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  1. Craster's bloodline is special because the Others accepted his boys. He has a good relationship with the Others because he gives them his boys. A lot of wildlings would glady do that. There would be no need for the wildlings to flee from the white walkers if they can keep the Others happy with the gift of an occasional baby boy. So the baby's DNA is clearly important. The Others do not want just any baby. It has to be a boy and it has to come from Craster. The Night's King was a Stark. The female Other sought him out. Why him in particular? Because of his bloodline. If the first white walkers were created from Stark stock, it would help explain why. Only a Stark can be converted to a white walker. The DNA has to be compatible. The Stark ability to enter and control animals is also important because it gives the Others the tool they need to control their wights. Craster is a Stark.
  2. Three deaths were needed to bring three dragons back to life. Three deaths paid for three lives. A cool theory has been floated that souls are limited. Souls are recycled. Rhaego's soul is in Rhaegal, Viserys is in Viserion, and Drogo is in Drogon. Memories are gone but the soul remains alive.
  3. That settled it. Arya Stark is a pscyho. It's actually clear from the books.
  4. Arya didn't have justification to kill the old businessman. That murder is another one of her horrible crimes.
  5. Doubly interesting, because Jon has done things which are many times more illegal. Will Arya judge Jon and punish him for starting a war with the Boltons? She should. It was many times more damaging compared to what a lone Dareon could do.
  6. It was a horrible crime done by Arya Stark. It's a crime because she has no authority to kill him.
  7. Janos Slynt had only one weakness. He had not spent enough time at the wall to have a good understanding of the wildlings and the white walkers. But there were people at the wall who did. A leader does not have to know everything as long they have somebody on the staff who do.
  8. Two things stand out as really bad. The killings of the slave children by the masters of Meereen. It was a war crime. The masters intended to intimidate the liberator, Daenerys Targaryen. They murdered the slave children and lined the road with their corpses. Daenerys had every right to punish the masters for this crime. Arya's murder of Dareon. The poor young man was twice victimized. I already explained that in a previous post.
  9. It's possible for the north to become ruled by the wildlings for a very short time until the Others arrive and they all get turned to wights. Jon will have his moment to lead an army of wighted wildlings. Dany and Drogon will melt him and his army of ice on the Trident.
  10. Dareon is not the most mature man to ever wear the black. But we can all agree that he was twice the victim of injustice. The first came from Lord Rowan and his daughter at Goldengrove. And the second injustice came from Arya Stark. Arya Stark murdered Dareon in Braavos. Arya's thirst for blood and revenge is not justice.
  11. That's part of Bran's problem. He has the powers but not the intelligence nor the wisdom to manage his talents. He will misuse those gifts.
  12. Sarella will protect Sam and take him under her wing.
  13. I authored an original topic in 2016 about the very real possibility of Craster being a Stark. I've no wish to hijack this topic with a link. Here is what I wrote: I think we all agree on Aerys being mad. But even given his madness, there were still many other non-Targaryen lords who were much more harmful and cruel. Black Harren has already been mentioned. Theon Stark was a cruel dick. Being nuts is no excuse to remove a lord or a king from power. Nowhere does it say the person need to be nice and moral to have the right to rule in their laws. Joffrey was a terror and yet nobody questioned his right to rule on that basis. Brandon Stark was a hot headed prick but he would have inherited Winterfell. Balon is in many ways more harmful than Aerys and nobody stood in his way on that basis. Their rights and privileges come from the luck of being born in a ruling family. Rebelling against Aerys has done more harm than good. Robert and Ned could have gone into exile and saved thousands of lives. I am glad things happened the way they did. We would have no dragons otherwise and Dany would not blossom into the fine leader she is becoming. But the reason behind the rebellion was thin. Rebellion was not justified. Aerys was not doing enough harm to justify a rebellion which killed thousands.
  14. J'aqen picked out Arya because he saw her beating Lommie and Hotpie. He saw a broken but dangerous girl with a grudge.
  15. Somebody finds out and it forces an evacuation of the city. Many will choose to stay because it's cold outside but most will see the wisdom of leaving. The Wisdom will have no control after the substance has become unstable. It's like the problem of what to do with nuclear waste today and war weapons which now have no place. Un-exploded bombs and land mines from wars are still dangerous.
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