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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/fear-walking-dead-season-3-first-look-150303772.html
  2. I think d and e would be wonderful. The tournament in the first book would be very exciting indeed. I think several mini series , one for each if the novellas and more as they are written.
  3. I think Chris could be alive. Those guys could have been lying. The whole thing didn't sit right. Travis went full uncle bully on them
  4. Jedi Renee

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    ^ yes! Brynden rivers did ok for a bastard, even got to lord comander status when banished to the wall and is now arguably one of the most if not most powerful people around behind the scenes. Aemon did ok too considering most of his family got murdered he was safe and respected at the wall. Davos is worth a mention. . How he survived the black water and has risen up from his days in flea bottom. Tyrion I agree is also lucky but has had alot of hardship on the way.
  5. Jedi Renee

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Yes, tyrion was the best thing that ever happened for Sansa
  6. I also thought Jon let Sansa off the hook waaay to easy. And letting mel go was ultimately the wrong choice
  7. Dorne I didn't mind. was varys on the ship at the end I thought was rediculous. Dany took him in pretty easily, dissapointing. I wanted to see him explain himself a bit. Nope. No mention of who dad was Agreed. I gave it a 9 Haha ur right Yes I agree here. Wud liked to have seen jorah Thank you!
  8. Agree :^) Yes I think this could play out Great post :3
  9. I agree. Sansa really pissed me off. Rip rickon and wun wun.x
  10. Jedi Renee

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    It seemed he just unchained the dragons to ram in the pit under the pyramid but still shut the door? Who knows really
  11. Rip Daniel. one of my favorite characters.
  12. I would give it a go I'm really enjoying it alot more then twd. Nick and strand are great!
  13. Intresting I felt safer in Mexico City then in San Francisco when I was on holiday last year(I'm from nz) This show is great. Nick is awesome he picked up the cover ur self in gore trick well! Loving the character of strand and his partner too.
  14. Jedi Renee

    How would you rate episode 602?

    Agree I also rate this episode 8 but thought some scenes were not that great, Arya, tommen. . Totally agree about Brienne, she Def should have explained more about arya being with the hound and how she fought him. And she needs to talk about what happened with stannis! Bran and his vision was great aye, old nan ! ! Ramsey is boring and annoying Jamie and the high sparrow was great. Rip Roose Yep I hope she fesses up tho and that they find stannis All this