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  1. So in Fire and Blood it is said that Alicent was a companion and a reader for King Jahaerys. Her final words as she lays dying are: >. I want to see my sons again, and Helaena, my sweet girl, oh ... and King Jaehaerys. I will read to him, as I did when I was little. He used to say I had a lovely voice.[. She doesn't have a connection with the old King in the show but she does with Rhaenyra. I'm pretty sure she will forgive her in her delirium and will say something akin to this:. >. I want to see my sons again, and Helaena, my sweet girl, oh ... and Rhaenyra . We will read together as we did when we were children... It is a befitting ending to her character.
  2. I was sure as hell that was going to be his answer. Maybe he only said in his mind to not further enrage the King.
  3. Viserys continues to be my favorite, what an amazing actor. I agree that Mysaria is too much like a bad Shae, very little development with her character and the bad accent breaks immersion. The actress is good in other stuff I've seen her , I don't know what went wrong with her in HOTD.
  4. I see why GRRM wanted included in HOTD this new revelation about Targaryens knowing about the White walkers , but knowing how anticlimatic the resolution of the "Great Winter" was in GoT , this part of the show didnt sit well with me and felt cringy. It wouldve been better left as a minor foreshadowing in some throwaway dialogue. But as seen in the weeks ahead trailer, the song of ice and fire secret will be promineng trough the series, sigh...
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