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  1. He was fighting on the Steptones at that time. You and other show watchers would better understand why Daemon and his Bronze wife didn't get along if they showed her being gay, like they showed Laenor being gay. We could have had more interaction between them, wasted opportunity. Also, it would make Daemon more ambiguous if he wasn't there, because he is not truly evil or a plain cheat and murderer like the show tries to portrait. She is also the ruler of Runestone, not the heir, don't know why they made this change in the show. But it would make Daemon's claim to Runestone and his marriage to her make more sense. The show just makes stupid changes that make no sense and break internal consistency of Westeros.
  2. He has a Valyrian look preference. It would make more sense to show watchers if they didn't change the race, haircolor and appearance of Mysaria and Laena.
  3. She's an ugly lesbian in the books and Daemon wasn't even there when shed died. The show clearly tries to make Daemon the bad guy and lame for some reason.
  4. I thought episode 2 would be the worst episode. I was wrong. We have reached a new level of stupidity in the writing room. That was so bad. So bad.
  5. That was really bad. Idiot writing. ... I have no confidence they can return from this level of stupidity. Every single episode they have men be ridiculously violent for no reason whatsoever. More high lords dead right and left, there are no rules, no sins, no hanging, no king's justice. This is not Westeros, it's a bad joke. What happened with the horse??? Is Daemon a horse whisperer now? They ruined the Daemon ambiguity and made him a plain evil murderer. In the books he's not even there. Alicent turned for what reason? Because, reasons. So badly done. How will they ever justify Cole not being executed or banished after ruining the royal wedding and killing the future king consort best friend for no reason. Why would he go to the weirwood tree to comit seppuku, he doesnt believe the old gods... They really, really, really, love to reuse that weirwood tree even if it makes absolutely no sense. And HOW, HOW, do they allow The Queen to approach a MURDERER all alone??? Why is Cole not in chains and is allowed to wander free in the castle? And the Queen would be at the wedding cerimony not matter how small it is. wtf This is season 8 levels of stupid writing...
  6. More than half the people I know think Rhaenyra should marry Criston Cole. Its obvious the show failed to establish that Kingsguards cant marry.
  7. Are you not entertained by High Lords murdering each other right and left for no reason at all every single episode? This is very thought provoking and deep you know. It's definitely not dumb, cheap, stupid and doesn't ruin the world building and any sense of internal logic in that universe.
  8. That has got to be the worst opening of this show so far... Are dumb&dumber on the writing room again? Awfull, vulgar dialogue among high lords while they are courting The Princess... High Lords killing each other like it's nothing, means nothing, no consequence. This show wants to portrait all men to be idiots who kill each other without thought, that's the only way the Laidies can seem reasonable in comparison for the writers. They are ruining all the world building with the low IQ writing. Did we really need 30 min softcore porn scenes that never end and lack meaning? Half of it would be more than enough to get the point across. Slow, badly paced episode once again. Seems to be getting worse every week... Lack of good dialogue, lack of plot, half of the episode feels like filler. Again with the prophecy retcon that we all know goes nowhere. This doesn't work because we all know the McGuffin goes nowhere, it's just filler for filler sake, or to trick people that didn't watch GOT into thinking there is something deep behind. So lame and pointless.
  9. My guess is pointless filler. Too much of a coincidence with Arya's white horse from GOT season 8. Trying to make the audience like or something. The boar scene was also silly.
  10. Nah. Ned will always be more impactful and meaningful. Ned was the clear main character, especially in the show, the father of everyone's favorite family, a family man, a good father, husband and respected ruler of the North, the favorite friend of King Rob who begged him to help turn the decaying Kingdom around and who the public rooted for since day 1, a just, honorable and good person overall. Rhaenyra is a spoiled brat who can't do her duty and is too much of a narcissist to want all the attention meanwhile burning the whole kingdom and her family down. She gets a +1 for incest but that's it
  11. Still boring like the last episode, but less because we had more Daemon. They really pulled the "pure valyrian blood" again. I will never take this show seriously when they keep doing shit like this. It's just insulting to anyone with half a brain. The white stag gave me Arya's white horse bs vibes. It was filler, it mean't nothing, it went nowhere. The CGI sucked. They got to reuse the weirwood that should'nt exist again, because it must have cost alot of money. Altough Daemon is the most interesting part, his battle and everything involved was very, very, silly. And insert 'diversity hire dragonrider' out of nowhere lol I'm sure normies didn't understand a thing. Also I already rolled my eyes again watching the trailer for the next episode... they keep retconing prophecy the main show never used. This is so dumb. Did they even watch the main show? Stop it, already.
  12. Bioleninism is the process of promoting party loyalists with no regard to competency. So you get uber loyal but incompetent party commissars instead of competent people in positions of power. The result is further degradation of every institution, services, economy, education, until you get disasters like Lysenkoism, Chernobyl and many other joyful things we can observe today.
  13. I'm going to skip that intro everytime as most people will. Weak, lame, waste of time, they didn't even bother making a new song. Sad.
  14. 3 Borefest of an episode. Too slow, some actors or characters are not able to carry the show. It got better when Daemon showed up. Right now I think only Daemon can carry the show. Otherwise this will go downhill fast. Corlys and the black girl don't cut it. Total immersion breaking and not good enough acting. Why did they make the White Worm have black hair? these random stupid changes are allways for the worse. And what the hell was that accent? Please someone tell her to stop the accent. We got an intro, but it was meh. Should have a new song!
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