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  1. farerb

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    1. The Handmaid's Tale 2. Big Little Lies 3. Rick and Morty
  2. farerb

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    If he had lost interest in the series then he would have published two final mediocre books a long time ago and been done with it.
  3. farerb

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Sansa wanting Jon dead is as true as Jaqen pretending to be Arya in 607.
  4. I agree. It seems like they won't wrap the seige of Riverrun in only two episodes, so I'm guessing that if she appears, it will happen in the season finale.
  5. It had the Lannisters theme, why would they put a Lannisters theme in her scene. If she appears, it will be most likely be a darker version of the starks theme like "Winter is Coming" or "Kill Them All" or "The North Remembers".
  6. It wasn't the Hound's theme, it was the track that was played during the Hound and Brienne's fight.
  7. farerb

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I could have seen them doing Aegon by being under Doran's protection the whole time while removing all the Essos part.
  8. This will be so annoying. If she does show up, I will never understand why they didn't set her. For most general audience who are not book readers, the name "Lady Stoneheart" means nothing and wouldn't have meant anything other than a mysterious woman leading the BWB and hanging Freys. They should have mentioned what happens in the Riverlands after season 3 even if they didn't show it.
  9. The Lannisters didn't really have their way in season 4 (Joffrey and Tywin died) and the Freys and the Boltons dealing with what they did happened in book 4 for the Freys and book 5 for the Boltons and season 4 didn't use these books as the main source material so it's really only season 5. Having LSH appear and then ignoring her for an entire season until they decided to do the Riverland storyline wouldn't have made much sense.
  10. farerb

    Board Issues 4

    Thank you
  11. farerb

    Board Issues 4

    My email notifications have been disabled and I can't turn them back on.
  12. farerb

    [No Spoilers] EP601 Discussion

    They smelled Myranda meat and decided it was better than Sansa meat.
  13. farerb

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Another thing that bothered me is that they decided to add the Greyjoys at the last minute afterall so they burned all of the plot device ships they mentioned two seasons earlier. They remembered the ships, but forgot Melisandre had a scene without the necklace.
  14. I agree. Sansa and LF, Stoneheart and GNC are the storylines I'm interested the most.
  15. He criticized Tolkien for bringing Gandalf back without any change, he was the same Gandalf only white instead of gray. Lady Stoneheart is the opposite of Gandalf, she is supposed to portray the negative aspect of bringing someone to life. That's what GRRM wanted to do ans not bring same old Catelyn back like she didn't die at all.