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  1. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    I cant believe this is getting such an overated rating. wthel there is so much stuff wrong with this finale. You guys must be crazy
  2. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Apparently the NK stole Tyrion's chain plot device.
  3. Why didnt the Dead Army use bows, throw spears at them? The NK could have thrown some spears... And if they cant swim, how did they put the super-heavy metal chain arround the Dragon's neck?
  4. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Gave it a 2 No amount of CGI schlock can erase plotholes, terrible dialogue, character motivation and show inconsistencies. Are we watching GOT on HBO or Sharknado on Syfy? I couldn't tell at times.
  5. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Yes. I liked the CGI, the Ravens POV and Dragons.
  6. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Gave it a 3. The show has completely lost any inner logic. The Winterfell plot is as bad and predictable as the Dorne plot. LF is already dead, what a waste of a character. All the META jokes about Gendry, Stannis etc. just make me cringe. Also Gendry's hammer looks fake like and weightless like a toy... Jonerys is already irritating the way they try to milk it. "Look at them getting to know each other! DO YOU SEE IT!!! THIS IS ROMAAAAAAAAANCE!!!!!" Bronn and Jaime was total plot armor bs. They should have been at least been captured for randsom or something. Sam is just going to learn whatever he needs to learn ONLY when the writers need it... Ghost might aswell be dead if they are not going to ever show him again. The Fast-Travel in this episode was OVER 9000! Who needs horses amiright?!?
  7. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

    Gave it a 7. Maybe the better episode untill now only because of the bigger production value + field of fire and 2 actors that play really well off each other - Jaime and Bronn.
  8. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would rate episode 703?

    5/10 Sub par dialogue Many cringe momments Timeline btfo Major battles off-screen Terrible character and story logic Cersei monologue way too long All Littlefinger scenes are the same Greyworm not dead, Yara not dead, Snakes not dead, Olenna die off screen
  9. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    In the first episode she said "Second banquete in a forthnight". The first was when she killed Walder and made the pie. That makes 15 days to gather all the Freys and 15 days of her posing as Late Walder.
  10. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    She stuck arround Riverrun, disguised as Walder Frey for at least 15 days, sleeping with his wife and mimicking his maneurisms and couldn't ask her maester or anyone for news about the North? Didn't hear someone comment about the Stark bastard who left The Watch and came back to life and has a giant Direwolf? The big Battle of the Bastards? The whole Vale going North? A big part of her training last season was about gathering intel She's a spy! It's too much...
  11. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Why is no one talking about the magical fireballs in the battle scene? For a second I thought Dragons were figthing or that the Meereen people had come to Westeros. I wish Arya was killed by Nymeria and the pack. She's too OP, she's got to die someway and a reunion would be too awkward. If Euron manages to kill Lady Sandra, he will become my favorite character in the show. She is so annoying.
  12. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Where did all the fireballs in the battle come from? And did Euron only use 1 ship vs the fleet?
  13. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    So many scenes were too long with for no reason. The episode was so dull. No real surprises. Everything felt just like fanservice - especially the Freypie wich was done lazy and saw it a mile coming. Kingslanding was taking too long... reaaaally long... was too long. No real suspense or emotion there... Cersei queen... boring. Sam did nothing... CGI Oldtown and library... move on... Dorne... - fuck Dorne. So much bullshit to get even more pussy on the throne. - really didn't like seeing Varys there or Ollena. Bran did nothing...Lyanna was ugly and looked almost like Daenerys...? Didn't like how it was done - felt nothing. Sansa and Jon was meh - they don't work together on screen for me - at least they talked about the army plothole. Littlefinger was meh. Jon DaKingInTheNorff? Again? meh - I don't see this ending well... I thought you had to have a vagina to sit on a throne now. Meereen was too long. Why spend so much time with Daario... what the hell. Dany converted Tyrion into being a feminist? sure. why not... Again too much time spent with the Freys.... everyone knew the girl was Arya... lazy scene again gratuitous Frey death...
  14. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 609?

    This will be the most overated episode ever in history. Sansa is a little sh*t. There is no good reason for not telling Jon about the Vale army. None. Dany is an entitled b*tch. Leaves Meereen for no reason. Meereen was an awfull state it had so many problems that she couldn't solve. she only made things worse but when she returns she expects the man (Tyrion) to have solved all of her problems. - Just like your average feminist. Dany and Yara are BFF's in 3 seconds after meeting. We are talking about the most temperamental and mistrusting women in the show people... The Meereen fight was over too quickly. Also the ships didn't stop shooting fire balls WHILE they were negotiating terms? Wtf? No surprise deaths in this battle is underwhelming. We all expected Rickon. Wun Wun and Ramsay to die. No one cared about Rickon really. Wun Wun was a given. Ramsay dying would be better if Sansa didnt smile when he did. Wun Wun goes into battle bare-handed. Really? Couldn't afford a CGI club for the fookin giant? The battle tactics were absolute sh*t. Specially Ramsay... I get this feeling with Sansa and Ramsay. They are acting very much like Arya gallivanting arround in Braavos doing stupid things and now people are going to try and justify what is simply show inconsistency and bad writing. Also If in the next episode Jon isn't furious with Sansa because of her lying I'll send a raven with a very angry letter to HBO so they hire reputable writers for the show.
  15. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Very bad episode. Too much stuff happening off-screen. Blackfish dies off-screen. Arya kills Waif off-screen. Dragons arrive during an epic battle off-screen. Give us something for gods sake. Instead we get the most cringe and horrible dialogue with the useless pointless couple Missandei + Greyworm that are getting more and more annoying each time they get screen time. Meereen is Tyrion's Dorne. He goes there to waste away with stupid character and horrible dialogue. I love Podrik and like Bronn but I was donne with Bronn in season 3 - more filler. Jaime + Brienne - made me thought "How awsome would have it been if they did this 2 seasons ago like in the books" I'm tired and annoyed of Jaime saying AGAIN he loves Cersei's punanni. 7 seasons and Jaime we havent seen his character development. Kingslanding was meh... Its the most boring place in westeros right now. Arya - The Waif was acting all Terminator-like (wtf) - The Arya we saw in the last episode wasnt Arya's plan or a trick . It was just plain inconsistency of the show. I never felt for a second that Arya was in real danger. The whole thing was underwelming. If she was suffering Maise Williams didnt sell it to me. The Hound - Another underwelming scene... I don't have faith that D&D know what they are doing with him. He comes back from dead to show that he hasnt changed... lame. Just like another character that came from dead unchanged this season...