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  1. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    The show has got so bad I cant imagine myself rewatching it for pleasure... I'm completely sure that the show cant surprise me again. Sadly I don't think the last season will be any better than this one, with the chance of being even worse. They should have been bold this season but instead they played it super safe and it still sucked. I can already tell they will show us Tormund and Beric are alive in the first episode of Season 8. It sucks
  2. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Only 1 million people in the North?

    By Elio Garcia's estimates, he wrote The World of Ice and Fire, the North should have about 4million people.
  3. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    I cant believe this is getting such an overated rating. wthel there is so much stuff wrong with this finale. You guys must be crazy
  4. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Cersei's Strobing and Deathly-Hallowed Ensemble

    Whats going on here? You talking to yourself?
  5. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    so did tormound and beric survive

    They will both make a return cameo as a wight
  6. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Siding with the Night King

    "Where are my DRAGONS ICE SPIDERS!"
  7. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    Two years is really too long and unjustified imo. I would take WoW over S8 anytime though.
  8. This is it. Episode 7 of Season 7 the Season Finale. Biggest budget ever, highest viewership ratings ever. But somehow I am not excited, I was excited when the season started and for the first half of it, but after episode 6 I was really depressed about it. Now I just want the season to be over so we can move on. I rate my excitement for episode 7 a 1/10.
  9. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Could Ghost survive the show?

    The COTF said the Direwolves will survive them all. Either they are going to be the last ones to die or will still survive in the wild. My guess is that all things magic will die, but I can see Nymeria's blood surviving in the wolf pack as consolation. I just hope we get a lot more Ghost in S8.
  10. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    So from the promo for the next episode....

    Not if it starts snowing in KL during the meeting
  11. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Apparently the NK stole Tyrion's chain plot device.
  12. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Lady Sandra is now officialy renamed to Ellaria Sand v2.0
  13. Why didnt the Dead Army use bows, throw spears at them? The NK could have thrown some spears... And if they cant swim, how did they put the super-heavy metal chain arround the Dragon's neck?
  14. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    I liked Beric's lightsaber. It was just like watching Star Wars.