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  1. My brain was fixed in a long line of no no no no no NOOOOOOOOO Idk if it was expected, Jon Snow should have fought the Night King, I Will say it till my dying breath
  2. I never believed the Mad Queen theories because it felt too repetitive and too much like a greek tragedy. My reasons for wishing this won't come true in the book are : There's already a mad Queen, Cersei. The fact that one cannot escape genetic destiny or family legacy. Daenerys, mad as her brother and father, it's too much for my liking. Repetitive history. In Westeros, women who desire power for themselves are always regarded evil and unworthy of the crown. Visenya, may not have wanted the throne, but was regarded as spellcaster who dealt in blood and magic, and as a kinslayer. Rhaenyra, denied of her crown because of her sex, and vilified ever after as the sole responsible for the Dance of Dragons and death of so many Targaryens. And Danerys, who loses her mind, for wanting the throne , for the wrong reasons. And as a Daenerys fan, I won't have my wish fullfilled for her to end and die like a good guy , but I hope the story Will be different and devoid of the "crazy woman" aspect . If book Daenerys turns into a tyrant, prone to rage, cruel, ruthless woman who won't be able to handle her worst impulses of Fire and blood and that's her undoing , Im up for all that. Just not another tale of how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, please.
  3. My biigest issue with the finale is thzt the tried to makes guilty for supporting Daenerys's journey. I hated that speech that Tyrion gave about how she was really always evil because she killed her enemies in Essos. We just cheered for her and didn't see the truth in the face. She killed them with fire, dragons and with other means. Just because she didn't wield a sword, didnt do it herself and wasn't a man, it doesnt make her a crazy villain. What she did in KL is another story. But trying to make us feel COMPLICIT because we cheered when she crucified child murderers and killed slavers is fucking insane. Why all of the sudden they are aplying modern sensitivities to the story?  In the recently posted EW interview even Kit agrees, Dany was never a good person we never believed the signs. FFS! Emilia Clarke seems to be heartbroken and very conflicted about the morality of her character even 2 years later. Whatever her undoing in Westeros was and her fast descent into madness/villainy it does not negate her past actions. Daenerys Targaryen was a GOOD PERSON and made the world across the sea a better place despite the doom she caused in her homeland.
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