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  1. The plot would have fallen apart. His sons would argue among themselves and they would fail to reach consensus in time to carry out the wedding.
  2. A lot of good people suffer when their side loses. Principled and loyal men like Ser Aliser got punished. He did nothing wrong. His side lost and that was all.
  3. I believe the Freys are the richest house in the Riverlands. Part of the reason for the Tully's dislike of the Freys is jealousy.
  4. I don't think so. Aegon I, Aegon V, Aerys II, Rhaegar, Viserys, were all preparations for Daenerys to be Azor Ahai. The prophecy is very clear. Azor Ahai will wake dragons from stone. Daenerys has done that. She's not preparation for Azor Ahai, she is Azor Ahai.
  5. Victarion has something valuable to offer the Dragon Queen. A powerful fleet and a magic horn. The value of the first is easy enough to see. The horn is a wild card. I don't think Victarion really understands the horn. Moqorro, Marwyn, and Quaithe are the equivalent of the three wise kings of the bible who journeyed to meet a very special child. Mo wants to serve Azor Ahai and that means he is a friend to the dragon. He helps Vic because the iron captain is bringing something useful to AA.
  6. Daenerys Targaryen is the most important person in the story. If you notice, a lot of very importance characters are making their way to Essos to meet Her Grace. It's almost as if Marwyn was waiting for her all these years. Transferring information is not his only objective. He wants to protect Daenerys.
  7. Think about the rumors still coming up during conversations. Stories get mixed up. The best lies hold some truth to make it believable. A grieving woman jumps off the tower after hearing of a lover's death. Many men died during the rebellion. Brandon, Rhaegar, Arthur, Aerys. Three women of importance, Queen Rhaella, Lyanna, and Ashara died. Ned's delirious dream is unreliable. Maybe it was Lyanna who jumped from a tower. She lived just long enough to have a short chit chat with Ned. Ned, in his state of grief, took down the cursed tower.
  8. Jon Stark couldn't control his emotions over Arya and got the watch involved in a quarrel with the Boltons. Starks may have helped the NW in the past but it's a Stark, Jon Snow (Stark), who destroyed them when he sent wildlings to take his sister away from Ramsay. Jon had no right to do that.
  9. Catelyn was a decent lady but let's not go too far in appreciation. She betrayed her lord (Robb was not a king) by letting Jaime go free. She put the lives of thousands to punish Bran's attacker. That's foolish for a leader.
  10. They were doing fine. I believe the Inn is located on Darry lands. Their lands were fertile and therefore, productive when it came time to harvest. But they are not rivals to House Frey. House Frey is one of the richest families in Westeros.
  11. It's not a clue. It's just an example of humans cutting down a tree to make furniture and other useful items. What is a building material to humans is sacred to the Children and the greenseers. The humans cut trees down and the Children feed humans to the trees. The values of the two species are different. They don't cherish the same things.
  12. The Ironbank will crash. Westeros will fall to the white walkers and all the debtors will be wighted. Things like the economy, banking, and government will fall during the duration of winter. Daenerys Targaryen will rebuild after the end of winter. But don't expect to see a working banking system. It takes time for complicated systems like that to start again.
  13. Worms are disgusting but provide a necessary service for the health of the environment. They decompose the dead and return resources to the ground. Worms in ASOIAF are the creatures who shun the light and live off the dead. It is what Arya, the undying of Qarth, Bran, and the weirwood trees are. One way or another, they feed off the dead. Arya recycles dead for the house of black and white. Bran will soon start feeding off blood sacrifices. Jon the Wight is not going to be a vegan when he comes back. He'll have to feed on flesh in order to continue what life he has left to find Arya.
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