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  1. Moat Cailin is not an effective barrier against dragons. The North is not valuable and the only people who harass them are the Ironborn and the Wildlings.
  2. Summer will End. So yes, Summer will die. It is the symbolic end to summer and the arrival of winter. The deaths of the direwolves indicates the passing of an important event. The death of Lady exposed the hubris and hypocrisy of the Starks. Greywind, the grey morality of Robb Stark and the fall of his house. Summer's death will sever Bran's connection to warmth and bring winter.
  3. Aurane follows the history of his family who are now closet Targaryen loyalists. He could present himself as a suitor to Dany and offer the fleet in exchange.
  4. Such a fight will not be in the form of a physical duel because Sansa is not at all brave enough for that. I believe there will be a conflict between the Starks that will lead to the death of one or two of them. Sansa will surely be on one side. She is ambitious but lack the intelligence and the courage to acquire anything for herself. But she will be used by Littlefinger and Harry to further their own ambitions. Ambitions which may include control of the North. Sansa will side with anyone who can give her the status she thinks she is deserving of.
  5. Cannibals. People eaters. Primitive people living in isolation. Take the North and bring their development back a hundred years and that is Skagos. They are what the North was.
  6. Some Starks are not going to have the look. The long face, long chin look is not present in every person who has Stark blood. The relevance is the historical connection to the Night's King. Craster, the Starks, and Night's King are from the same family.
  7. Arya has already started murdering for revenge. She's crazy though. Jon was thinking of Arya and revenge during his last breaths of life. They are not going to contribute anything good.
  8. Starfall is in a prime location. Location is everything in real estate. Warm weather and lovely views. Starfall is for me. My second choice are The Twins.
  9. They are the ones most likely to bring him back from death and not Mellissandre.
  10. You just have to be the right person. Like in the legend of King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. Daenerys does everything in 3s and pulled three dragons out of the stone.
  11. Aegon is not on solid ground, but he will be able to fool few people at the beginning. Daenerys will put forth her claim and reveal Aegon to be a fraud. That will be the end of Aegon's very short reign. Daenerys will have the dragons and the experience to support her claim to Westeros. In the end, she will be a better ruler than Aegon, Jon Snow, or Stannis could ever hope to become.
  12. Varys was talking about a specific scenario. There is such a thing as might and real power. Varys was talking about three equal contenders trying to convince a man with no principles. It is rarely the way of it. The stronger contender for power usually wins because they have assets which give them the means to take what they want by force.
  13. Jon has done a lot of harm and damage to the Night's Watch. We will see the negative effects of his actions. Aliser and Bowen will try to mend what Jon broke but it might be too late.
  14. The ocean on the west side of Westeros is mostly unexplored. The Farwynds' islands are the farthest known landmass to the west. Quaithe tells Dany to sail westwards instead of taking a more direct route to Westeros. If Quaithe is Elissa Farman and she has been to the far western ocean, what did she find and why is it important for Dany to see for herself?
  15. SMK and his brazen soldiers proved their loyalty. RMR is an unknown card in the deck.
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