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  1. A lot of talk on the appropriate punishment for Arya Stark for the crimes of foul murder. Specifically, the murders of Dareon and the Insurance Underwriter. She is guilty of many more murders but some are claiming those others acts of self-defense. The old witch saw many more murders in Arya's short future but we can only judge and sentence for crimes already committed. There is no justice in punishing somebody for what they might do or what they are predicted to do. And this is about justice. Arya has no objections to handing the dead. A fair punishment for crimes already committed is a life time of servitude to the Silent Sisters. There obviously has to be a method to keep Arya from running away. And we can further speculate on how that might be accomplished. Perhaps a magic binder that will keep Arya bound to the Silent sisters or something of the like. This is fair in my opinion. At least she is given a chance for redemption even though she feels no guilt. Comment below and let me know if you consider this too light of a sentence. Too light or just right?
  2. The Daenerys Targaryen arc is full of inspirations from the bible. Three pyramids, slavery, journey through the desert, and so on. Like Moses, our favorite hero will lead her people, the free peoples of the Bay, towards a promising new land. Westeros. I think the title, A Dream of Spring, may refer to this. The last book ends as the migration to Westeros begins after the winter has killed off the current population in the West.
  3. Jon Snow Wight will have unusual properties for an undead. Not your typical wight, his mind will be in Ghost. So they will have to stay close together. His body is ruined from the knives but it will last long enough for him to learn Mance rescued a fake and he betrayed the watch based on poor interpretation.
  4. The Narrow Sea is easy enough to cross so much so that a steady supply of ships can transport all of the provisions needed by the Khaleesi for her military campaign. Food will be scarce in Westeros, most of the population will have succumbed to starvation already, and the resistance will be feable.
  5. I guess the "boneheads" took the throne for a while and broke the kingdom. The Baratheons and their allies are indeed "boneheads" The Freys are criticized for arriving late to the battle. I think the insults started after Robert's Rebellion. That failure, intended or accidental, will soon be forgotten. It's been less than 20 years. Another 10 and no one will remember it. A Song of Ice and Fire has a hierarchy. The Targaryens are at the top because they deserve it. They were the rulers of Old Valyria. They have dragons, beautiful hair, high intelligence, and lovely eyes. They survived the Doom and built a kingdom for themselves. People admire that.
  6. This is where we should begin looking for more evidence for the conspiracy. For now it is another conditional justification for the executions of the Starks. They deserved death if they were plotting to push the Targaryens out. They are guilty of treason and no government should tolerate treason.
  7. The circumstances were not your typical marriage pact. Walder committed his family and soldiers to Robb. His heir as well as many of their men died for Robb. Then Robb betrays them by breaking his oath. You don't just trivialize what Robb did. Robb was a total scum. He apologized later but only after he realized he needed the Freys again.
  8. That people valued a man's oath is proof most people do not break theirs. Walder never expected another lord to break a sworn oath. Robb did and it is a dishonor.
  9. Jon was the product of passion. His parents, whoever or whatever they were, were not thinking about legitimacy. They wanted to sleep together, did, and had Jon.
  10. Those children POWs were active participants in the war. They chose to squire. They were not exactly innocents with clean hands. I consider them part of the support crew who were helping the killers do their jobs better. They were killers in training. The innocents are the village children who were the victims of the Stark Rebellion. The ones who lost families, food, and shelter because Robb chose to rebel.
  11. It is Robb and the Starks who are the idiots. They got their bannermen and soldiers killed because of their stupidity. I don't think the Starks will ever fully recover. While Walder gained a lot for his participation in the red wedding.
  12. The gemstones is the birthstone of each person in the family. I think they are brothers and sisters and the children of the gods. The stones may indicate birth order. Since Amethyst was in charge it meant she was not the youngest. Daenerys is the youngest of the Targaryens. What is relevant today is she is Azor Ahai and the rightful ruler of Westeros.
  13. Arya should learn from that lesson but any meeting between them will not come before Arya has killed more people. Arya will have reached the point where she is not deserving of a better path. Kill a few more people and Arya will deserve the same worse than death punishment as Stoneheart. Arya should change her own path as soon as possible and choose peace to deserve redemption.
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