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  1. Theon will be a player in the civil war on the Iron islands. The Ironborn will again choose a leader and somebody will contest Euron's right.
  2. Arya doesn't deserve a happy ending after all she has done. What she has become is the result of PTSD and her life choices. Some kind of allowance for her suffering should be taken when judging her; however, she should not be given a happy ending. It would suck if Arya gets away with it. Arya and Jon should die in each other's arms in Winds of Winter and migrate into their direwolves. That is what I believe is a fitting end for her.
  3. There are better world builders in the fantasy realm. Nobody does nihilism better though.
  4. Sansa can be given to one of the young men of the khalsar. The Dothraki might consider red heads a novelty.
  5. The people inside the city might let their bellies grumble for a day or two but yes, they will be offering Cersei and Tommen to the Dothraki before a single person drops a size. The majority of the houses will have already bent their knees to Daenerys before her army comes to the gates of the city. I expect Jaime to be killed by dark Bran. He will be out of the city to spare him until Bran can get his evil on and gets his revenge on Jaime.
  6. Jon was the traitor. Bowen Marsh executed a traitor. Bowen will be the next lord commander and the vote will be heavily in his favor. Jon broke the law and betrayed the watch. Every reasonable person on the wall will see that.
  7. Jon ordered his subordinate, Mance, to carry out an illegal mission. Mance killed people and violated guest rights in the process of obeying Jon's orders. It's Jon's fault.
  8. Ashara was mobile. She could have been in King's Landing when Brandon and his goons rode in to threaten the ruling family. That she and the latter had sex before Lyanna was abducted or ran away (to avoid Robert) is possible.
  9. The red wedding was a war strategy to get rid of a rebellious lord who got into his head to declare a portion of Westeros as his own kingdom. It may have saved a lot of loyalists' lives. Many more lives on both sides would have been lost if they had fought a traditional battle.
  10. The timing is the worst possible should the weeper arrive when the watch is in a state of chaos. We do not really know if that will happen but we know a fight between the crows and the wildlings will take place if Bowen tries to stop them from raiding the Boltons. The stabbing killed or maimed Jon but what he had started is too late to stop. Jon should have minded the business of the N/W instead of meddling in the affairs of the Boltons. Jon ordered Mance to take his sister from the son of Lord Bolton. Do this to any house and it will be taken as an act of war.
  11. Yes. This is it. Viserys was the unquestioned heir to the throne because King Aerys favored him over Rhaegar. There were always going to be questions about YG that are hard to answer to the satisfaction of the doubters.
  12. Viserys had an easy job. Just stay out of the way and let the Dothraki do what they do and the Baratheon's supporters would retreat back inside their castles in hopes of waiting it out. Many of the river lords would flock to his banner. Mercenaries would come as well.
  13. Many of the houses would support Viserys. He only needed to cross the sea with an army. Fear of Robert is what kept them in line. They would have fought to restore the Targaryens if Viserys could show that he had a chance. Robert and Ned were going to be killed prior to the homecoming of Viserys.
  14. The White Walkers, the Starks, and Craster are related.
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