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  1. Robb Snow

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    This is a bit off topic, but have you seen this or the "Should we cheer for nationalism in fantasy/Sci fi" discussed a bit more anyway? On Topic: I am rooting for Stannis and fAegon (hope I don't spoil that for you), and I know full well both won't live to the last pages (haha). I enjoy most of the story because there are so many small 3rd level characters, and unlike in the show where most of those never were introduced and in the end it were 15 people who did everything, I think in the books they will stay important. So maybe you should ask yourself if you can enjoy the starks a bit more if they interact with the baratheons, manderlys, arryns or daynes. That's how I get along the Sansa chapters :p
  2. Robb Snow

    ''Details'' you wish to see picked up before Asoiaf ends

    The fate of Nettles and Sheepstealer, and if it is related to the Burned Men from the Vale.
  3. Like many people already mentioned the names from essos (I am looking at you, meereen) just don't get into my head and I find it hard to enjoy the chapters with them. Besides those I don't really have names I don't like...
  4. Robb Snow

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    In the german Version they translated most of the places and some of the Families. Worst example: Casterlyrock became Casterlystein. While a rock sounds like a huge giant thing, a stone does not at all. So Casterlystone sounds rather unimpressive. In never understood how they came up with "Königsmund" for Kingslanding, which is just Kings-mouth. Maybe because its at the mouth of the blackwater, but never made sense to me.