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  1. Maya Mia

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    My young son just told me his co workers problem they work in the dining hall of a huge retirement facility, about 20 miles from Sarasota, where one of the confirmed cases in FL is. he had the mismortune to just get back from visiting family in WI - which I believe does not have an outbreak. These kids make about $10 per hour. He was told today he is not allowed to come to work, because he traveled to WI until he has been testedand cleared by a doctor. The test costs about $3300 we are hearing, plus the doctor visit. Which doctors are not performing the tests, but the company doesn’t care. This 20 yr old kid has no symptoms at all. It is all based on because he had interstate travel.
  2. 6 person jury is Florida law, for a criminal trial, the exception is a death penalty case, which requires a jury of 12. It's an old law, from the 60s or 70s or so, and it was upheld by SCOTUS way back when. Also to correct a different post, Stand your ground was not used by the defense. Stand your ground was used by the sheriff as a reason to not arrest him at the time.
  3. Maya Mia

    Going to Weddings

    The best wedding I ever attended was my sisters, (not mine lol) . As we grew up in Pgh, and her groom was Italian, they had the money dance. Which was great for me, because as the matron of honor, and my sister had decided to not invite extended family, and invite more friends, I knew most of her and her groom's friends. And when you pay for the money dance, you get a shot. And as I knew most of them, I did a shot with them. I think my husband poured me into the elevator that night after it was over. I'm not sure, as I'm not quite sure how I got to bed, I only remember what he told me later. We had started drinking champagne that day about 2pm, so I even had a light buzz during the ceremony. But what I do remember about her wedding, was the hotel ran out of Captain Morgan's. And had to send someone to the liquor store right after dinner, just as the dancing started to get more. Fun times. And somehow one of her friends got a picture of my husbands bare butt at the reception.?? What part of Tampa? Ybor? Cause you could just duck out real quick and have some fun, then go back. If it's downtown Tampa - oh well that sucks. Other parts of Tampa could be ok, depending on which section.
  4. Maya Mia


    We have a douge de bordeaux, just over a year old.  Our first dog.  We weren't looking for a dog, didn't want a dog, our lifestyle wasn't made for a dog.   But she was born to my neighbor's dogues, she was the runt and no one wanted her, and after he had us "babysit" her every couple of days, somehow she moved in.   So change our lifestyle, it feels like we have young children again, she has some semi-serious medical issues, chronic ear infections, some pretty bad allergies and was diagnosed with juvenile epilepsy.   But she is the sweetest animal I've ever met, and we wouldn't change a thing.