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  1. Arya: "What is West of Westeros?" Bran:"Maybe I can look for it" *Roll Credits*
  2. Is Bronn literate? Can he read or write? How is he going to manage the Realm's accounting?
  3. After Dany's speech I felt the urge to invade Poland.
  4. Have you guys seen the Bottle of Water near Sam in the council scene? THEY DID IT AGAIN!
  5. The Whitebook mentioned that Tyrion killed Tommen ...
  6. Stark Queen in Da North Stark King In Da South Stark King Beyond Da Wall Why aren't we all happy?
  7. Lady Sandra's Arc Start as a lying bitch Finish as a lying bitch I hope Ramsay gave her life long DST's
  8. Unsullied and Dothraki multiplied to do a feminazi salute. Notice the subtle Nazi imagery. The dialogue was absolutely terrible. Dany wanted to break the wheel but now there are 2 wheels on the throne. So being a cripple is a better story than diyng and being ressurected? And leading humanity against Death itself? I challenge you to name all the people in that counsil of Lords. The Unsullied will all die in Naath because of the butterflies. Why didn't Davos just call him Greyworm? Lol "Go to the Reach and start your own House", he said to the Eunuch.
  9. Nice catch. I bet after this season is over there will be hundreds of these contradictory scenes. It absolutely ruins the rewatchability of the show.
  10. Sure buddy. It all makes perfect sense. Let's all pretend and it will be fine.
  11. Ruined every character development in one episode. Bravo.
  12. "I am the man who killed Jaime Lannister" - BumFinger 2019
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