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  1. It's not even a coincidence. It's over reaching to build a connection. Salt and smoke refers to Dragonstone, the birthplace of Dany.
  2. Dany is going through the journey that all heroes go through. Slavery was not going away without the bad people who kept slaves putting up a fight. One of her task to reach greatness is to defeat the slavers. Her arc will lead her to rule Westeros and parts of Essos. Azor Ahai is only one of her roles but one that she has to accept before earning the iron throne.
  3. Beheading is how inept leaders are impeached. Jon would have literally lost his head. No great loss. He was already lost to reason.
  4. Jared Frey owned Davos Seaworth at the end of that sparring. Wayman should have stayed out of it. Dany is very good at it but Jared's comeback against Davos is best.
  5. This is true about Walder. He's a crochety old man with a sharp wit. The Freys are clever. I really liked the hostility between Ser Jared and Davos in Manderly's hall. The one about slicing onions. Jared pushed back on Davos' insult with a superior one of his own.
  6. Jon was no longer serving the Watch. He was no longer serving the interest of the realm. He was serving the interest of saving his sister no matter what. He deserved to get removed from power. Bowen Marsh had no other choice because he was a man of duty and principle. Jon's irrationality over rescuing his sister left the Night's Watch with a big problem. They had to remove Jon. I don't think a single man of the watch would disapprove of Bowen's decision to knife Jon.
  7. Daenerys will give him a better purpose in life. What Tyrion needs is to leave his past behind, accept that he's a dwarf, that people will be prejudiced against him for that. Having a greater purpose other than getting drunk and whoring will make him useful to somebody with a greater destiny, like Daenerys. I will readily forgive Tyrion for all of his past deeds if he devotes himself to serving Daenerys and then helping her take and rule Westeros. I have read some of your posts in the past and it could be that you and I will not agree. Which is fine by me. To me, Daenerys is the hero of the story. Tyrion will be on the side of the righteous if he chooses to faithfully serve her.
  8. A plot to hatch a dragon and then raise that dragon at a time passed the eleventh hour? The time to do that was a decade before the rebellion. I don't think so. Rhaegar was on that tower because he was commanded by his father to kidnap the Stark girl. Lyanna was the center of the plot to link the rebels. She was to be the person who will bind the conspirators together. Get rid of her and the blood bond between Stark and Baratheon will not take place.
  9. Bran's underground location will be the nexus of the dark weirnet. It is not good for an angry kid with magic powers to sit alone in the dark. His spiral to the dark side will begin after his brother's death at the wall. He will become more bitter as time goes and use his magic to attack the kingdom.
  10. A reanimated Jon Snow will be the new Night's King. He will literally be a walking dead this time around.
  11. Some in both families obsess over revenge. Oberyn's daughters in the Martell clan want revenge. Arya will proceed with her list, Jon will come back crazy for blood, and Bran will use his skinchange powers to force the wights to attack Westeros.
  12. I do wonder if Jon's death will upset him more than the wrong done to him by the Lannisters.
  13. The best queen for the kingdom was someone who would poison Robert as soon as it became evident that he was pushing Westeros deeper and deeper into debt.
  14. Bowen will not commit suicide. He will do his duty. He has a tough job to do to save the watch from Jon's bad decisions. Mel might be ticked but the younger men of the watch will appreciate what Bowen had to do. The queen's men will surrender to Roose. Maybe they will offer Selyse, Shireen, Mel,and Val as a token of peace.
  15. Jon Wight will indeed have Arya on his mind when he gets awakened by the Others. Arya, revenge, ghost, and needle were his last thoughts before dying.
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