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  1. I'm totally here for Galadriel -Sauron ship. Not only this, but she's going to help him gain power, meaning that everything that will happen in the second and third age because of Sauron will be her fault - "This task was appointed to you Frodo Baggins. LOL bye". And here I thought Gil-Galad was just a misogynist for treating Galadriel as if she's just a hysterical woman. Apparently he was right to send her to her room in Valinor without dinner.
  2. This battle reeks of late seasons GoT battles. A spectacle, but nothing about it makes sense. It would have been more logical if the orcs had slaughtered everyone and the Númenorians had come days later to find the massacre and that they had come too late
  3. I can see them doing the "who's Sauron" crap every season.
  4. There's still a difference between this reply and something more reasonable. Anyway, it seems from the trailers that Alicent will try to cut Lucerys' eye herself and Rhaenyra will stop her.
  5. If they remove her suggestion that Aemond should be sharply interrogated next episode, then we will have our answer.
  6. I think it'll be anticlimactic to continue after the Dance ends. I can see them reuniting Aegon and Viserys in the last episode, as well as Alicent dying from sickness, even if those things happened long after the Dance, they can be part of an epilogue.
  7. So the hilt is a key, but a key to what? Mystery boxes upon mystery boxes. No wonder JJ Abrams recommended them, they take more inspiration from him than from Tolkien.
  8. Season 1 finale: the crowning of both Rhaenyra and Aegon II. Season 2 finale: Fall of King's Landing. Season 3 finale: Battle Above the Gods Eye. Season 4 (final season) finale: the crowning of Aegon III.
  9. The theory is that Adar is Galadriel's brother reincarnated, and he will have a redemption when Galadriel reminds him that stones look down and boats look up.
  10. Because he wants her to join him and be his queen. I don't really care, I just want Galadriel and Sauron to F.
  11. I personally hope that Halbrand is Sauron, otherwise he is just a wannabe Aragorn.
  12. And yet what does it add to the character or the story? So he has a different name that only people who read the Silmarillion would recognize. I don't understand why everybody needs to be somebody. All those mystery boxes are not "Tolkien", they are "JJ Abrams".
  13. Rings of Power is so amazing, it literally erased the entire GoT franchise from print, TV and the public consciousness! Not even the original film trilogy can compare! and some would even say that Tolkien himself couldn't write something so spectacular!
  14. Why not? As far as I know it had a bigger budget than PJ's films.
  15. What if Theo is Halbrand's child? We know that Halbrand is from the Southlands and that Bronwyn is a single mother. Moreover, we know that there's a theory that Halbrand is Sauron, so what if Theo is actually Sauron's child? And that's the reason why his blood restored the sword because he shares the same blood as Sauron!!! What do you think?
  16. I think the changes they did to Galadriel came from the popularity of characters like Katniss Everdeen or Rey "Skywalker", and stems from a lack of understanding of what Tolkien fans would think about those changes, and hoping they can bring younger audience to watch the show. I don't think this show is the most awful thing out there, but I find it bland and generic. Almost like it's a high budgeted CW show.
  17. Emmy Magazine confirmed that Halbrand is Galadriel's love interest.
  18. The way I see it, and perhaps I'm wrong, but the reason they fought for Rhaenyra was because of an oath they or their fathers made, but they are all pretty much unanimous that Viserys naming Rhaenyra his heir was a mistake, and in order not to repeat such a thing in the future, they agreed that Aegon II will be the one that is counted and not Rhaenyra. As for why Aegon III is the successor, well that's because his claim doesn't just come from Rhaenyra, but from Daemon as well.
  19. I'm fine with this show retconning season 8 and if they manage to convince Emilia Clarke to come back then Daenerys can be resurrected by Kinvara (who can take Melisandre's original role) and redeem herself. It's still a shame that we will never get the three heads of the dragon though, considering two dragons are dead.
  20. Samba TV announced that 1.8M U.S. households watched the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power during its first four days available on Prime Video, compared to 4.8M for the premiere of House of the Dragon.
  21. I don't think they'll go this far in the timeline, I think they'll end with Aegon III's coronation, but they might change that and adapt her death earlier in the timeline.
  22. There are three subreddits for the show: LOTR_on_Prime - a subreddit for shills. Rings_Of_Power - a subreddit for haters. RingsofPower - a subreddit that is more levelheaded.
  23. I never expected it to fail in its premier, though I'll argue that 25 millions globally is not that impressive, how much did they do in the US alone? Probably less than 10 million otherwise they would have posted that number in order to present that they managed to surpass HotD premier numbers. More importantly, how many new subscribers did they gain? It'll be interesting to see how much the rest of the season will do cause personally I thought it was more boring and generic than outright bad.
  24. I assume the reason they didn't include Celeborn in the show was because it would’ve made very little sense in their story for Galadriel to have a husband and still be traveling all over Middle Earth on her revenge quest.
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