters. The trees are healthy where the OG worship is strong and where people would murder any maester who tried to kill the trees.
  14. I thought I was clear. Brandon was bopping Lyanna and Jon was conceived. Lyanna Stark + Brandon Stark = Jon Snow. I'll be more direct, Brandon and Lyanna were sleeping together. Lyanna got knocked up and Jon Snow was conceived.
  15. The hatching of the dragon eggs would refute this idea. It takes a very special Targaryen to resurrect the dragons after they went extinct. Half-Dornish or Half-Dayne is not going to get it done. The prince who was promised was required to come from the marriage bed of Aerys and Rhaella. The Targaryens had allowed themselves to get polluted by marrying non Valyrians. Dany's family of origin is without question, House Targaryen. Her soul is Azor Ahai and predate the Targaryens. She is Azor Ahai who happened to be born into the Targaryen family at this time period. She is the heir to Westeros because she succeeds Kings Aerys and Viserys.
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