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  1. Day and night should not mix. The prophecies already says this. All of her husbands will die. Some miracle will happen. I hope dragons but I don't think so.
  2. Jon Snow was dying the last time we saw him. He is a known breaker of oath. He arranged the marriage of a Karstark to a wildling man. He set Mance Rayder loose on the north. I do not think his word will carry any weight.
  3. The best she can do, and it isn't proof by any means, is to get testimony from people. And ofcourse people do not lie!!!! So yes, it will be a very, very steep hill to climb. One that I think she will not be able to climb. Sansa will be Allayne until the day she dies.
  4. I don't see this as a problem. It means more books to enjoy. Don't worry about spoilers because GM will be stingy with the details.
  5. The situation in Westeros will get increasingly desperate. Robert and the Baratheons could not hold the kingdom together. Balon, Renly, Robb, and Jon all badly messed up and failed in their duties. The kingdom is broken. The lords are scheming and fighting among themselves while the people are suffering. Mass starvation is about to become reality. The people will hunger for the return of the Targaryens. Timing is everything. Aegon will come in and become part of the problem when he launches his attack on King's Landing and Cersei. Euron is menacing the coast. The people of Westerosi will soon start sending their envoys to Daenerys and asking for help.
  6. She's no Lame Lothar clever but I expect nothing less than competence at the game.
  7. The Moon ("moon") is the mate of the Sun. The Moon is destroyed by getting too close to the Sun and Dragons are born as a result. The tale of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa is just another way of telling the same story.
  8. Jaime should be thanked for stopping the wildfire from igniting. But he should be condemned for assassinating his own king. He already stopped the king's henchmen. I think he killed them all. There was no need to murder Aerys. It was not necessary. He should have bargained on behalf of his king. Aerys could go into supervised retirement for his remaining years of life. I believe this is what Ned Stark and any other good man would have done if he had been on Aerys' kingsguard.
  9. Cersei? You have got to be joking. Cersei outwitted Robert and Ned easily. I am picking Jon Snow. He arguably had the most important job of anyone in Westeros. Jon has seen the beheading of a deserter. Qhorin even taught him what it means to be a man of the watch. Jon saw the dedication of a true man of the watch after Qhorin sacrificed himself. Aemon gave him a lecture on duty. Mormont mentored him and Samwell gave him a little education. All of that and he still created a mess of things at the wall.
  10. The Starks were playing the game of thrones. Sure they wanted something like a nuclear weapon against the Warg King and the Boltons. It wasn't done for survival. The Starks did it because they wanted to become supreme in the north. They were doing the same thing Euron is. They believed it's the "Gods" who gave them magic in return for serving the bloody dinner every night. That is at least what they believed. They lacked the science to understand genetics. In truth, the Starks beat the rivals because they accidentally brought in the gene for skinchanging to the family. But belief is powerful. They believed the Weirs were giving them power so they kept killing people to make the trees flourish. The family flourished as the trees did. So the Stark power is built on the blood of their unfortunate captives.
  11. Possible, because Rickard and his heir died before they can pass on the ritual of human sacrifice to Ned. Theon Stark the Hungry Wolf came from this family. The Starks spilled a lot of blood to those trees. The Old Gods are a hungry lot.
  12. I don't know about Arthur. Hightower and Whent would. They were absolutely loyal to Aerys.
  13. Bran has too many options to avoid true death. Jon and Arya will die. They will get a temporary reprieve from fading away because they can warg their wolves. They will live long enough to continue to affect the plot. Lady Stoneheart has set the pattern for Arya. Arya is revenge. What she does will bring more troubles to the people. Jon's love for Arya will survive the death of his body and it will continue to make him destructive.
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