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  1. Has anyone listened to any games on the radio? I was listening to a bit of game 1 of the Oilers and Hawks, and fan noise was added. It sounds completely ridiculous. I've never heard fans so consistently excited at every play in the game, including icings and after the period ends.
  2. We can't imprison him because we aren't allowed to come within 2 meters of him in order to social distance. On another note, I was listening to a couple of ASOIAF podcasts today. One of them was summarizing predictions for what would happen in the Riverlands in TWOW. After about an hour of listening, I realized I just don't give a shit anymore about predicting and theorizing about what will happen in TWOW. In fact, at this point, I hope George changes the title of the book, because the only two things I can associate with TWOW is continuous disappointment at it not being released, and fans over-theorizing. The other podcast was addressing George not meeting the deadline. A good point made in the podcast, and one that I had not really thought about before, is that both AFFC and ADWD are incomplete books. They build up to some major events occurring (ie. Stannis vs the Boltons), but none of them occur. Do these books even have events that would be considered a climax? AGOT has Ned's execution, ACOK has the Battle of Blackwater, ASOS has Tyrion killing Tywin. What would even be considered to be the major events of those two books? Jon's assassination? Cersei's walk of shame? Seems like everything is left on a cliffhanger.
  3. Well, I would hope that the conclusion of the television show would relieve some pressure on George. Although I think his remaining books will be good, he can now at least reassure himself by saying "It doesn't matter how bad my books are, because they cannot possibly be as bad as the stinking pile of horse shit that television show was from seasons 5-8".
  4. I just signed up for the WWE Network within the last week, mainly to watch old PPV's. I have watched the Royal Rumbles from 2001, and then 2004-2007. A few notes. 1. It's really, really hard to watch Chris Benoit. I adored that guy when I watched him during the Attitude Era, as he grew up in the same area that I did, so there was always that hometown pride thing. I just cringe now every time I see him do his diving headbutt, or take a chair shot, or any head shot, knowing now what atrocities he would commit later. I also watched "The Dark Side of Wrestling" episodes on him, and felt sick to my stomach for a day afterwards. 2. I was shocked that one of the Rumbles had HBK and Undertaker as the final two combatants. I heard those two had a couple of phenomenal Wrestlemania matches several years later, so I will definitely need to watch that. 3. I don't get what the WWE was going for in making The Great Khali a monster heel. Can that guy do anything beyond chop, slap, head butt, or do a Power Bomb while standing up? Has he ever been on the receiving end of an actual wrestling move like a suplex? His participation in the 2007 Rumble was sooooo bad.
  5. The "virtual console", or whatever you want to call it on the Switch, is horse shit. This past week, Donkey Kong Country was added to the SNES library. The same Donkey Kong Country that was released on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, and as part of the SNES Classic. Add something new! Where is Chrono Trigger? How about releasing Hagane so you don't have to spend $900 at a used video game store to get a physical copy. I found it funny that Nintendo came down hard on a website within the last two years that had ROMS of a bunch of old SNES games. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of issues with ROMS, especially when people make reproduction carts of games and sell them for money. But how else can you play these games? I shouldn't have to pay $130 to buy Run Saber for the SNES. Release more games! I will gladly buy them for $8-10 per game. But yeah, I would prefer new games, not re-masters of old games. Link's Awakening for the Switch was as boring as watching a legion of flies circle around a giant pile of horse shit.
  6. I think the Blackfish will be in charge of some kind of party (likely the BWB) that will ambush and prevent Jeyne Westerling's party from getting to Casterly Rock.
  7. Does anybody else in this forum think that George didn't write a single chapter for the Winds of Winter throughout the duration of the television show (or if not a single chapter, then perhaps only a handful)? I suspect all of the released sample chapters were one's that were meant to be in A Dance with Dragons, but got cut due to its length. I remember back in season 5 frequently checking the internet for updates regarding the completion of the Winds of Winter. That was back in like what? 2015 or 2016? And now it's 2020! I really hate that the horrible television show had to spoil plot points from one of the greatest fantasy series ever written. Sorry, I just had to rant for a moment. It's really not fair for me to complain, as I can't even imagine the pressure George has been and is currently under to write these books. And with that much pressure, I can certainly see how that would cause an author to "freeze" and having writing blocks. But selfishly, I want the book so, so badly. With that being said, I am really thankful that George is continuing to write the series, and that the writing has been going a lot better lately, I need something to swallow the awful taste that the television series left in my mouth. In the meantime, I am just about to start reading "The First Law Trilogy" by Joe Abercrombie, as that was recommended by somebody else on this forum.
