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  1. Targaryen Restoration

    Robb council in Riverrun - who had the best ideas

    So maybe what the Freys were proposing was the smart move. The side that won is not going to be unscathed. He may be willing to negotiate.
  2. Targaryen Restoration

    Robb Stark

    The North is the backwoods of Westeros. Maybe it's the distance from other great houses. Catelyn would want Robb to marry a girl from a family with substance. Read that to mean "wealth" and power.
  3. Targaryen Restoration

    Robb council in Riverrun - who had the best ideas

    Can they really leave the Tullys behind to face Tywin alone?
  4. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

  5. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Here is one of those interviews. I can't say this is the one Night Train meant but it is clear George Martin would fight against the Nazis. I love Daenerys' story line more than any other. The Ghiscari names lend an exotic flavor to her adventures in Slaver's Bay.
  6. Targaryen Restoration

    What's in a naem? (Bael and Hardhome? Bolton's and Faceless Men?)

    Interesting. I would exercise caution in making definitive conclusions. A name like Rayder can morph over time from Raeder, Reyder. Baelish can easily come from Baylish, Beylish. Dayne from Daen, Dane, Dhane, etc.
  7. Targaryen Restoration

    Valyrian steel armor

    The armor doesn't have to have magical properties to be useful. The material is light and strong at the same time. The wearer is less burdened by the weight and theoretically will move faster. It's like wearing a knife-proof jacket that weighs less than an undersized bra.
  8. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Slavery does this and worse.
  9. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    So you think slavery is limited to the fighting pits. The slave masters produce slaves like a factory with an assembly line for many uses. Poor people who can't defend themselves are forcibly taken and then forced to labor for the benefit of the masters.
  10. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Slavers are worse than Nazis. The masters have been doing this sadistic practice for over a thousand years. They force people to fight for their own amusement. Anybody with common sense would know that. You're trying so hard to win an unwinnable argument that you end up making a fool of yourself many, many times on this one discussion alone. But hey, argue whichever side you want. That's your right. Just know that I will point out when I disagree with you.
  11. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up?

    Jon is a poor ruler in general. Putting up Ghost in his quarters is not a reflection of his leadership though. It was a precaution to avoid problems. The other things he did, like ordering Mance to get Arya and the killing of Janos Slynt, those were examples of poor leadership.
  12. Targaryen Restoration

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Ah the Rolling Stone interview. He mentioned WWII is a war he would be glad to fight in. He said the same thing on a Y-tube interview. Yup, the slavers are worse than the Nazis. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/george-r-r-martin-the-rolling-stone-interview-242487/ Fighting against slavery is the one of the few justified wars. It is a much better cause than Robb's. And way better and more beneficial than Jon's planned attack on House Bolton.
  13. Targaryen Restoration

    Why Renly didn't tell Ned that Stannis doesn't want the throne

    I don't think Ned would buy that. Stannis wants the throne. He might say he doesn't but the way he attacked KL shows how badly he wanted it.
  14. Targaryen Restoration

    Are the Starks required to be nice to Theon?

    Theon's fostering served to keep his dad from rebelling again. Eddard had to maintain emotional distance because the day may come when he has to take Theon's head. I think we can see how this messed up Theon. He was a little boy needing a daddy. His own daddy gave him to the enemy. The Starks treated him well but everybody knew why Theon was there. Is it any surprise why Theon would starve for a father's approval? Theon wanted his own family. He had a need to belong. Theon was a prisoner and it was honor, not iron bars, that kept him in that cage. An agreement between his own father and their enemies. The honor that govern the lives of the high born kept Theon confined just as effectively as the strongest iron bars could. I know Theon did some really bad things but there is honor in the little boy that Theon was. The Greyjoys attacking the north while Robb was away is Greyjoy Rebellion 2.0. It's the Ironborn doing what they do.