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  1. Rubicante

    Ranking the commanders (TV show only)

    In terms of commanders, how does that wildling who charges Stannis at 2:14 of this video rank in the best commander list? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=difPkqg1lO8 I feel like that wildling was a commander of his own mind.
  2. Rubicante

    Title of the last episode

    lol. I think "we kinda forgot" is my favorite Game of Thrones thing to joke about now. 20 good men is still pretty close. Too late. The Last Jedi ruined that for me. What is dead may never die, indeed.
  3. Rubicante

    The Perfect Ending

    Lmfao. This would be perfect. I would also take for a final D&D shock moment Jon to hug Sansa and say "you are the smartest person I have ever known", and then proceed to cut her vertically in half with a single swing of Longclaw. Ghost would then show up, and him and Jon would then start walking north to live happily ever after.
  4. Rubicante

    Jon's biggest error?

    Regardless of whether or not Sansa was correct about Dany, there was no reason for her to not tell Jon about the Vale Knights or mistrust Dany. By not telling Jon about the Vale knights, it makes it seem like she was giving Rickon up for dead and using Jon's army as bait to lure Ramsay out of Winterfell. It is almost as if she wanted Jon to die, and then when that happened have the Vale knights attack and defeat Ramsay. This would leave her in charge of Winterfell and the North, which apparently is the only thing she cares about. If that was her intention, then fine. But she deserved to be executed for betraying Jon. As for Dany, why does she distrust her? Dany lost half of her army, and a Dragon, to save the North. If it weren't for Dany, everyone in the North would be dead (actually, would be worse than dead). You would think that would earn some trust. But apparently "Sansa just kind of forgot that Dany was instrumental in saving the entire North". And as MinscS2 pointed out, by Sansa betraying Jon (again) and telling Tyrion, it actually made matters worse. So once again she is a traitor. I have disliked the show since Stannis burned Shireen in season 5, but if Jon were to execute Sansa in the final episode of the series, I think I may actually give the show a thumbs up. Of course that is not going to happen. Jon will probably tell Sansa "You were right. You are the smartest person I have ever known".
  5. My interpretation was that D&D wanted to give Stannis' victory over the Boltons to Jon and Sansa. I don't believe for a moment that "The Battle of Bastards" will actually take place in the books.
  6. Which of the following choices, in terms of build up to the choice, was presented worse on the show? 1. Stannis burning Shireen because he needed to melt less than 1 foot of snow in order to get to Winterfell (despite Winterfell being within walking distance and Ramsay Bolton and his 20 good men being able to get through the snow)? 2. Dany killing everybody in King's Landing, because Dany "kind of forgot" that she had no reason to do this?
  7. Rubicante

    Jon's biggest error?

    Jon's biggest error was that he didn't execute Sansa after the Battle of the Bastards.
  8. Rubicante

    Can Qyburn apparate?

    Qyburn is actually one of Ramsay Bolton's 20 good men, so he can do whatever the hell he wants. He was back inside of (the very fake and cheap looking) walls of King's Landing before Missandei's head hit the ground.
  9. Rubicante

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    Just to echo what a lot of people are saying here, season 5 episode 9 with Stannis allowing Melisandre to burn Shireen ruined it for me. At first I just flat out refused to believe that Stannis would carry out this act, so I was furious with the show for (further) butchering the Stannis character. But then Elio and Linda (grudgingly) convinced me in one of their videos that this is likely to happen, but under completely different circumstances. The stupidity of (shirtless) Ramsey Bolton and his 20 good men (with god-like powers) destroying all of Stannis' food and siege weapons (along with lighting a horse on fire) without even being seen was ridiculous. But D&D do not learn from their mistakes. Even to this season, they continue to put characters into specific situation where the circumstances leading to that situation are not believable. (ie. "Dany just kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet")
  10. Rubicante

    Why do some people have a problem with Sansa?

    What I am unclear about is why did Sansa not tell Jon they had an entire additional army in the Vale knights, prior to the Battle of the Bastards. The battle didn't need to initially be a disaster if Sansa would have just told Jon beforehand. It is also funny to observe the blatant hypocrisy in Sansa. Jon asks Sansa and Arya why they don't trust Dany, even though there is no reason not to. They tell Jon "because she is not one of us". Then Jon has them swear to not tell his secret, and Sansa tells Tyrion within 15 minutes. So, it turns out Sansa cannot be trusted. Does that mean Sansa is "not one of us" as well?
  11. Rubicante

    Why do some people have a problem with Sansa?

    Lol. Well said! Jon now has two reasons to execute her. 1. For withholding information about the Vale army. 2. For immediately breaking her oath regarding who Jon actually is.
  12. Rubicante

    Game of Thrones character poll

    1. 37 2. Male 3. Ned Stark 4. Every character in the show that is currently alive
  13. I am 100% sure that Jaime is going back to King's Landing to kill Cersei. Isn't there a prophecy from a witch that Cersei will be killed by her brother (which she always incorrectly assumes to be Tyrion)? D&D are just making it seem like Jaime is going back to reunite with Cersei because they want the moment to be "shocking" when Jaime kills her. Dragon Seed, I share your frustration with GRRM, but I wouldn't go that far. I certainly hope that we get the final two books as I do not believe they will be anything like what we are currently seeing on the show. Apparently George recently said that "the writing is going well" for the Winds of Winter, so that is encouraging. I think we will definitely get the Winds of Winter, although I am not so sure about a Dream of Spring. At this point though I am mainly just interested in how the Stannis story wraps up, which should be dealt with in the Winds of Winter. That is good enough for me. Believe it or not, George isn't the only author having difficulty writing. There is another fantasy series from Patrick Rothfuss called the Kingkiller Chronicles, where it has also been 8 years since the last book has been released. In the mean time I am just trying to read other fantasy series. I noticed that Elio and Linda have some Robin Hobbs books on their bookshelf in their videos, so I decided to look into books by that author. I recently started reading the series with "The Assassin's Apprentice" and "The Royal Assassin", which are both great books. Anyhow, I haven't had a chance to rant and rave without repercussion, so I will end this post by saying "the show really, really sucks".