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  1. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Dany the Mad Queen was a terrible idea

    The idea isnt bad. The execution was bad. In the books I believe Dany will be seen by Westerosi people as an invader and the people will love Fake Aegon the two of them will fight. But I think it will be just like Tyrion is perceived as a demon monkey etc. WE the readers know this is not true and that he cares about the commonfolk. That is what I think will happen to Danny.
  2. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    cis white male born with priviledge
  3. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Please end these storylines for me, which the show did not...

    25. What was the horn found by Sam beyong the Wall? 26. Azor Ahai? Lightbringer? Valonqar? 27. Did Arya kill someone with green eyes? 28. Can Bran see the future? Did he manipulate everyone? 29. What happened to Martha?
  4. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    If there was season 9...

    Yara kills Lady Sandra. avenging Daenerys. in the first 10 min into the episode and The North celebrates. Turns out Lady Sandra has been a lying bitch for 5 years and is now too fat to sit a horse from all the lemoncakes she eats. Alys Karstark is the last Stark relative and is instaled as McQueen In Da Norf. After that we see Arya returning to Kinglanding because she realised that her voyage was pointless because she could just ask Bran what is west of Westeros and he will tell her. The last scene will be Jon having romantic sexual intercourse with Val (wildless princess from the books) and he is happier than ever before. Jon's kids are outside playing catch with a horse sized direwolf named Ghost and we see that there are direwolf puppies.. one for each of his children
  5. Arya: "What is West of Westeros?" Bran:"Maybe I can look for it" *Roll Credits*
  6. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    The white horse at the end of episode 5
  7. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Is Bronn literate? Can he read or write? How is he going to manage the Realm's accounting?
  8. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    So...what was the final WTF moment ?

    Arya knows how to sail a ship.
  9. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Bloodraven is 125 years old. The Weirwood tree prolongued his life. They sort of fused together but he is very weak and has little time left (sleeps a lot). The Hive Mind that is the 3EyedRaven has lasted thousands of years. But it needs a vessel (body) probably only greenseers can be that vessel. So no. Bran wont live a thousand years. His life span will be normal. But he could try to pass his "mind" to another body.
  10. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  11. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    After Dany's speech I felt the urge to invade Poland.
  12. Have you guys seen the Bottle of Water near Sam in the council scene? THEY DID IT AGAIN!
  13. The Whitebook mentioned that Tyrion killed Tommen ...
  15. Stark Queen in Da North Stark King In Da South Stark King Beyond Da Wall Why aren't we all happy?