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  1. They mean Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. Jews were persecuted and driven out (just like in Europe btw).
  2. Keep claiming that you're not antisemitic.
  3. Because saying "hundreds" IS blowing it out of proportion. Probably dozens. Once again there were images that proves that they were hiding rocks inside the mosque, should the police have done nothing? I don't know sometimes it feels like people expect Israeli to sit quietly and get hurt. By the way, here are images that demonstrate Israel's apartheid: https://i.postimg.cc/1X1qmqgB/000-1-GC2-EO-1024x640.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/qqcCzvyT/Screenshot-20210517-094120.png https://i.postimg.cc/q7f0ZXW1/Screenshot-20210517-094754.png
  4. Because if you cared about Palestinians, you'd condemn Hamas and Hamas' actions, but it seems to be more about hating Israel than actually caring about Palestinians. The situation in Shiek Jarah is in dispute and is currently in the hands of the court, as far as I know the four families (out of 28 by the way) don't have any documentation that proves that they are the owners of the respective houses (I was actually informed of this by a Lebanese lawyer). And yes there were radical Israeli that arrived there to create provocation and many Israeli condemned them. Rhe situation with Al-Aqsa Mosque was blown out of proportion, the Israeli police came there in order to seize rocks that were meant to be thrown at Israeli who comes to the Western Wall to pray. None of these justified Hamas launching missiles at Israeli population. They're actual motivation was Abbas cancelling the election and portraying themselves as "Defenders of Jerusalem". The buildings holds equipment used by Hamas - Launchers, missiles, intelligence information. Israel's goal is to destroy this equipment, which is why it informs the residents to evict in advance, because they don't want to hurt them, they want to destroy this equipment. Hamas knows that by hiding this equipment in Schools, hospitals, news outlets, it will either make Israel hesitant to destroy the building or if Israel does destroy the building it can be used against them.
  5. But we were talking specifically about genocide , not about apartheid. I never said Hamas represents Palestinians, I actually said it actively hurts them. It's also important to differentiates Israel's actions in the West Bank vs their actions in Gaza. Israel's actions in Gaza are justified because Israel and the IDF's job is to protect their citizens, and no country in the world would have stood up for missiles being launched at them. The IDF tries to operate with as few civilian casualties as possible, it actually stopped an operation because there were too many civilians involved, something that again no country in the world would have done.
  6. By the way, Hamas executed over 1000 Palestinians over suspicions of collaboration with Israel, they executed memebers of the lgbt community, and have implemented harsh laws against women in Gaza.
  7. Then how come the Palestinian population continue to increase?
  8. Posting an image of a map of that region implying that all of it should be palestine in the guise of concern and peace is the issue. Same with posting something like "From the river to the sea..." sounds beautiful and poetic, in truth both of these call for the destruction of Israel. And ironically with the rise of antisemitism in Europe and North America, it only proves why Jewish people needed a state in the first place. Another thing, the word "genocide" is being thrown around, seems like people need to actually check what the definition of the word is, and read about the Palestinian population in order to learn that something doesn't add up. Israel has the power to wipe out Gaza within a night and yet they don't do it... Why is it if the whole purpose is genocide?! BTW some of the innocent people who died in Gaza died because of Hamas' misfired missiles. Still don't see people condemning them.
  9. Here it is, let's paint all Israeli as evil, as if they are responsible for their government's actions. Mmm I wonder why pieces like this weren't written about US citizens when the US invaded the Middle East...
  10. Hi all, I just came here to say that I'm more of a low-key ASOIAF fan here and on twitter and I am also from Israel. Let me just say that this was probably one of the more depressing weeks being on twitter, seeing a lot of misinformation thrown around, seeing Israeli people being regarded as a monolith in ways Chinese or the US won't because of their government and their government's policy. I guess the most disheartening things were seeing the way the word "Zionism" has lost its original meaning, and the way people attack the IDF, in ways they never do something like the US army (which people join voluntarily). This was coming from people I had a lot of respect for bit I jad to unfollow many of them because they just spread misinformation (even if it's only by retweeting or liking other tweets). Despite not really being a prominent member or in the "in-crowd" it still felt very alienating, like I can't voice how complicated this whole thing is because the slight support of Israel will turn people against you (look at what happened to Gal Gadot). I'm glad to see a more level headed and informed discussion here. I do want to clarify that most Israeli do not support Netanyahu or his policy, most people do want to get along with the Arabic population (both Israeli and Palestinian). Israelis' issue is not with Palestinian, but with Hamas. Do people actually think we rejoice at the idea that innocent people die? On both sides (yes seven Israeli people died this week, including a five year old boy and an immigrant Indian woman, but somehow their lives don't matter in twitterland)? it’s kind of bewildering to me how some people scream and cry about oppression and colonialism while shamelessly expressing support for a fundamentalist, right wing military organization, who doesn't care for its people and whose goal is to destroy Israel. The irony is not lost on me. I think Israel really wanted a solution in good faith back in the 90's, mainly after seeing how the peace efforts with Egypt and Jordan had good results, but then the Intifada happened. Israel withdrew from Gaza in hopes that that would lead them to build themselves up, instead Hamas took over and use their resources, their money (which is given to them by Israel) to further develop their terror infrastructure, whether it's for more developed missiles or digging up more tunnels into Israel territory. Something that Israel don't want to repeat itself in the West Bank. I also think it's disingenuous to blame the failure of peace agreements solely on Israel, I think the two states solution was really popular in Israel back in 2013-2014 (back when Tziporah Livni was a member of the Israeli government and pushed for this to happen), but the Gaza War pretty much nullified it and Abbas was unwilling to accept any offer presented to him. To me it seems that this whole conflict is perpetuated by Netanyahu, Abbas and Hamas in order to have much stronger grasp at power. And I do feel sorry for Palestinians because overtime it does seem like there's indifference to their plea, either from Israel, or neighboring countries, or the international community, but most importantly, their own government.
  11. Sansa wanting Jon dead is as true as Jaqen pretending to be Arya in 607.
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    I could have seen them doing Aegon by being under Doran's protection the whole time while removing all the Essos part.
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    My email notifications have been disabled and I can't turn them back on.
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