  8. I started listening to a podcast called "Davos' Fingers" a few months ago to get a summary of what has happened in the books so far, as I had a good feeling that The Winds of Winter would be released in 2020. So I am now feeling simultaneously encouraged ("The writing is going well") and discouraged ("I still have a long way to go"). One of the pod casters made a good point that the fandom is burnt out theorizing about what is going to happen next, and that we desperately need new material. I couldn't agree more. On a positive note, my brain has been slowly deleting most of everything that happened in the television show. Seasons 6-8 just don't exist.
  9. Just out of curiosity, do you have any other fantasy books/series that you would highly recommend? In the time since ADWD was released I have read 1. Wheel of Time books 1-10 (I started reading Crossroads of Twilight, and just couldn't read the series anymore. I threw that book across the room) 2. Kingkiller Chronicles Books 1 and 2 (phenomenal books by the way for those who have not read. Easily on par with ASOIAF, although I have been waiting for the third book as long as for TWOW) 3. Stormlight Archives Books 1-3 4. Farseer Trilogy 5. Currently finishing the last book in the Liveship Traders Trilogy I know I am supposed to look for book recommendation in a different thread, but every time I do, I get overwhelmed. I thought I would just ask whoever is reading this thread if they have any fantasy books or series recommendations.
  10. Just out of curiosity. Suppose that GRRM cannot finish the series, and we only get one more book. What plot point are you most looking forward to in The Winds of Winter that is likely to be resolved in that book?
  11. I am embarrassed to say that at one point I actually enjoyed the show. I was introduced to the series through the television show first. I watched season 1, absolutely loved it, and then read all of the books. Following that, I watched seasons 2-8. Season 2 bothered me pretty quickly because I don't feel as though the show did a good job of introducing the Dragonstone characters. And the modified Dany plot was just terrible ("Where are my dragons?") and completely disappointing (The House of the Undying). But the Theon plot was done well, as was King's Landing. So overall it was okay. Season 3 was better. The Jaime/Brienne, Jon beyond the Wall, Daenerys, and King's Landing plots were all good. The Hound/Arya wasn't bad. Robb's plot was super slow and boring until the Red Wedding. There was absolutely no reason to have Theon in this season. There wasn't enough conflict from Stannis regarding whether to burn Gendry or not. Overall, it was decent though. Probably the second best season. Season 4 was around the quality of season 2. King's Landing was great with the introduction of Oberyn, and Tyrion's trial was a fantastic episode. But it ended terribly (No mention of Tysha, Jaime and Tyrion leaving on good terms, an underwhelming Mountain/Viper fight due to too many cuts and the fight being too fast, Tyrion killing Shae in "self-defense"). The Watchers on the Wall episode was good. Ramsay/Theon plot was okay. Arya and the Hound was boring and stupid (Brienne vs. the Hound). Stannis saving the Wall was way too fast. Season 5 is where the series just fell apart. I liked the interactions between Jon and Stannis to start things off, and Hardhome was good (although I don't like the portrayal of the fast wights). But Sansa taking the place of Jeyne Poole just made absolutely no sense (and caused a lot of problems in future seasons), and the circumstances leading to Stannis burning Shireen were completely absurd. The Sparrows are incorrectly portrayed as hardcore fundamentalists. Jaime going to Dorne with Bronn was a travesty. However, I think the biggest disappointment was not seeing Cersei go into crazy mode. That was one of the best plots from "A Feast for Crows". I am not even going to provide my thoughts for Seasons 6-8 because they are, as you said, an abomination.
  12. This would actually be more satisfying than what the show presented seasons 5+
  13. The thing that absolutely kills Attack of the Clones is the awful dialogue. I don't remember the dialogue in the Phantom Menace being anywhere near as bad (with the exception of when Anakin gets into that spaceship and just accidentally does everything). A lot of people seemed to be horribly offended in The Phantom Menace by the discussion of midochlorians. I never really cared that much about it. I am just curious as to why people were offended by this. Was it because it attempted to quantify something mystical like the Force?
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