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  1. Targaryen Restoration

    Targaryen Illness

    Hundreds of years of observation of a single family revealed a pattern of increased resistance to diseases. This resistance is not going to be bestowed on every member of the family. The gene may even be recessive. A little girl living under the stress of poverty and never even so much as suffer from a minor illness is extremely out of the ordinary. A little girl and her older brother never even gotten sick is extremely, extremely out of the ordinary. It is true. Disease resistance was strong in Viserys and it is very strong in Daenerys.
  2. Targaryen Restoration

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    ADWD was really good. AFFC was not but it was necessary to read it.
  3. Targaryen Restoration

    Ramsay and Euron

    People are judged and punished (or rewarded) as a consequence of behavior. How many people have brief thoughts of doing harm to a rival? This is true even more when the stakes are high. Wishing the rival might crash her auto is a common thought. At least briefly in most people. Arya was composing her list and mentally going through murder. Her thoughts are not brief. They are premeditated obsession. She even prayed. It is sick and should earn her an extended stay in a hospital for the behaviorally disturbed. She wasn't evil though. Just sick. The murder had not happened. All of that changed when she killed a man who was not a threat to her life nor was the man threatening anyone's life. She can't call on a selfdefense plea to get out of it. She killed the man in order to pass an exam from the university of murderers.
  4. Targaryen Restoration

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    White is identity crisis. Jaime is the white knight. Jon is the white crow. Both are false to their oaths. Jaime is a Kings Guard but he is no true knight. He dishonored the Kings Guard and all the knights. He betrayed all of the men he swore to serve. He's not true to his order. Jon is not a true man of the watch. He is more wildling. He betrayed the Watch many times. Pycelle is the white maester. He served many kings but his loyalty was always to Tywin. Manderly is legally a Bolton subordinate. The lord of White Harbor is secretly working against the Boltons. White cloak is Jaime. The knight who isn't a knight, the kg who isn't a kg.
  5. Targaryen Restoration

    Ramsay and Euron

    No. Thoughts and fantasies not carried out are not punishable. Actions are punishable. It's not immoral to have bad thoughts as long as they remain just that, thoughts. No harm, no crime. Arya has a To-Kill List and that is sickening. She's a nut case. But if all she did is to keep that list but never act on it or never got to act on it, no, it's not evil. It became evil when she actually started carrying through with the list. She became evil the moment she took out one person on that list. I will say she crossed to evil when she started to take action in order to prepare for that list. The murder of the insurance underwriter. Let's examine your drama. Dave is not evil because he has done no harm. Bob is the evil of the two. Snapping and losing temper is not an excuse. It doesn't take away his guilt.
  6. Targaryen Restoration

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Tywin hadn't thought it through all the consequences. He's smart but he's not super smart. Smart but emotions won out? What he did to the River Lands was a reaction to what the Starks did. Cat and Eddard were more than willing to risk war to find out who tried to kill their son. Why would you think Tywin would not risk war to get his son back? You would think surely it would cross Cat's mind the number of people, hundreds of thousands, who might die to learn the truth about what happened to Bran. It should come to Robb's mind the consequences of shitting on the Freys. None of that logic kept them from doing what they wanted. Tywin is of the same class. He's the same. Emotions over what he perceived a Stark attack on his house, which it was. He would risk setting the kingdom on fire to protect his house.
  7. Targaryen Restoration

    Why was Viserys mad and his "Sister" and "Brother" wasn't?

    There have only been two crazy Targaryens. Aerys and Baelor. Hot temper is not madness. It's a character flaw that normal people can have. Viserys had the misfortune to also have a mercurial personality along with his temper and that can make him appear crazy.
  8. Targaryen Restoration

    The House with the Red Door

    It is being over analyzed. The Red Door is the fond memory of childhood innocence. Now she has the welfare of millions to think about. Anybody in that situation will long for the freedom of childhood. She can create a new home for herself but it is not going to be a small house with a red door. She will have to carve our her own kingdom like her ancestors did.
  9. Targaryen Restoration

    The House with the Red Door

    The Red Door to Daenerys is the same as Winterfell is to the Starks. Daenerys is longing for her childhood where she was carefree and without the burden of fulfilling the wishes of Viserys, Rhaegar, and Drogo. The Red Door is the simple life of a child. The Starks remember Winterfell in the same way. Daenerys is carrying the weight of millions on her shoulders and anybody in that position would be longing for the innocence of her childhood. It's a fond memory of the innocent days of childhood.
  10. Targaryen Restoration

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    The Starks are not leaving the north. Many highborn will choose to remain with their beloved castles. The long faces of the Starks will stay in the north. Jon and Arya. Bran has no choice. Rickon will be full on wildling. The only Stark who might leave the north is Sansa because she's the odd wolf. Dany is slowly but surely carving out her own kingdom. It's more empowering to build your own rather than taking back her family's kingdom for the usurpers. I'm praying for the rise of a Valyrian Empire under her rule. It won't be built on slavery this time. I don't think the long night will have much of an effect on Essos. The weirwoods are extinct in the east and the magic there is Fire.
  11. Targaryen Restoration

    Crasters' " heavy curse"...parallel pact?..(slight crackpot)

    Craster is not the only one who worshiped the Others. You could be on the right track. This Craster is not a man to theorize and invent his own religion. The north worshiped the Others as gods and Craster is only doing what his forebears have always done. It's a pact with ice. Craster is a First Man and his people worshipped the Others in the past. The Others see themselves as gods who deserved worship and they bless those who do. We can only look at some hints there. Mance Rayder becoming king beyond the wall and not paying his respects to the Others is reason enough for them to curse the wildlings.
  12. Targaryen Restoration

    What's in a naem? (Bael and Hardhome? Bolton's and Faceless Men?)

    Interesting. I would exercise caution in making definitive conclusions. A name like Rayder can morph over time from Raeder, Reyder. Baelish can easily come from Baylish, Beylish. Dayne from Daen, Dane, Dhane, etc.