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  1. It means he's richer than the Lannisters if he paid fair prices for those dragon eggs and bought those other services for the Targaryens. The Sealord is also interested in the welfare of the Targaryens. The Iron Bank could go in with Illyrio and extend him all the credit he needs to overthrow the Lannisters.
  2. That's a new idea. We don't even know if Rhaegar had a child outside of his marriage to Elia. But say he did and the child was at the tower. That child is the boy posing as Aegon. It's a deep deception. If people were to suspect a threat other than Viserys and Daenerys existed, and chances are better than good they will, the target will be the non-important boy. Jon Snow. Aegon is perfectly safe. Jon is the decoy. No one would suspect a second baby. The royal baby is still safe because Robert would murder Jon and think it's all done.
  3. The slaves in Volantis, Quarth, and the other slaving cities will revolt against their masters. They will support Dany in whatever she wishes to do. Benerro and his church will do the same. Braavos will support the great Breaker of Chains. Funding will not be a problem. Most of Westeros will welcome her arrival. The only resistance will come from the Starks, Lannisters, and the Baratheons. I don't really care about those families and would be fine if the wolves, lions, and stags were eliminated for good.
  4. What man wouldn't. She is Daenerys Targaryen the monarch of Westeros. Ruler of Meereen and a Khaleesi of the Dothraki. Only a fool would not want to meet Dany. Little Aegon will regret his decision.
  5. After all is said and done, the White Walkers and the Starks are defeated, the unsullied could always occupy the 5 forts or even the wall. The training method to create an unsullied will be outlawed. They are the last of the elite soldiers.
  6. Just because the magic is real doesn't mean that the gods are real. But I suppose somebody who can use magic is a kind of goddess or god to those who lack the ability. A devoutly religious man is both friend and foe. It depends on whether you share his beliefs. The Starks, Craster, and the followers of the Old Gods are barbarians but not to those who share their faith.
  7. Dany would be my pick to rule Westeros. I like her too much to wish for her to stay in Slavers' Bay. That place is full of really evil people but it is a good training ground for a person who will rule.
  8. Howland could be the knight but it's not proven. He's a leading suspect.
  9. There is no path forward for Jon when he comes back. He got caught in a lie. The pink letter exposed his corruption. The people of the north will hate him for setting up Lady Karstark with the wildling. He will be treated as a deserter if he gets caught in the south.
  10. Slynt did not get fair treatment. Mance Rayder and Janos Slynt are sworn brothers of the Night's Watch. They are entitled to be treated and judged in the same way. Jon was required by duty to judge them fairly. Jon failed to do that because Jon was emotionally compromised. Practical reasons do not overshadow the need for justice. And I would argue against the practicality of it. Murdering Janos Slynt did not bring on any kind of positive results.
  11. The meaning is precise. There is a difference between Mother Of Death and Daughter Of Death. In the latter case, it means the deaths took place in the past before the girl was born. That is why this person is referred to as the daughter of the death. It matters not how the people died. Just that they died.
  12. He has even said that he would have dressed up and fought against the Nazis. The Ghiscari slavers are worse than nazis.
  13. I have to disagree with you. The men of the watch will support what Bowen and his crew did. They needed to stop Jon. Asking him to stop would not work. The men who assassinated Jon were correct to do so. Most of the crows would see that.
  14. Jon already betrayed the night's watch. He is not going to be welcomed back. A love threesome with Jon, Arya, and Gendry is more likely. Arya could kill Tyrion before he can make love to her. Gendry is Arya's guy #2. He will fall in love with her and will have to make a choice. Sacrifice her for a lightbringer or make do without the weapon.
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