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  1. The Lord of the Crossing

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    He is great for the story. He's not a villain.
  2. The Lord of the Crossing

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    I too have read the comments before mine. I doubt there's more to add. You either like Bowen or you don't. I think he did the right thing when he stabbed Jon Snow. I can't make the same claim for Brutus.
  3. The Lord of the Crossing

    Who is Quaithe?

    Robb Stark knew what he was doing. He wanted to fulfill his own desire instead of honoring a pact with a man who lost his son fighting for the Starks. There is no excuse for Robb Stark.
  4. The Lord of the Crossing

    Ramsay and Euron

    What is happening in Mereen pale in comparison to the devastation caused by Robert's Rebellion and the War of the Five Kings. A whole continent suffered for years and for what, nothing of any good really. Putting Robert's bum on the throne bankrupted the kingdom and destroyed the economy. The war that the Starks and the Lannisters started is still unresolved and creating a continent wide misery for people who have nothing to do with either families. And whether Stark or Lannister won is unlikely to change the land for the better. The Freedom War going in Mereen is for a good cause, to bring freedom to millions of slaves. The American Civil War was bloody and it brought a lot of suffering to the slaving states. Many of the people who suffered were non-owners of slaves. If the Southern states had just complied and given up slaving a lot of suffering could have been avoided. The trouble in Mereen are caused by the slave masters who refuse to give up. The masters are trying to bring slavery back.
  5. The Lord of the Crossing

    A Bittersweet ending?

    The plan for a bittersweet ending was hatched before George Martin realized the diversity of his fans. I will expect a more complicated ending now. What is bitter for you [Jova Snow] may be sweet to me [Lord of the Crossing]. And vice-versa. The Starks going extinct is sweet to me but many other fans would consider that bitter.
  6. The Lord of the Crossing

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    We should look back in history to see how omens and prophecies were misinterpreted. Rhaegar thought he was special. Well, Rhaegar was wrong. He was just a chump who thought he was the promised one. His young sister is the promised one. The red comet is like prophecy. But, and this is important, just because all these people saw it and made the wrong impression does not mean they all got it wrong. One person got it right. Daenerys got it right. That comet was for her and her alone. This is corroborated by Old Nan's interpretation. The Red Comet mean the arrival of dragons. There can be no doubt, the Red Comet herald the return of dragons, both real dragons and the human dragon, Daenerys Targaryen.
  7. The Lord of the Crossing

    Who is Quaithe?

    Robert failed at ruling and leading because he was unfit for the role. Oh he wanted to be king but he didn't want to do that job of ruling. Robb failed at trying to become king because he lacked the selfcontrol needed to succeed in war. Crazy wolf won a lot of battles but couldn't keep his allies together. It's because he can't keep himself together and screwed over his most valuable contributor. Joffrey failed because he was just an immature child whom his future in-laws needed to push out of the way. Egg failed because he allowed personal feelings to get in the way of politics. Jon Snow failed at leadership because he was ill-suited for it. His job is to maintain the rules but he himself couldn't follow those rules. He damaged the NW in order to get his sister away from her husband. He had no right to do that and had no right to involve the wall.
  8. The Lord of the Crossing

    Ramsay and Euron

    George already said, people have more in common in comparison to their differences. The point may be this. Even the villains are humans and they are not always the source of the problem. The Starks have caused more damage to Westeros compared to the Freys. Yet, at first glance, they appear to be the good people. It's time to stop sorting people into good and bad. The differences are small. It was wrong for Catelyn to spark war over Bran even though Jaime deserved to be jailed for what he did. There is crude justice in Ice and Fire. Jaime lost his hand even though a direct correlation doesn't exists with the maiming of Bran. Both these guys will have to reinvent themselves after the loss of limbs. Jon Snow betrayed the Night's Watch and wrongfully executed a sworn brother. He in turn got executed by the sworn brothers. Jorah sold poachers to the slavers. Look what happened to him: he got sold into slavery. Tyrion killed his father in a fit of emotions and somebody might do the same to him in the future. Sansa went behind her father's back, chose to keep the truth about Micah. Somebody might do the same to Sansa. Myranda Royce is likely. Love can be destructive too. Growing love in the hearts of Euron might not lead to anything good. Sansa loved Joffrey and it didn't create anything good. Just saying. S
  9. The Lord of the Crossing

    Big Question regarding Inheritance

    The north are small minded people. They would rather have Roose Bolton ruling over them than a Lannister dwarf's son.
  10. The Lord of the Crossing

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    Jon. He was a noble man's bastard but taking the black meant giving up lands and titles.
  11. The Lord of the Crossing

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    Daenerys has the best potential out of any of the possible future leaders. She is better than Stannis, better than Jon Snow, and better than Cersei. Aegon, when faced with his first big decision, fucked up. He goes to Westeros like a beggar instead of on the back of a dragon. All because of what? Pride. Now compared this with the 13 year old Daenerys, who found a way to adjust to the Dothraki life and win their respect. That is something special.
  12. The Lord of the Crossing

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    No. Not this. Khal Drogo was not reckless. He was very measured. She has good taste in men. Daario was just a plaything that she was able to set aside when the need arose. Her taste in men is better than Sansa's.
  13. The Lord of the Crossing

    (F?) Aegon's personality and future

    Being too cautious is almost as bad as being hasty. He has to take the risk in order to advance in the game. I will have to say, he has the potential to be better than Robb and Jon in his leadership.
  14. The Lord of the Crossing

    When it comes to major battles, is there a pattern which side wins?

    Robb had to sacrifice a lot of men to win that battle. This battle could have gone either way. And it was stupid of Rhaegar to do this. He should do what Bloodraven did. Tell his archers to aim for Robert. There is no such thing as fairness in war. It shouldn't be. Rhaegar was a fool. Bloodraven set aside honor to win the battle for the Targaryens. Good man. Jon Connington should have burned the town if the town's people were hiding Robert. That was stupid not to. The town was aiding a rebel. He had the right to burn them. That's what I love about Dany. She would most often choose the strategy to limit the casualties to her side whenever possible. Choosing to risk Belwas instead of her more useful men to fight Oznak was another smart move. It's what a leader should do in that situation. She's far and ahead a better leader than Robb. It's called "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. The tactics are not nice and they do not stay within the chivalrous code but they are practical.
  15. The Lord of the Crossing

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    It's not to do with his hair. It's the white uniform of the KG. Everybody's hair turns white eventually.