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  1. Little Bird Sansa

    Favorite Chapter from A Clash of Kings!?

      This one is another favourite.  What a truly beautiful piece of prose! 
  2. Little Bird Sansa

    Favorite Chapter from A Clash of Kings!?

    My favourite chapter is Sansa VII, Chapter 63.    There's so much chaos going on both outside during the Battle of Blackwater Bay and inside the Red Keep.  Characters everywhere are overwhelmed beyond comprehension.  Cersei is cold towards those she should be comforting because she loses her cool, and yet it's girl who's weak and crying the entire book who comforts those around her despite being terrified herself.   To find a moment alone, she escapes to her room.  Sansa thinks of her direwolf, says "Lady" out loud, and the "dog" who symbolically replaced her wolf is there.  It's the Hound, and he wants to take her away to save and protect her.  The scene is disturbing too, because he pressed her down and holds a knife to the girl's throat, yet she is unafraid.  The way she treats Sandor is the same way she would have to her direwolf had there been an outburst, and it shows such a wonderful and latent strength of her character.    As Arya had to chase away her wolf in the previous book, Sansa would not be safe with her new "wolf" either and so she must let him go for now.    It's a really beautiful and poetic chapter, I've read it over and over more than most in the book.
  3. Little Bird Sansa

    Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    Dany used to be my favourite character by far but now I almost despise her.  Never hated Sansa, was more indifferent, but she's become my favourite character as of late if that counts.    There are several parallels in their stories early on in the books.  The two girls are married and bethrothed to someone around the same time in book and both were on track to becoming a queen; Daenerys through Khal Drogo, and Sansa through Joffrey, of course.  Both girls try to make the best of their situation despite the fact that they are more or less prisoners.  As their stories diverge a bit, Daenerys gains dragons, armies, and cities, but gains few true allies due to the fact she doesn't listen to her advisors.  In turn, Sansa loses everything, her family, her home, her betrothed, but she gains several key allies and unlike Dany, she listens to those who give her advice.    The main reason why I started to dislike Dany is because she's been given a wonderful oppurtunity to rule Essos, but she's becoming more like a dictator.  Her eventual plan is to conquer Westeros and start a war against a world that she's never really lived in and against people she doesn't even know.  It doesn't seem like she'd care in the least if any of the other characters that the reader has grown to love suddenly perished by dragonfire if it meant taking back the throne.  It makes her plan much less sympathic anymore since it comes off as greed.  It would be one thing if she wanted revenge against Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark, but they're both dead by book three.  For that reason I hope GRRM takes her story to the far north beyond the wall against the Others; I might start liking her again if that happens.    I liked Ned at first, but again, as the books have progressed, a lot of what has happened could have been prevented had it not been for the fact that he is really not as honourable as most think he is.  He could have taken "Family, Duty, Honour" a little more seriously considering they were the words of his wife's house, but his decisions are usually made in hopes of seeming honourable and not actually being honourable.       
  4. Little Bird Sansa


    Hi! A few years ago I was introduced to the Game of Thrones show just before season three began, and I was immediately hooked, which is no surprise coming from a Tolkien fan (unlike ASOIAF, I'd read the books before the movies). A little while later I started reading ASOIAF, and got through the beginning of book three. A few months ago I found this forum and also found how many details I've missed during my reading of the first two books. As of now, I've started over with book one, this time taking notes and highlighting bits that stand out. It's amazing how many details and clues there are on every page! I'm definitely enjoying the books much more now, and I hope to participate quite a lot on this forum since I've restarted this journey.